A Remembrance of the Past; Building for the Future." ~ Eve Eckert Koehler

Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors

Pictured is our house on Hodschager Strasse, Karavukovo, with my mother at a washing machine that my dad built; an aunt visiting from Budapest, where my mother's brother was a dentist; a modern dressed woman was a friend of my mother, a teacher; my oldest brother, Stefan, b. 1922; and my oldest sister Barbara holding a baby (me). ~ Helene Sleep


Cooking Donauschwaben Style! Recipes, Books & Memoirs!

The Nourishment by Dr. Viktor Pratscher



Trachtenfest! (Poem)

"Ratschen" – Holy Week in the Banat My Personal Recollection by Nick Tullius

Punctual course of life for my father by Horst Samson (includes a poem)

The Flight  by Andreas Thuro, Sr (Poem) by Peter Lang

Escape by Andreas Thuro, Sr (Poem) by Peter Lang


 Art & Music

Arts & Music Index

The Cultural Life by Peter Lang

Fresch un Krotte 'Folksong' from Saderlach and Alexanderhausen

Deutsches Liedgut (German Songs) aus dem Banat, Siebenburgen und dem Sathmarer Land Chorbuch. Edited by Andreas Porfetye

JÄGER, Stefan & His Art Collection

Musician, Kapellmeister

Sepp Tanz Kapelle, Vrsac. It was interesting that my mother, after 70+ years, recognized almost each face in this photo. She is in the front row, 2nd from the left (beside the girl with the ribbon in her hair). Her father is in here, as well as other relatives. ~ Linda John-Theis

SCHILZONYI, Nicholas *1872 Billed, Banat Musician, Kapellmeister & Inventor

SAMSON, Franz Banat, Batschka, Srem Musician & Singer

HUSS, Hugo Jan *1934 Timisoara, Romania, + 2006 at the age of 72, Banat Musician & Kapellmeister

MAYER, Kornel Mayer *1917 Kubin, grew up in Karlsdorf; + 1964,  Banat Musician & Kapellmeister

NUßBAUM, Michael *1866 Billed, Banat Musician & Kapellmeister

SCHMALZ, Josef *1932 Glogowatz, Banat Musician & Kapellmeister

STAHL, Peter *1884 Bogarosch-1982 Philadelphia, Banat Musician & Kapellmeister

STEINER, Lambert *1837, + 1914 Sanktanna, Banat Musician & Kapellmeister

HUSS, Hugo Jan *1934 Timisoara, Romania, + 2006 at the age of 72. Banat Musician & Kapellmeister

The Dialect by Peter Lang

Foreign Words by Peter Lang

"Our folks in the Banat spoke "schwowisch" - Excerpts: DVHH Mail List thread RE: Danube Swabian dialect  "Schwowisch" simply means "Swabian," and the _correct_ German word for "Swabian" is "Schwäbisch," or "Schwaebisch" 

The Banater Post published two short stories written in the schwowisch dialect by Nikolaus Tullius

Sound of Swabian & The Wenker Sentences by Adam Schneider

The Sathmar-Swabian Dialects and Their Carriers by Hans Gehl

Shift of Languages in the Works of Robert Reiter (aka Franz Liebhard, b. 1899 in Temesvar)

Superstitions by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

BANATER FOLKLORE - Fairy Tales, Legends & Comical Tales. Stories from "Banater Volksgut" Märchen, Sagen und Schwänke by Walter Konschitzky & Hugo Hausl. Publisher: Kriterion Verlag Bukarest 1979.

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