A Remembrance of the Past; Building for the Future." ~ Eve Eckert Koehler

Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors

My grandfather, Michael Reichardt, leaning in the doorway of his Leather shop in the 1930s,
downtown Vrsac (Werschetz), Yugoslavia, now Serbia. ~ Linda John-Theis


 Economy & Agraria

Agriculture - Livestock - Farm Animals ~ produce & animals for home use & export

NEW THE BANATER BEES by Mr. Ralph Benton, University of California. Pacific Rural Press - 31 October 1908

Tax Burden in the Year 1798  by Peter Lang

Agriculture From 1784 of Mother Communities in the Batschka
by Peter Lang

Cultivation, Hutweide, Segregation, Kommasierung, Corn Session Farmer by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

Possibilities & Difficulties for the Free Choice of Career - From the time of Emperor Josef II until the people fled by Peter Lang

Consequences of the World War I by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

The Agriculture of Today by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

Trade Association's of Mercydorf by Peter Schiff

The Farming Economy in Beschka in 1860 by Peter Lang

Economic Development by Stefan Schmied

Traffic – Trade - Industry - Business by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

The Wine Growing (vineyards) by Peter Lang

Banat Vineyards

Batschka Vineyards

Fruit and Arable Crops by Peter Lang

All Kinds of Things by Peter Lang

Cattle & Pig Breeding & Poultry Keeping) by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

Livestock Keeping by Peter Lang

The Day Worker by Peter Lang

The All Day Work by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

Agriculture in Surtschin by Michael Schmidt, 1980
"Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye, Corn, Feed Crops, Red Clover, Beets, & The Farmer's Work Year"

Industry by Peter Lang

The Social Product in the Year 1798 by Peter Lang

Livestock & Farm Animals in Banat General Contributions
"Cattle, Sheep, Swine, Horses, Chicken & Geese, Goats, & Storks"

Hemp Industry in Batschsentiwan by Hans Kopp

The Banater Bees, 1908 by Mr. Ralph Benton

Agriculture in Surtschin by Michael Schmidt, 1980
"Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye, Corn, Feed Crops, Red Clover, Beets, & The Farmer's Work Year"


Tobacco Leaves



Wheat Wagon


 Occupations & Trades

Occupations: the oldest Bricklayers Union is in BOGAROSCH; PERJAMOSCH is the birthplace of most scientists; the best village mill is in ORCYDORF; the best bone doctors are in KLEINJETSCHA; the best exhibition was in LOVRIN; SADERLACH has the most teachers; SACKELHAUSEN has the most parsons; LOVRIN has the most medical doctors and BILLED the most pharmacists. This commentary is found in the 1924 Donauschwäbischer Volkskalender, titled: Our Danube Swabian Banat Villages Have Their Own Character By Prof. Nischbach, subtitle: Various characteristics of the Banat Swabian Villages.

Occupations & Trades List- German to English Translations, Descriptions & Photos

Tradesmen and Craftsmen by Stefan Schmied

Looking for Work by Stefan Schmied

Threshing machines, steam engines and tractors by Nick Tullius

Obsternte Fruit Harvest by Alex Leeb

The Crafts "One can say without exaggeration that our craftsmen fulfilled the highest titles." by Peter Lang

My Father, the Meat Chopper (“Mein Vater, der Fleischhacker”) By Andreas Franz, translation Hans Martini

New: The barber who gave John Dillinger his last shave and haircut by Michael Adam Schmidt IV, (Deutschbentschek)


 Currency & Measures

Money - Weights and Measures - Prices by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

Currencies from 1784 to 1945 by Peter Lang

Measurements ~ Weight standards by Peter Lang


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