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Acker, Denise Koch:

  • A traditional Donauschwaben Christmas tree taken in Hatzfeld/Jimbolia, in 1960. The child is my second cousin.  This photo was my grandmother's. The handwriting on the back is that of my grandmother's nephew, Hans Stuprich. See Image at: Heritage Homepage

Amundsen, Katie:

  • This picture taken around 1935, in Liebling, Banat, Romania shows my mother's best friends in Tracht. They are on their way to the Sunday evening dance. I love their happiness, confidence, and innocence. Just a few years later, their lives were torn apart. See Image at Tracht

Bruns, Sandra:

  • This butcher shop in Hatzfeld I believe this was my Great Uncle Mihaly Webers' (married to Anna Wildermuth). I'd like to know the location of it. See Image under Butcher at: Occupations

  • Anton Balogh Konditorei, Hatzfeld/Jimbolia Konditorei (Cake Shop). See Image at Village Life

  • My Grandmother's older brother born in Hatzfeld 1998. Nicholas Hirsch was one of his Godparents. Dressed in costume for the Maskenball meaning costume or masquerade ball, worn only during carnival time, 1898. See Image at Observances: February - Fasching

  • My great Grandmother Katherine Neidenbach Weber from Hatzfeld. See Image at Tracht

  • First communion photograph of a Kori in Hatzfeld. See Image at Churches in Banat

  • Bruns: 1925 the inside of what is now or near the Post office in Jimbolia the woman is Hermine Grandma's sister; I assume that is her husband and two children pictured with her. See Image at Economy Homepage

Adam-Doyle, Peggy:

  • My Grandmother, Maria Denuel, seated with her older Sister Anna, about 1910 in GroßKomlosch, Romania. Daughters of Peter Denuel, a carpenter and town undertaker (he had the tools to make the coffins). Both Anna and Maria ended up in Chicago, as far as I know, the only ones in the immediate family who came to the US.  See Image at Tracht

Goschy, Joe:

Helbrecht, Jean Salé:

  • Parabutsch Michael Senz with his family and neighbors. See Image at Village Life

Hansen, Pattie:

  • My grandfather Peter Ochs and his wife, Katarina Stumpf, 3 months after arriving at Ellis Island on July 3, 1914 from Hrastovac and settling in Pennsylvania. Grandmother holds her eldest son, Peter. Her sister Anna, later Anna Naas, holds the younger boy John (Ivan). Their eldest daughter, Katarina, had just succumbed to measles. As was the custom, a funeral portrait was taken. An unhappy moment but iconic, I believe. Clearing out my mother's photos (she passed away in 2009) I find that her family continued the tradition of a funeral photo, although not a family portrait. Seems they always had to take a snap of the deceased in their coffin. See Image at Funerals

 Hutflus, Joseph:

  • Threshing in Kruschevlje-Kruschiwl Yugoslavia with Bauer (Farmer ) Matthias Hutflus and his workers. See Image at Threshing

  • The Schoolhouse in Krusevlje-Kruschiwl Yugoslavia, circa 1934 with teacher Hans Mengel. See Image at Schools & Education

Jenkin, Elizabeth Renate:

  • My great grandfather (Franz Strk) funeral procession, 1953, Outside their house — at Kovin, Banat. My great grandmother is at back all in black to the left. See Image at Funerals.

  • My Great grandfather (seated) Franja (Franz) Strk at work in his office. He was like a clerk of the court, not a judge though. See Image at Occupations Index / Clerk of Court

Nagy, Jenő:

  • Magda Kelemen, my grandmother. Daughter of Mihály Kelemen and Elisabetha Schwarz Picture taken in Kudritz (Gudurica) in 1921. See Image at Tracht

Norton, Marlene Metzner‎:

  • Miklos/Nicholas and Victoria Toth, my great grandparents in Palanka (seated left front). Nicholas was a shepherd, and according to one of his daughters who came to America, he also was called on to be the local veterinarian.  Victoria Toth, their daughter, seated behind the table.The other people are unknown. See Image at Village Life

Paun, Daniela:

Schaeffer, Barbara Anne Teves:

  • Deronje card players. The handsome gentleman second from right at the table is Johann Reiter my grandfather. See image at: Village Life

  • Schaeffer Dental Office in Karavukovo. See Image under Dentist at: Occupations

  • Theresa Schaeffer Gartenmayer, born in Deronje, Yugoslavia lived in Karavokwo and survived Gakvo.  See Image at Tracht

  • My in-laws wedding, Deronje 1928. Sophie Reiter Schaeffer and Anton Schaeffer. See image at: Weddings

  • Metzer Anton Schaffer with daughter Resi and son Hansi Karavokvo. See image at: Village Life

  • Gyor, Hungary pictures the Schaeffer family on their way to Germany after their escape from Gakovo. Thank The Lord they all made it out alive. They settled in Germany before coming to the states in the 50's. See Image at The Great Swabian Trek / Post World War II

  • After the Schaeffer family escaped from Gakovo and arrived in Germany, my husband, Franz, rode his bicycle (not the one in this picture) all over southern Germany locating, visiting and collecting pictures of families from daheim. He has them in a large album. At one time he was affiliated with the DS Club in Trenton, NJ. See Image at Children at Play & Chores

  • Franz Schaeffer, Karavokovo, Yugoslavia, was taken from farmer to farmer to work and Tito got his paycheck, just before he was taken to the slave labor camp. His mother and siblings were in Gakovo. See Image at The Great Swabian Trek / Post World War II

Schaeffer, Stephen:

  • My mother, about 16 years old, which would be 1929. She was from Batch, about 14 miles (23 km) from Karawukovo. Talk about a colorful Tracht!  See Image at Tracht

Schleis, Paula:

  • I have several photos of dead family members. This tradition of photographing the dead even extends into modern times -- I had a Donauschwaben-born cousin in Chicago whose funeral I could not attend in the 90s, so the family sent me a thank you card for my sympathy card and included a picture of him lying in his casket as if it were no big deal. Was this tradition widespread in Europe or was it special to the Germans? Why did they do it? Anything you can share would be appreciated! See Image at Funerals

Theis, Linda John:

  • My grandfather, Michael Reichardt, leaning in the doorway of his Leather shop in the 1930s, downtown Vrsac (Werschetz), Yugoslavia, now Serbia. See Image at Our Ancestors Economy

  • Sepp Tanz Kapelle, Vrsac. It was interesting that my mother, after 70+ years, recognized almost each face in this photo. She is in the front row, 2nd from the left (beside the girl with the ribbon in her hair). Her father is in here, as well as other relatives. See Image at Arts & Music

Wirth, Prunella Skye:

  • Christmas in the barracks at Haid. This is my Dad Stefan Wirth (L), Onkel Toni & Tante Helene, circa 1947/48. The tree was decorated in boiled lollies wrapped in paper they had made with my Oma. The toys came from caritas. See Image at Observances

Schummer, Erica:

My father Josef Georg Schummer and his father Georg Schummer on at street in Batschka Palanka in early 1939. If anyone has any ideas of what street this is I would love to know to complete the picture. See Image at Village Life

Serra, Rosa:

Sleep, Helene:

  • Pictured is our house on Hodschager Strasse, Karavukovo, with my mother at a washing machine that my dad built; an aunt visiting from Budapest, where my mother's brother was a dentist; a modern dressed woman was a friend of my mother, a teacher; my oldest brother, Stefan, b. 1922; and my oldest sister Barbara holding a baby (me). See image at: Cultural Heritage

  • My maternal grandparents, Teresia & Leopold Baumann. My oldest sister Barbara holding me (as a baby). See Image at Tracht

Feimer, Christine Whatley, Setschan.

  • This photo was un a bag of old postcards. Written in Old German, on the back were the names of the people in the photo. This is my best guess as to the translation. Right front - Baumhoff young Hans Prokle, Aunt Baumhoff behind my second mother(?), Frau Christine, next to her stands my father Johan Prokle. See Image at Observances / January


A classmate photo from Vizejdia, Romania (my husband's father's home village). His name was Anton Theiss.

In 1969, my husband's family went to Vizejdia to visit.


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