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Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors
The Collected Works of Henry A. Fischer
Major Contributor, Translator, Author & Mentor
Keeping the Danube Swabian legacy alive!

     Henry was born in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, son of Swabian immigrants from Hungary.  Henry has been a DVHH contributor for many years and he brings with him an unmistakable love for what he is doing for the Danube Swabian.  Being fluent in English and German, he has translated and contributed numerous historical articles for us to benefit and learn from.  Henry served on the former DVHH Administration Team, and currently serves on the DVHH Editorial Committee, in addition to his role as Swabian Turkey Coordinator, where he shares his knowledge and expertise, but he provides us with much more.  Henry has been very generous with his time and contributions to the DVHH, which generations to come will enjoy and appreciate.  Thank you Henry!

The Inter-War Years and the Fate of the Danube Swabians in Yugoslavia by Henry Fischer

Church Histories

History of the German Lutheran Congregations In the Banat by Hans Walther Röhrig, Leipzig, 1940

The Early History & Development of the Lutheran Congregations & Church District Of Swabian Turkey, 18th Century by Gustav Schmidt-Tomka.

The Destruction of German Lutheranism In Swabian Turkey (Tolna, Baranya & Somogy Counties) by Heinrich Keri

Correspondence With Pastor Ronald Lommel (Lutheran Parish, Nieder-Gemünden, Hesse)

Village Histories

The Settlement of the Village of Majos by Heinrich Marz (from his book Heimatbuch und Ortschronik von Majos/Majesch, 1997.

Györköny: A Short History by Henry Fischer

Conflict in Györköny

The Inhabitants of Gyönk Settle in Mekenyes 1735

The Settlement of Gyönk After the Turkish Occupation

The Republic of Mucsi (1946-1948)

Bikács, in Tolna County: A Short History

Fifty Years After by George Kaiser Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3. Heimatortsgemeinschaft Semlak Heimatbrief.

Local history and Geography of Závod in Tolna found at the Mutsching/Musci Village site. Excerpts from “Heimatbuch Závod in der Tolnau” by Anton Mayer.

Genocide 1944-1948

Genocide Carried out by the Tito Partisans 1944-1948.

In the Batschka 1944-1948.

Genocide in the Yugoslavian Banat 1944-1948 by Austrian Historian Working Group for Kärnten and Steiermark.

In the Batschka 1944-1948 by Austrian Historian Working Group for Kärnten and Steiermark. The systematic liquidation program of the Danube Swabian population in the Batschka closely followed the parameters of the governmental districts into which the Batschka was divided for administrative purposes.

Le Comte de Mercy: Godfather of the Danube Swabians

A Watershed in the Danube Swabian History

Formerly Secret SS Reports on the Evacuation of German Populations in South Eastern Europe

The Lost Danube Swabian Children of Yugoslavia  Janitscharen? ~a must read!

Miscellaneous Contributions

Emigration From Somogy County to Slavonia & the US (1860-1914)

The Swabians in Syrmia/Syrmien & Slavonia by Dr. Valentin Oberkersch.
"Die Deutshen in Syrmien, Slavonien, Kroatien und Bosnien."

Hogyész (Tolna) in the 18th and 19th Century by Josef Hoben

Josef Hoben Index

The Settlement of Swabian Turkey

The Early Colonization of Swabian Turkey - In the "Travel Regulations" the following stipulation was made:  "the previously mentioned Swabians along with their wives and children...are not allowed to step on dry land on their entire journey or try to remain somewhere after passing by the Royal residential city of Vienna but travel on directly to Hungary.

The Settlement Policies at the Time of the Great Swabian Migration - At this point in time, the first and earliest phase of the Danube Swabian colonization effort was overwhelmingly focussed on the private estates and domains of the nobles in Hungary and had a rather random and sporadic character.

Claudius Florimundus Count Mercy & the Hӧgyész Domains By Josef Hoben (18-1900's)

Where Did the Settlers in Hogyész Come From? by Josef Hoben

A Portrait of the Settlement of the Hogyész Domain - The documents associated with the Domains and Estates identifies some special designations like "old homestead", "old village", "older village site", "old meadows," and "old gardens."

The Farm Homestead and Agricultural Pursuits  - At the time of settlement each family received a "Einschreibbüchel" (a regulation booklet) that guaranteed the possessor a house lot, garden and yard as well as a stated amount of land that would be apportioned to him.  Next: The Structure of the Village

The Structure of the Village - The social structure of a village is not only determined by the social classes represented in its inhabitants but also through familial ties and neighbourly connections. 

The Development of the Hogyész Domain in the 18th and 19th Centuries

A Brief Church History in Hogyész


Bonyhád:  A Market Town in Tolna

Lutheranism and the Danube Swabians

Correspondence With Pastor Ronald Lommel (Lutheran Parish, Nieder-Gemünden, Hesse)

German Evangelical Lutherans From Tolna, Somogy & Baranya in Hungary to Steelton, PA

Bibliography of Henry Fischer: Sources & references used in his independent study and writing articles.

Published Books

Fischer, Henry
All books are available through Authorhouse, Amazon or Henry Fischer.

Children of the Danube, A Trilogy by Henry A. Fischer, 2004. 
At first glance it might appear that the history of the Danube Swabians is of interest only to those who share their identity or have an interest in ethnic studies, but Children of the Danube tells the universal story of humankind’s spiritual quest for community. This is story as much as it is history.  This storytelling is unique, as it follows the fortunes of four families meeting their destiny and fate as Danube Swabians through the centuries.

Book One: The Pioneers by Henry A. Fischer, 2006

Book Two: Strangers And Sojourners by Henry A. Fischer, 2007

Book Three: Emigrants and Exile by Henry A. Fischer, 2011

From Toleration to Expulsion: 

Volume I - The Families of Ecseny, Somogy County, Hungary 1784-1948. Including affiliated congregations in Hacs, Polany, Raksi, Somodor, Toponar and Vamos by Henry A. Fischer, 2015

Volume 2: Dornberg: In the Shadow of the Josefsburg - The families of Somogydöröcske, Somogy County, Hungary 1730-1948 Including affiliated congregations in Bonnya, Gadacs and Somogyszil by by Henry A. Fischer, 2019

DVHH Administrative Positions & Volunteer Roles

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Swabian Turkey Regional Coordinator 2006-Present
DVHH Board of Directors 2008-2010
DVHH Editorial & Translator 2007-2014
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