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Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors

Hőgyész (Tolnau) im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert Die Ansiedlungen in der "Schwäbischen Türkei"
by JOSEF HOBEN. Uhldingen Muhlhofen
English Translation by Henry Fischer |
Published at 12 Sep 2011 by Jody McKim Pharr

Hӧgyész (Tolna) in the 18th and 19th Century

Table of Contents

The Settlement of Swabian Turkey

The Early Colonization of Swabian Turkey - In the "Travel Regulations" the following stipulation was made:  "the previously mentioned Swabians along with their wives and children...are not allowed to step on dry land on their entire journey or try to remain somewhere after passing by the Royal residential city of Vienna but travel on directly to Hungary.

The Settlement Policies at the Time of the Great Swabian Migration - At this point in time, the first and earliest phase of the Danube Swabian colonization effort was overwhelmingly focussed on the private estates and domains of the nobles in Hungary and had a rather random and sporadic character.

Claudius Florimundus Count Mercy & the Hӧgyész Domains By Josef Hoben (18-1900's)

Where Did the Settlers in Hӧgyész Come From?

A Portrait of the Settlement of the Hӧgyész Domain - The documents associated with the Domains and Estates identifies some special designations like "old homestead", "old village", "older village site", "old meadows," and "old gardens."

The Farm Homestead and Agricultural Pursuits  - At the time of settlement each family received a "Einschreibbüchel" (a regulation booklet) that guaranteed the possessor a house lot, garden and yard as well as a stated amount of land that would be apportioned to him. 

The Structure of the Village - The social structure of a village is not only determined by the social classes represented in its inhabitants but also through familial ties and neighbourly connections. 

The Development of the Hӧgyész Domain in the 18th and 19th Centuries

A Brief Church History in Hӧgyész

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