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Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors

Tracht . . . "Traditional Danube Swabian Costume"
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were made by Katharina Kopp for her granddaughter Bridget in accordance to the traditions of the Donauschwaben footwear worn in their homes. Even in the United States Katharina wore such shoes on a daily bases in her house in Cleveland. ~Hans Kopp

Patschker to be used for working in the field. They were of a quite simple design made of leather & worn in the field by farmers. ~Hans Kopp

Kapsa and Batschker: knitted footwear. Note the different decorative patterns. ~Henry Fischer, 2008

Klumpen Shoes ~Hans Kopp

Opanke shoes originated w/the Turks, became native dress in So. Eur. Bought 1963, Mom's 1st return to birthplace, after fleeing in 1944. More typical in Yugoslavia. ~ Eve Brown

Lederhosen from Austria, Salzburg to be exact. My mom's niece sent them after my son Adam was born in 1984.
~ Eve Brown


This picture taken around 1935, in Liebling, Banat, Romania shows my mother's best friends in Tracht. They are on their way to the Sunday evening dance. I love their happiness, confidence, and innocence. Just a few years later, their lives were torn apart. ~ Katie Amundsen


My mother, about 16 years old, which would be 1929. She was from Batch,
about 14 miles (23 km) from Karawukovo. Talk about a colorful Tracht!
~ Stephen Schaeffer



My oldest sister Barbara holding me (as a baby)
~ Helene Sleep, from Karavukovo.

My maternal grandparents, Teresia and Leopold Baumann.
~ Helene Sleep, from Karavukovo.



 My great Grandmother Katherine Neidenbach Weber from Hatzfeld. ~ Sandra Bruns

Theresa Schaeffer Gartenmayer, born in Deronje, Yugoslavia lived in Karavokwo and survived Gakavo.~ Barbara Anne Teves Schaeffer


Magda Kelemen, my grandmother. Daughter of Mihály Kelemen and Elisabetha Schwarz Picture taken in Kudritz (Gudurica) in 1921. ~Jenő Nagy



My Grandmother, Maria Denuel, seated with her older Sister Anna, about 1910 in GroßKomlosch, Romania. Daughters of Peter Denuel, a carpenter and town undertaker (he had the tools to make the coffins). Both Anna and Maria ended up in Chicago, as far as I know, the only ones in the immediate family who came to the US. ~ Peggy Adam-Doyle

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