A Remembrance of the Past; Building for the Future." ~ Eve Eckert Koehler

Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors


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Almost everything!  At least it may seem that way at first. If you've visited the various regional sections you may be familiar with some of these articles and stories; - which many refer to a particular village or to a specific region, but everyday lifestyles were similar throughout the different Danube Swabian settlement regions. The collection shown here is a compilation of content for the benefit of those who otherwise may not have found it while visiting the various sites.  Please enjoy. If you have something to contribute or if we have overlooked an item found elsewhere on the DVHH that would be appropriately added to this collection, please submit it to the DVHH Editors. 

New: BANATER FOLKLORE - Fairy Tales, Legends & Comical Tales. Stories from "Banater Volksgut" Märchen, Sagen und Schwänke by Walter Konschitzky & Hugo Hausl. Publisher: Kriterion Verlag Bukarest 1979.

New: Eve Eckert Koehler - Wrote the first book about the Donauschwaben in English.

New: Our History in Transition by Franz Gaubatz

New: Punctual course of life by Horst Samson

New: The Inter-War Years and the Fate of the Danube Swabians in Yugoslavia by Henry Fischer

New: Danube Swabians - Nationality, Citizenship, and Inter-Ethnic Relations by Nick Tullius

New: Recall postwar terror - Interview with Anna Naegele & daughter Rosemary Naegele by Linda Steiner, 1981

New: Rites of Passage Index - Birth, Marriage, Death, and Kindred Occasions

New: Geography & Natural Disasters, including Vintage Newspaper Articles & Snippets
             ie.: 1872:
Banat Completely Overrun With Water

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Contributor Files:

BAUER, Dennis

Boyle, Anne Weiss & Boyle, Jerry

Fischer, Henry

Koehler, Eve Eckert

Kopp, Hans

Lambing, Diana

Leeb, Alex

Martini, Adam & Hans

Schwebler, Brad

Tullius, Nick

Vetter, Rose Zentner

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Translated Book & Series Collections:

DAMA, Hans : (Banat)

GEHL, Hans : (Banat)

HOBEN, Josef : (Swabian Turkey) - Hőgyész (Tolnau) im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert - Die Ansiedlungen in der "Schwäbischen Türkei." English translation by Henry Fischer: Hӧgyész (Tolna) in the 18th and 19th Century.

  LANG, Peter : (Syrmia) - Ortsmonographie der Gemeinde Beschka in Jugoslawien aus der Sicht der ehemaligen Donauschwaben 1860-1944, Leuchter-Verlag, Erzhausen, 1971. English translation by Brad Schwebler: Monograph of the local community Beschka in Yugoslavia from the perspective of the former Danube Swabians from 1860 to 1944.

PRATSCHER, Viktor, Dr. : (Batschka) - Die Deutschen der Gemeinde Feketic-Feketitsch, 1936, Herausgegeben vom Festausschusz der Gedenkfeier. English translation by Brad Schwebler:
The Germans of the Community of Feketic-Feketitsch, 1936.

SCHRAMM, Josef : (Batschka) - Das fruchtbare Land zwischen Donau u. Theiß. Pannonia-Verlag, 1960. English Translation by Brad Schwebler: Batschka - The fertile land between the Danube and Tisza.

SCHMIED, Stefan : (Sathmar) - Scheindorf, 1780 - 1970: Geschichte einer sathmarschwäbischen Siedlung Leubas/Kempten, Germany 1970. Published by the Author, Printing: Anton Rieder, Sankt Mang. English translation by Anne Julie Weiss Boyle & Gerald "Jerry" Thomas Boyle:
History of a Sathmar Schwaben Village "Scheindorf 1780-1970".

WÜST, Josef Dr. : (Banat) - Verlorene Heimat Georgshausen (1925-2003), Published 1991, Helmut Birg, Hans Loch, Konrad Löchel and Josef Wüst, Austria. English translation by Henry Fischer. Editors: Ray Borschowa and Barbara Hebenstreit. To purchase book, contact publisher Ray Borschowa: “Lost Homeland Georgshausen”

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