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Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors

Language & Dialect
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"Our folks in the Banat spoke "schwowisch" - Excerpts: DVHH Mail List thread referencing Danube Swabian dialect
   "Schwowisch" simply means "Swabian," and the _correct_ German word for "Swabian" is "Schwäbisch," or "Schwaebisch"

The Banater Post published two short stories written in the schwowisch dialect by Nikolaus Tullius (Banater Post 2013)

Sound of Swabian & The Wenker Sentences

The Sathmar-Swabian Dialects and Their Carriers by Hans Gehl

Shift of Languages in the Works of Robert Reiter (Robert Reiter aka Franz Liebhard, b. 1899 in Temesvar)

Foreign Words by Peter Lang

Other reading:

Die deutschen Mundarten un 1965 (The German dialects in 1965), Aus Kleine Enzyklopadie. Die deutsche Sprache. I. Bd. Leipzig 1969, S. 406

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