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Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors

The Collected Works of Nick Tullius
Major Contributor, Translator, Editor, Author & Mentor
Keeping the Danube Swabian legacy alive!

     Nick was born in Alexanderhausen, Banat, Romania; as a young adult he emigrated to Canada. Read his story:  Journey from Alexanderhausen to Ottawa 'Sketch of a memoir'.  Nick was a former DVHH Admin Team member and went on to serve as one of the original Board Directors in the early years of the DVHH becoming a nonprofit, in 2007.  He has bestowed upon us a nice collection of Danube Swabian content while serving as a long time chief editor here at DVHH. His first hand experience of the old homeland and his desire to help researchers gain knowledge about their Danube Swabian heritage, -is evident in everything he writes, whether it is his own personal experience or a translation of an article only available in German, before now.  We have always appreciated his time and talents! Thank you Nick! 

Literary Translations

Stories from back home with Alexanderhausen dialect translations

  Up in the Mulberry Tree | Ufm Maulbierebaam

  Rubber Slingshots and Gendarmes | Gummiflinte un Schandare

  Soldiers‘ Graves by the Hemp Pond | Soldategräwer an der Hanfkaul

  Old-Time Retirement | Im Vorbhalt

  How that hat got on the church | Wie der Hutt uf die Kerch kumm is

  Threshing machines, steam engines, tractors | Dreschmaschine, Dampfmaschine un Traktore

  In the family | In dr Familje

  Exams in Temeswar | Priefunge in Temeschwar

  Village Music back Home | Dorfmusich in der Heimat

  Catching may bugs | Maikäfer fange

  Catching fish | Fisch fange

  Catching quail | Wachtle fange

  Catching Rabbits | Hase Fange

  Trip to the Banat - 2008 | So vertraut und doch schon so fremd

  Trip to Temeswar - 2008

An Englishman Travels the Banat (early 1800s)
Excerpt from the book “Hungary and Transylvania” by John Paget (London 1839)

"Punctual course of life" by Horst Samson (Read at the 2014 Banater Treffer, Ulm by Samson.)

About the origin and content of the Banat Kirchweih by Peter Krier

Our History in Transition by Franz Gaubatz

The Shadow of Herta Müller at the Nitzkydorf Cemetery By Viorel Ilişoi

Settlements in the Banat 1763‑1773 -"Ethnographie der Oesterreichischen Monarchie" by Karl Czoernig, 1857

Florimund Claudius Graf Mercy 1666-1734 "Count Mercy – Colonizer & Governor" by Wilhelm Reiter

The Banat – a Penal Colony“of Maria Theresia? by Dr. Hans Dama

Colonization of the Banat Following its Turkish Occupation, Emphasis on emigration from Lorraine & Luxemburg (S. Belgian province of Luxemburg), Author Unknown, translated by DVHH Editorial Team, 2007

Villages Lorrains En Yougoslavie by André Rosambert, 1933, L'Illustration (French Magazine), 01 Apr 1933 - Article of interest to Banaters, and many who have roots from the Lorrain area.

Villages Lorrains En Roumanie by André Rosambert, 1934, L'Illustration (French Magazine), 24 Nov 1934 - Article of interest to Banaters, and all those who have roots from the Lorrain area.

Shift of Languages in the Works of Robert Reiter

Die Verschleppung (the deportation) 1945, by Stefan Jäger-Deportation to Russia

International exhibition of the colonization of Swabians, at the Banat Museum by Florin Puscas, 2013

Deported to the USSR - Frankfurt/Oder - Door to Freedom and End Station for Many by Peter Krier

Last Letters from a Deportee by Peter Krier

From the West to the East & from the East to the West: identity avatars of the French Banaters by Smaranda Vultur

Rosemary in the Life of the Danube Swabians by Hans Gehl

The Sathmar-Swabian Dialects & Their Carriers

Banat Swabians, Danube Swabians & Their Future

Dr. Hans Gehl Publications

100th Year Banater Swabian in Austria 1907-2007

Memorial to the Expulsion of the Germans in Budaörs

The 'Ship of Girls' (Moidle-Schiff)

Pakatzer Hans

Freundeskreis Donauschwäbische Blasmusik (Friendship Circle Danube Swabian Brassband Music)

Memorial to the Expulsion of the Germans in Budaörs - From: Donautal-Magazin Jg. 30, Nr. 140 dated 1. August 2006, pp. 8-9. Contributed by Dr. Hans Gehl

Swabian, Hungarian, Magyar by Gerhardt Hochstrasser

Parish of the German-speaking Catholics in Montreal, 1930

Wines & Grapes in Bakowa (Banat)

Wine Producing in Rekasch (Banat)

Biographies & Obituary Translations

Hans Dama

Hans Gehl

Robert Reiter/Franz Liebhard Biographical Note

Robert Rohr Tribute - (Banater Post, Feb 5, 2008 under the signature of Stephan-Heinrich Pollmann

The death of the painter and commercial artist, - Obituary of Franz Bittenbinder

Hans Diplich, Creator of the Danube Swabian Crest - Bio by Nick Tullius

Herta Müller Short Biography

Remarkable Personalities from Alexanderhausen: Franz Lukas

Stephan Heinz /Hans  Kehrer

Herta Bio Translation

Martin Butter of Kirchbierlingen

Johann Wüscht 

Poetry Translations

Mein Heimatland / My Homeland by Peter Jung

Einst und Jetzt / Then and Now - Nikolaus Lenau

Nacht auf der Heide / Night on the Heath – Peter Jung

Dei Heimat is jetz do / Your Homeland Is Now Here - Hans Bader

"Ackre" Plowing - Johann Wagner

Banater Schwabenlied / Song of Banat Swabians - Adam Müller-Guttenbrunn

Mama/Mother - Mihai Eminescu

'Now & Then' by Nikolaus Lenau

's gibt vielerlei Narre! / There are many kinds of fools! - Josef Gabriel d. Ä.

Published Works

Underway on the "global village street"

  The Banater Post published two short stories written in the schwowisch dialect

Danube Swabians - Nationality, Citizenship, and Inter-Ethnic Relations

Short History of the Danube Swabians

Danube-Swabian Settlement Areas

About the Banat Area

Banat Timeline

Situation in the (Romanian) Banat in the 1945 to 1950 by Nick Tullius, (2006)

Alexanderhausen - A Contract Village

The Church Organ of Alexanderhausen

How that hat got on top of the church - Banater Post Nr. 23-24, 2010 (schwowisch & English)

Threshing machines, steam engines & tractors - Banater Post Nr. 23-24, 2010 (schwowisch & English)

Examen in Temeswar 

Music Making back home

Dominik Simone: The Horse Mill of Alexanderhausen

Sunday Meals

Bratwurst, Leberwurst & Schwartelmagen

Banat Floods Remembered

"Ratschen" Holy Week in Banat (My Personal Recollection)

Montreal Introduction

Book Reviews

Book Review: Danube Swabians reflected in "Danube" by Claudio Magris

Immigrations & Travel

Journey from Alexanderhausen to Ottawa 'Sketch of a memoir'

Trip to the Banat - 2008

Trip to Temeswar - 2008

Banat Slide Show, submitted by Nick Tullius, 2014-Mar-16

Published Books

"Banat-Canadian" Nikolaus Tullius new autobiographical book of memories.
Review by Hans GehlOriginal in German (PDF)

My journey from the Banat to Canada - Author House 2011 (English) 

Vom Banat Nach Kanada Edition Octopus 2011 (Deutsch)

Din Banat în Canada Editura Orizonturi Universitare 2013 (Româneşte)

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Coordinator for Banat Village: Alexanderhausen 2005-Present

Destination Archivist: Montreal, Canada 2008-Present

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Interview with Nick Tullius: Movers & Shakers

The Ties That Bind, Worldwide by Jody McKim Pharr, Edited by Nick Tullius & Jane Ehardt Moore, 2013

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