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Solar-electric Installation for Sandra/Alexanderhausen

According to "Opinia Timişoarei" dated 23 November 2011, the Austrian firm "10hoch4 Energiesysteme GmbH has reached an agreement with the local administration to invest about 7 million euros in the construction of a photovoltaic installation in Sandra/Alexanderhausen.

The photovoltaic park will be built on an area of 7 hectares, at the exit of Şandra toward Uihei/Neusiedel, on the left side of the road.

The panels with photovoltaic cells installed here are expected to produce approximately 2 MW of electric power from direct solar radiation, to be supplied directly to the national energy system (SEN).


Giving birth in Alexanderhausen by Waltraud Wilhelm

Birth and Baptism in Alexanderhausen by Elisabeth Sauer

Dominik Simone: The Horse Mill of Alexanderhausen

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Alexanderhausen Families and House Numbers (1933)

Villages of Origin

War & Casualties of Alexanderhausen Families


Nick Tullius

Helen Schuch - The Schuch Family History


Village Name Variants: German: Alexanderhausen; Hungarian: Sándorháza; Romanian (Official): Sandra

The following books were published by the H.O.G. Alexanderhausen:

  • [1] Sepp Schmidt: Alexanderhausen - Heimatbuch einer Banater Heidegemeinde, München 1987. Includes as Part 1 the book 'Alexanderhausen 1833 - 1933' by Nikolaus Hans Hockl

  • [2] Alexanderhausen - Ein einmaliges und eines der schönsten Dörfer der Banater Heide 1833 - 1998 Volume I Text, Volume 2 Photographs, Bietigheim-Bissingen 1998

  • [3] Helene Schuch: Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde Alexanderhausen 1833-2000, Bietigheim-Bissingen 2001


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Village Plan of Alexanderhausen by Master Builder Tillger in 1933

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The Roundel in the center of Alexanderhausen
by Master Builder Tillger in 1933



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Alexanderhausen 2008 *

Temeswar 2008 *

Lenauheim 2008 *

Rekasch 2008 *

Vom Banat nach Kanada*


Photos are from the author's files (marked *) or from the Alexanderhausen Heimatbuch. Some images enlarge by clicking them.

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