A Remembrance of the Past; Building for the Future." ~ Eve Eckert Koehler

Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors
The Collected Works of Rose Zentner Vetter
Major Contributor, Writer, Translator, Editor, & Mentor
Keeping the Danube Swabian legacy alive!

Literary Translations

Prince Eugene and our Old Homeland by Friedrich Lotz, 2013

Bardarski Geran by Rose Vetter, 19 June 2013. Excerpts from Deutsche Bauerndörfer in Bulgarien by Arno Mehlan (1941) and Die zwei deutschen Bauernsiedlungen in Bulgarien by Dr. Otto Constantini (1938): Banater Monatshefte, Newsletter No. 4/5, year of publication 1938/1939.  

To Bulgaria and Back Again (to Banat) by Hans Diplich, 1979. 2013. Original article in German "Nach Bulgarien und wieder zuruck" by Hans Diplich, published in the 1979 Donau-Schwaben Kalender by Donauschwäbischer Heimatverlag (Donauschwaben Homeland Publisher) Aalen/Württemberg. 

Endsche/Zarev Brod – A German Settlement in Bulgaria, Excerpts from a Travelogue by Hans-Ulrich Köhler.  Translated by Rose Vetter, 30 May 2013. Original article "Endsche - eine deutsche Siedlung in Bulgarien" by Hans-Ulrich Köhler, "Jahrbuch der Dobruschadeutschen", published July 1962 in Heilbronn, Germany. Photos by Ulrich Schmidhäuser, Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. Article provided by Maria Kasmannshuber. 

Facts Worth knowing about "The Wenker Sentences" by Adam Schneider. Translation by Rose Vetter, 2008

The Later Migration to the Syrmien village India during the Years 1836-1855 by Dr. Wendelin Müller Transcription and Translation by Rose Vetter, 2008.

Restoration of Maria Radna Basilica by Herbert Habenicht, 2008

Collection of Votive Pictures - Maria Radna by Herbert Habenich, 2008

Bei den Deutschen in der Batschka" 1933, by Gustav Buchheim, From Magazine: "Durch alle Welt," Publisher: Peter J. Oestergaard, Berlin. ("The Germans in the Batschka" 1933), 2008

Banater Cookbook: 150 Proven Baking Recipes, 2007

Letter from Camp Pasicevo/Altker by Eva Zentner, 2007

Biography & Obituary Translations

Father Adam Berenz by Boris Masic, 2008

Professor Oskar Sommerfeld 1885-1973 Academic Painter from India (Indjija), 2008

Batschka Artist & Painter Franz Eisenhut, 1857-1903, 2008

Poetry Translations

Mein Heimatland / My Homeland by Peter Jung.

Published Works by Rose Vetter

A New Beginning in Winnipeg By Rose Vetter, 14 Jan 2009.

What Attracted the Danube Swabians? : to Winnipeg, Manitoba (MB) by Rose Vetter, 2009

Destinations America’s, Introduction to Winnipeg, Manitoba (MB) by Rose Vetter, 2009

Märzluft Brothers' Letters, Remembering My Great Uncles (of São Paulo) by Rose Vetter, 2008

First World War Soldiers of Kula Transcription of names by Rose Vetter, 2012.

Editorial Collection

Banat Folklore: Fairy Tales, Legends, Comical Tales, translated by Nick Tullius, 2014.

The Inter-War Years and the Fate of the Danube Swabians in Yugoslavia by Henry Fischer

Building a Village Website "It All Began With Sharing" By Fran Matkovich, 2013

The Flame Devours Us - From the Diary of Pastor Matthias Rometsch (Chronik Neu-Pasua 1790-1945) Contributed by Gerhard Banzhaf.  Prints 12 pages, 2009.

A Small History To Remember by Andrea Ballreich, 2012.

“Two Donauschwaben Sisters” by Dragan Gegenbauer, 2011

Neu-Pasua, Homeland Book by Mathias Huber, Translated by Henry Fischer. Edited by Rose Vetter 2009.

Immigrations & Travel

Our Trip to Zarev Brod (2003) by Maria Kasmannshuber. Translation by Rose Vetter, 2013. 

Neu-Pasua - Journey to the Other Schwabenland by Johannes Banzhaf, of Gütersloh, Westphalia, in northern Germany, wrote this heart-warming account. During a challenging 2,000 km trip he and his wife, Herta Fisslacker Banzhaf, took in a DKW automobile in 1938, they stopped off in Indija and Neu-Pasua to get acquainted with Johannes’s large extended family. The article was originally published in the Geislinger Zeitung (Newspaper) on July 19, 1939 and in the Stuttgarter Zeitung on August 11, 1939. Translation by Rose Vetter, 2011.

DVHH Administrative Positions & Volunteer Roles

DVHH Board of Directors 2011-Present

DVHH Corporate Secretary 2012-2014

DVHH Editorial & Translator 2007-Present

Destination Archivist: Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN  2008-Present

Editor: Cooking Donauschwaben Style! 2014-Present

Coordinator: Danube Swabians in Bulgaria 2013-Present

Lookups Guide for Batschka Village Books:

    Familienbuch  Apatin in der Batschka 1750-1825 by Jakob Schuy
    Taufregister von  Apatin 1750-1945 by Josef P. Schwend (Baptism and Marriage Registry)
    Ortssippenbuch  Palanka by Anton Reimann
    Ortssippenbuch  Hodschag
    Die deutschen Familien von  Temerin in der Batschka by Wilhelmine Wier

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