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Banat Musician, Kapellmeister & Inventor

Schilzonyi, Nicholas

Born 25 Jan 1872 Billed, Banat - death unknown

In Search of Nicholas Schilzonyi

by Jody McKim

In the Spring of 2005, while I was searching the Ellis Island database, I stumbled across a manifest entry dated May
24, 1905, recorded as Miklos Schilzangi age 33, a musician from Billed, chaperoning twenty-four young musicians to America. Traveling also with him was Karoly Keoskemeti age 30, from B Szt Gyorgy.

With the exception of one young musician, Matyas Hochenstrasser, age 14 who was from Uj Bessenyo (Neubeschenowa), all the others were reported from Szabadalu, (Freidorf) a suburb of Temeschburg (Temesvar). They were joining a Mr. Swartz at 3026 3rd Ave, New York.  According to the manifest passage for all the boys was paid for by Mr. Schilzangi and none of these boys nor Karoly Keoskemeti had never been in the US before.  The manifest reports Nicholas had been in the US previously during 1905 in Philadelphia, Pa. 

This was the beginning of my curiosity seeking search for Schilzonyi and his young Banater musicians.  The looming question --what was the fate of these young men?  Follow the trail to what was discovered!

Read the email exchanges between Robert Rohr and I regarding DS bands and the particular information he provides about Schilzonyi.

I located the descendants of Nicholas Schilzonyi, who say his life was a mystery to them and in fact they are unaware of the events surrounding his death or his resting place.  Together we look forwarding to discovering more about Nicholas.  Please keep a watch on the Summary and Updates link for the latest information.

Providing the steps of my research and findings, I am hoping that perhaps descendants of these young musicians will find these web pages and either be enlightened about their ancestors musical paths or provide us with more information. 

Jody McKim, 2005

Note: Image provided by Alex Leeb. As it turned out, this original colored poster of 1899 taken in the USA of "Schilzonyi and his famous Hungarian boys military band", was given to Robert Rohr by a granddaughter of one of those boys.  Robert then donated this picture to the "Donauschwäbischen Zentralmuseum" in Ulm.

Nicholas Schilzonyi
Genealogical Dig Worksheet
Summary & Updates
Timeline, Research & Publication by Jody McKim Pharr, 2005-2011
Special Research Development by Noelle Giesse.
Last updated: 11 Sep 2015
SEE: 1940 & 1969 new entries

Name variants found: Schilzonyi / Shilzony / Schilzang / Szhilzang / Szhilzany

1872 Jan 25 | Nicholas Schilzonyi is born in Billed, Hungary

Mother Catharina.  Referencing Hans Wikete's Billed Family book, I found the entry (s189) Nikol Schilzong born 25 Jan 1872, son of Catharina Schitzong, born illegitimate.  Musician by trade.   Married 11 Feb 1899, in Billed, Hungary to Antonia "Annie" Bader from (Anina) born 1881. - Witnesses, Edward Bray (American) & Andreas Bauer (bookkeeper) No comments regarding when and where Nikolaus died.  Antonia "Annie" Bader from (Anina) born 1881.

1897-09-28 | Pacific | California | Oakland | The Oakland Tribune

The Hungarian boys' band are still playing at the Orpheum.

New: 1897 Oct 17 | San Francisco Call | THAT LITTLE HUNGARIAN BAND

Detailed article about the daily routine and lives of the Schilzonyi young band members.  One of the most entertaining articles I have read in a long time.  A must read.

snip: It may be a shock to some folks to know the little Knabens are all wine-drinkers, but in Hungary people would le equally shocked to hear that they had developed into tea-drinkers, should such a thing come about.

snip: When only 10 years of age he directed a band in the Billed school and three years later, when Kaiser Franz Josef visited the school the genius of Niklas Schilzonyi attracted the attention, and a few weeks later Mr. Schilzonyi was ordered to Siedenburg to take the directorship of the Staats Kapelle.

1897 Aug 22 | San Francisco Call | At the Oberon

snip: The boys are under the direction of Schilzonyi Niklas, and have been granted a two years' furlough by the Austrian Government. 

1897 Nov 8 | San Francisco Call | MEDALS FOR THE MIDGETS

snip: It was in honor of this record that he presented each of the lads with a silver medal, and to Nicklas Schilzony, director, and to M. Nussbaumer, schoolteacher, each a gold watch.

1898 April 3 | Burlington Hawk-Eye, Burlington, Iowa

The Hungarian boys' band has just concluded a two weeks' engagement at the Columbia theater at St. Louis. On the program the band is called "Kaiser Franz Josef's Husaren Knaben Kapelle." Under the direction of Niklas SCHILZONYI and the tutelage of Herr A. NUßBAUM. The band was composed of forty young boys* whom Gustav Walter has brought from a military school in Southern Hungary. None of the boys appear to be over twelve years of age and they travel under the same rigid discipline which characterized their life in the school of their native land. Like well trained soldiers, they stand at "attention" and salute their director whenever he pauses them. The boys were secured for a two years' American tour only after great labor and much diplomacy on the part of the manager. Most of the lads are sons of soldiers, and many of them are orphans placed in the military school to be trained as army musicians. Before the government would consent to their leaving the school Mr. Walter had to deposit 20,000 gulden (about $8,500) as a guarantee that he would fulfill the terms of the contract made with the authorities. These terms covered a period of two years and provide not only for the maintenance of the boys under certain rigid conditions, but also for their proper education in both music and the language.

1898 Sep 18 | The New York Times | KEITH'S UNION SQUARE THEATRE

The Management will present a remarkably strong list this week, the feature of which is a Hungarian Boys' Imperial Military Band, composed of forty boys in training at the school in Billid for the Austrian Army.  The youngest, Mikel Braunn, is not yet seven, and does extraordinary execution on the drums.  The oldest, Mikel Bohn, sixteen, is a drum major.  The leader is Nicklas Schilzone, twenty-two years old, and his assistant is the boys' tutor during their daily school hours. They play classical music, operatic selections, and popular airs with precision and seriousness. [Noelle Giesse]

1899 Feb 11 | Married in Billed to Antonia "Annie" Bader
b. 1881 Anina, Banat [
Hans Wikete Ortssippenbuch Billed 1765-2000]
1899 May 19 | Manifest to US - Schilzonyi & his boys band for the America tour
1899 Sep 11 North Dakota | Bismarck Daily Tribune

Took to the theater last night: among the principal attractions was a little Hungarian military band with was composed of boys entirely. When the little fellows sat on the chair their feet didn't touch the floor. They played splendid.

1900 Feb 10 | New York | Syracuse | The Evening Herald

F. R. Lucscher: The last opportunity to hear the Boys' Hungarian Military Band will be today at the matinee and evening performances. A great bill next week.

1900 Jun 23 | US Census: Nicholas Schilzong, wife Annie & 30 music students

Place: East Brunswick, Middlesex, New Jersey; Roll: T623 984; Page: 13A; Enumeration District: 31. He is listed with his wife Annie.  He is a Music Teacher.  Listed at residence with him are 30 music students.  He and the students are shown from Germany, but we know he is born in Billed, Hungary so this is in error and in error for the children also.  They are all shown as immigrating to the US in 1898, as stated on his manifest of 1905.

1900 | Grantors - Middlesex Co., NJ

Tindall, Charles E* Antonia Schilzonyi 316 589 1900 E Bruns Tp
Tindall, Charles E* Antonia Schitzonyi 318 324 1900 E Bruns Tp


1900 Sep 30  | Mid Atlantic | New York | Syracuse | The Post Standard

Vaudeville At The Grand
The Hungarian Boys' Band on the List of Attractions

1900 Nov 09 | New England | New Hampshire | The Portsmouth Herald

In the Theatrical World: Nicholas Schilzony's Hungarian band, composed of thirty-one boys, ranging from nine to eighteen years, has been engaged to appear with Josephine Sabel in her forthcoming production, The Soldiers' Queen.


1900 Nov 19 | New York | Syracuse | The Post Standard

Wieting Opera House
Monday and Tuesday Evenings, Nov. 19 and 20
Together with MR. NICHOLAS SCHILZONYI'S Hungarian Boys' Band
Prices .25, .50, .75 and $1.00.  Sale opens Friday, November 16.

Name: Sabel, Josephine
Birth - Death: 1866-1945

1901 Jan 16 | Birth of son Niklas John Schilzonyi born in the Bronx
(d. May 1978 in Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, Ca.) Certificate number 216.
1901 Apr 26 | Manifest to US for Schilzonyi and his boys band
1901 Jun 23 | Real Estate Transfer for property from Antonia Schilzonyi to Annie Aaron (Source: The New York Times) [Noelle Giesse]
1901 Jun 26 | Real Estate Transfer for property from Antonia Schilzonyi to Anna S Finck, house on Brook Ave, Bronx (Source: The New York Times) [Noelle Giesse]

1901 Oct 29 - 1 year store rental of Niklas  Schilzonyi

3d av. No 74, store. basement and rooms on 3d floor, C A Bereuter Sims to Niklas  Schilzonyi;  1 year,  from  Nov 1, 1901, Oct  30. 1901.  2:556..1,800,  1,980 

A second record is found in the book of New York real estate/builders guide 1901 5th av, No 1352, south store, &c.  Ludwig Traube to Carl! Specken-hach;  
3   7-12  years,   from   Oct  1.   1900.    Oct  29,   1901.    6:1596
[Vicky Shilzony]

the storefront today, occupied by Nevada Smiths:


1902 Mar 10 | Birth of daughter Elizabeth Schilzonyi in the Bronx (cert #12023)
1904 May 08 | Nickolaus Schilzonyi - Manifest - Liverpool, London to NY,
age 32,
(b. 1872 Hungary), married. Occupation: Musical Artist - Previously in NY 1899.  Ship: SS Umbria, sailing from Liverpool, London Apr 30th arriving in NY.  Destination: c/o New York Clipper. Port of Departure: Liverpool - departed 30 April 2004 - Ship of Travel: Umbria - Last Residence: London - Traveling with Band Leader Michael Nußbaum and a new group of young musicians.

List of boys & manifest - 3 pgs.


Full page:


1904 May 10 | The Bourbon News, Paris, KY

The Hungarian Band Arrives.  New York, May 9. On board the steamer Umbria, from Liverpool and Queenstown, which arrived here Sunday, were Nikolaus Schilzonyi and his Hungarian band of 42 pieces, bound to the St. Louis exposition. [Noelle Giesse]

1905 Jan 12 | Birth of son Johann in Billed


1905 Apr 09 | S. Atlantic | District Of Columbia | The Washington Post

Niklas Schilzonyi's Hungarian Boys Band of forty . . .

1905 May 04 | South Atlantic | Maryland | Cumberland | The Evening Times

May 6, 1905 - Academy of Music
Niklas Schilzonyi's Hungarian Band of forty talented boy musicians, who come here direct from London and Paris.

[Note: Academy of Music burned Mar 14, 1910]

1905 May 06 | Performed at the Academy of Music - Niklas Schilzonyi's Hungarian Band of forty talented boy musicians, direct from London & Paris
1905 May 24 | Schilzangi, Miklos - Manifest - to US age 33, b. 1872; reports married; his wife is not on this manifest.  Paid the fares for 24 young musicians to America: List of boys. Karoly Keoskemeti age 30, from Baracska-Szent-György (B Szt Gyorgy) to America. Mr. Schilzangi was previously in US during 1905 in Philadelphia, Pa. Billed, Hungary. All the young men were from Szabadalu, Hungarian for Freidorf (German) today Freidorf is part of Temeswar, except for one was from Neubeschenowa. Joining Mr. Swartz at 3026 3rd Ave, New York.

1907 May 30 | Niklas Schilzonyi's Austrian Military Band - Portland, OR

Schilzonyi's Hungarian Hussars take top billing in the Festival of Melodies

Review: The forty “Imperial Hungarian Hussars,” as they called themselves, drew crowds to the gates even before the park opened for the season – Folks were eager just to hear the band practice. A newspaper review had this to say: "The Hungarians seem to have drunk deeply of the musical inspiration that is inbred in the race. Hungarians stand above other nationalities in orchestra and band work, as high as their native mountains.” www.history.pdx.edu/oaks/music.htm


1909 | Further digging I found site for Brass Bands
and under Hungary there is a listing for "Schilzonys Hungarian Band 1909" http://www.harrogateband.org/photo118.jpg
(the director is difficult to recognize). This is certainly not a boys band.  I wrote the web master & asked for more information but have never received a reply.

Die Schilzony-Kapelle 1909 [Robert Rohr]

1912 April 20 | Reno Evening Gazette - Reno, Nevada

Popular Playhouse Opens Tomorrow Afternoon with Strong Bill

With the regular Sunday matinee tomorrow the Wigwam theater will offer the local theater patrons one of the best all around vaudeville bills of the season. In connection with the regular run of high-class, exclusive films the management will feature two acts that have more than made soon in the California vaudeville circuit during the past two weeks.

The celebrated Four Gillams, two men and two women. will present a clever singing, dancing and change act that is a whole show in itself. Following on the same bill will be Prof. Niklas Schilzonyi, who will impersonate the greatest composers true to life. This act requires an assistant and several trunks of costumes and make-up material. The Wigwam next week has a show that will have the public talking after the opening performance.

1913 Dec 27 | Nikolas Schilzonyi  - Declaration of Intention 1913

Nikolas Schilzonyi age 31, occupation: Musician; born 20 Jan 1872 Billed, Hungary; residence: 119 N. Newlin St., Whittier, CA.  Emigrated to US from Bremen, Germany, arriving 4 Aug 1897 on vessel: H.H. Meier ; foreign residence: Budapest, Hungary. Signed: 27 Dec 1913.

1914 / Professor Shilzony / Whittier State School (Whittier, Calif.) - Juvenile corrections.

Professor Shilzony, after about a year of training, developed a quartette of colored boys whom he desired to take on tour.

1915 Jul 31 | Death of son Johann in Billed (b. 1905)
1916 Jan 11 | San Diego County, 2nd marriage of Nicholas Schilzonyi to Gertrud Tatiana Koehler (b. 28 Dec 1883/1889 (records report 2 different years)
1916 Jan 20 | Petition for Naturalization

Nikolas Schilzonyi, address: 11 N. Newlin St., Whittier, CA.  Musical Instructor. b. 20 Jan 1872 Billed, Hungary.  Emigrated 20 Jul 1897 from Bremen, Germany. Arrived in NY 4 Aug 1897 on vessel A. H. Meier.  He declared on 29th Dec 1913 he resided in Los Angeles, CA. His wife is listed as Gertrude A. Schilzonyi b. Germany, resides at same address.  He declares he has NO children. 

He declares he has resided continuously in the US for the term of 5 years at least immediately proceeding the date of this petition, to wit, since the 4th day of August 1897, and in the State of California, continuously next proceeding the date of this petition, since 15th day of October 1909, being a residence within this State of at least one year next proceeding the date of this petition.

Signed 20th Jan 1916 - notation made . . . Petition wishes name changed to Niklas Shilzony.  Witnesses: Jacob Nickel, a Barber residing at 6611 Holmes Ave, LA CA.  Michael Goetz, a Barber residing at 2444 Main St., LA CA.  Both vouch for Schilzonyi has resided at the above address since 20 Dec 1910.


1916 May 18 Oath of Allegiance

Note: Original Petition to have name changed to Niklas Shilzony is crossed out. 

1916 Aug 18 | Application filed for the invention of a Musical Reed Pipe Instrument by Niklas Shilzony. (Patented - see below: Dec. 17, 1918)

Snippet: Be it known that I, Niklas Shilzony, formerly Niklas Schilzonyi, a citizen of the US, residing at Whittier, in the county of Los Angeles and State of CA, have invented a new and useful Musical Reed-Pipe Instrument, of which the following is a specification. Attorney: James R. Townsend
(document located by Noelle Giesse)

Full PDF Doc


WASHINGTON, 1). C, April 3.—A musical pipe instrument has just been invented by Niklas Schilzonyi, Whittier, Cal., for which patent No. 1,169,358 was recently granted. This invention relates to mouth-blown musical pipe instruments and may be embodied in instruments having a
single reed for each mouth, thus resembling instruments of the clarinet family, that is to say, clarinets, saxophones and the like; and may also be
embodied in instruments having a plurality of reeds for each mouth, and it may also be embodied in instruments of the flageolet family. The invention is pioneer in that a musical mouth-blown pipe instrument is provided which is capable of being played by one person using both hands
and which will produce two sounds at the same time, and in which the sounds of simultaneously played notes may differ in color, in range and in
tone quality, and may be played in any interval of the full chromatic scale of two or more ovtaves, as the intervals of seconds, thirds, fourths, etc., at
the will of the player. An object is to give a richer color effect by a single player than was heretofore possible and to increase the orchestral effect with a given number of players.
1916 Nov 15 | Re-marriage of Mrs. Antonia (Bader) Schilzonyi in Billed to Johann Schmidt, b. Reschitza and then lived in Billed.
1917 Feb 16 | Birth of son Frederic N Shilzony in Los Angeles, CA.

Business Brieflets

The Whittier Music House, of Whittier, Cal., was formerly opened this week by Niklas Shilzony, who will carry a full line of pianos, players, talking machines and small goods. This store will be operated as a branch of the Southern California Music Co. of Los Angeles. The Binghamton Phonograph Co., Inc.  [Noelle Giesse]

1918 Dec 17 | Inventor: Niklas Shilzony - Musical Reed Pipe Instrument

See Full PDF Doc [Published at DVHH.org 30 Dec 2007]
[Noelle Giesse]

1920 Jan 8 | Niklas Shielzony - US Census: Whittier, Los Angeles County, CA - image 447 (Shilzony) age 47, Music Instructor, b. 1873, (actual year: 1872) Billet, Hungary - immigrated 1897 - father b Temesvar, Hungary.  Owned house, street name Wife Gertrude E age 35 b. Koenigerberg - immigrated 1907(8). Son: Nicolas Fred, b. abt 1917 age 2/11 months b. Calif.
1921 May 21 | Birth of son Victor Arpad Shilzony in Los Angeles, CA.
1922 / Whittier City and Suburban Directory, Whittier, California > image 94 (Ancestry.com) - Shilzony Nicholas (Gertrude) music tchr h Rideout Hts


1924 / Whittier City Rivera & Suburban Directory, CA. Shilzony Nicholas (Gertrude) bandmaster State Sch r Rideout Hts
1925 Jan 29 | Son, Niklas John Schilzonyi Passport Application & supporting documents, including affidavit from father

RE: Subject, not the son:
"and was allowed by the court at the time to change the spelling of his name from Niklas Schilzoni to Niklas Shilzony;"

See image:

1925 Apr 18 | Manifest to US for son Niklas Schilzonyi age 24 home: 2655 So. Port Ave, Los Angeles, CA.
1927 May 26 | Family reports that Nicholas disappeared, at age 55.  He was a music teacher in LA at the Fred C. Nelles School for Boys (no longer exist).  Nicholas filed for an interlocutory judgment of divorce on May 26, 1927 for custody of sons Fred and Victor and finalized the divorce in 1928, one year after he disappeared. Uncle Bud said that he may have owned a store. The divorce was filed in the county of L.A., the final is file # D48820.
[Vicky Shilzony)
1927 Sep 20 | Niklas Shilzona, age 55, born 1872 - arrival date: 20 Sep 1927, port of departure: Bremen, German, Ship name: Dresden, Port of arrival: New York. Residence: 101-103 78th Street, Ozone Park, Long Island, New York.
Source Citation: Year: 1927; Microfilm serial: T715; Microfilm roll: T715_4133; Line: 9 .

1929 Aug 23 | Boys Band Will Compete Monday at State Fair | The Auburn Citizen
Next Monday the big event that the Exchange Club Boys Band has been looking forward to for some time, will be the contest at the State Fair.

"N. Schilzoni's Boys Band of College Park"

1930 Apr 2 | Gertrude T Shilzony - US Census: 140/8/8 North Spruce St, Montebello, Los Angeles, CA - age: 36, Head-of-house, "Widower," Est yob: 1894 b. Masurra, Germany, Father b. Poland, Mother b. Masurra, Germany.  Speaks Russian.  Age at first marriage: 22, about 1916.  Children: Fred age 12 b. Ca & Victor age 8 b. Ca.
1930 Apr 03 Mountain | Nevada | Reno | Nevada State Journal
Story about Gustav Walter leader of the "Little Boys Band" - Orpheum Circuit 1897.
1930 Apr 12 | (SON) Niklos Schilzony - US Census: Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA - age 28, Single, Est. birth year: abt 1902,  Birthplace: New York.  Parents born in Hungary.  Occupation: Tile maker for a furniture store. Lodger in home of Harriet M Wallace age 69 widow. Other lodger Charles Bebrits age 33 b. Hungary - worked for a life insurance co. More about son, Niklas J. Schilzongi
1933 Apr 9 | Death of Antonia (Bader) Schilzonyi Schmidt in Billed
1936 | Social Security Application | Emma Schilzony, wife of Nick Sr. It states her place of work at Fifth Avenue & 29 St. Corp., located at 40 Wall Street, NY,currently it's the Trump Building! [Granddaughter Vicky sent off for the application, submitted it 10 Jun 2012]

1938 Nov 7 | Copyright of Shilzony, Niklas. 11621 Simplex rowboat attachment © 1 с Nov. 7, 1938 ; I 21780.
Catalog of Copyright Entries. Part 4. Works of Art, Etc. New Series - Page 223 [Item found by Vicky Shilzony]

1939 | Rumor that Nicholas Schilzonyi was seen at the 1939 World's Fair was in New York, working as a musician in a band, but that's 3rd person information.
*NEW: 1940 Apr 14 / US Census - New York City, NY - Nickolas Shilzony age 68, b. abt 1862; married to Emmy age 46. He was a superintendent at an apartment house, works 80 hrs a week. She cleans office building. Lived at 210 85th Street, New York City. Ward 16, block B. [Item located by Noelle Giesse, 6 Jun 2012]
*NEW: 1940 Apr 14 / US Census - San Gabriel, Los Angeles, CA - Nickolas Shilzony age 39, b. abt 1901; married to Agnes age 47, b. abt 1893. Address: 114 Tegner Drive. Occupation: Storm Drain Construction. [Item located by Jody, 7 Jul 2012]  
1941 | Copyright Shilzony, Niklas
Catalog of copyright entries, Part 4, Volumes 35-36 - Library of Congress. Copyright Office U.S. Govt. Print. Off., 1941 - Shilzony, Niklas

*NEW / 1969 Death / We had suspicions this lady was related, today confirmed on the above 1940 Census, she was married to Nickolas Shilzony) 1969 Oct / Death / Emmy Shilzony - Last Residence: 700 (U.S. Consulate), Italy.
- Born: b. 26 Dec 1896 - Died: Oct 1969.
- SSN  091-09-5165 State (Year) SSN issued: New York (Before 1951 ). SS Application 1936: Emmy Shilzony, born in Michelau, Germany, on Dec. 26, 1896. Her parents’ names are listed as Ben and Rose Hannig.
[Application was obtained by Vicky Shilzony]

1974 Jun 8 | Death of Gertrude T. Shilzony in Mill Valley, CA. (b. Gertrud Tatiana Koehler in Prussia, a trapeze artist/tightrope walker in the circus.)
1978 May 24 | Death of son Nicholas John Schilzonyi in Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, CA. (b. 16 Jan 1901)
1994 Sep 21 | Death of Frederick Nicholas Shilzony (Vicky's Grandpa). He was killed in Ocean View, Hawaii (drunk driver)   
1995 Apr 15 | Death of son Victor Arpad Shilzony in Sonoma, CA (b. 21 May 1921)
2005 Nov 04 | Located Descendants of Nicholas Schilzonyi
Nicholas Schilzonyi & His Descendants
by Vicky Shilzony & Elizabeth Shilzony, Great Granddaughters

Wieting Opera House on South Salina Street, Syracuse, NY.
 One Lincoln Center presently occupies this site.

Wieting Family History www.tamatoledo.org/wieting/body_history.html

Information and findings are listed chronological:


1: Hans Wikete Ortssippenbuch Billed 1765-2000

2: Robert Rohr mail exchange of 25 Nov 2005: Nikolaus Schilzonyi (born to 25 Jan 1872 in Billed) married on 11 Feb 1899 in Billed to Antonia Bader (from Anina). They had a son Johann, which was born to 12 Jan 1905 in Billed and on 31 Jul 1915 he died there.  Theoretically it would be possible that Niklas J. Schilzongi (*16 January 1901) and  Elizabeth Schilzonyi (*10. Mar 1902) are the children of the Bandleader, as you indicate in "Tracking Nick down in the US."  But, the boys band left for the America tour on 19 May 1899 from the Banat and on 26 April 1901 and returned home to Bogarosch. From 13 January to 3 February 1901 the band resided in New York.  Two boys of the chapel wrote "diaries," but none mentioned the births of children to the Bandleaders and their wife's. In 1902 neither Nikolaus Schilzonyi nor his wife were in America that we know of!  This problem with the two children Nicholas and Elizabeth is difficult to solve.  Mrs. Antonia Schilzonyi re-married 15 Nov 1916 (in Billed) to a Johann Schmidt.  Antonia died on 9 April 1933.

3: Nicholas Schilzonyi Search & Discovery

4: Nicholas Schilzonyi Descendants

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1905 Manifest List
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Nicholas Schilzonyi
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Niklas Shilzony, Inventor:
Musical Reed Pipe Instrument 1918/Application (full PDF doc)

2011 New

by Alvard J. Moore
San Francisco Call, Volume 82, Number 139, 17 October 1897
[Article & Illustration] 

At the Oberon
San Francisco Call, Volume 82, Number 83, 22 August 1897 — THE THEATRE [Advertisement & Illustration]

San Francisco Call, Volume 82, Number 161, 8 November 1897


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