A Remembrance of the Past; Building for the Future." ~ Eve Eckert Koehler

Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors
Kernei (Batschka) Ariel

Village Life

This series takes a walk back in time inside the simple way of life of our Danube Swabian ancestors. Learn about our ancestors "Village Life" as they knew it: front and back courtyards, gardens, hand tools, vintage lighting to home furnishings; and the heart of the home "the typical Swabian kitchen." See where your ancestors drew their water from, the well & Schwengelbrunnen. Read about the points of interest of the village like the village railroad and the Hutweide (Community Meadow).

The home of ancestor Josef Goschy, Bogarosch, 2005 ~ Joe Goschy

Care of the Accommodations by Peter Lang

The All Day Work by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

The Position of the Village -The Settlement ~ The Roads ~ The Krivaja Creek by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

The Structure of the Village by Josef Hoben

The Cemetery by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

Traffic – Trade - Industry - Business by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

Traffic Matters by Peter Lang

Postal Traffic by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

Railroad by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

Gravel Streets by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

Cemeteries by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

The Social Product in the Year 1798 by Peter Lang

Parabutsch Michael Senz with his family and neighbors. ~Jean Salé Helbrecht

Anton Balogh Konditorei, Hatzfeld/Jimbolia Konditorei (Cake Shop) ~ Sandra Burns

My father Josef Georg Schummer and his father Georg Schummer on at street in Batschka Palanka in early 1939. If anyone has any ideas of what street this is I would love to know to complete the picture. ~ Erica Schummer

Miklos/Nicholas and Victoria Toth, my great grandparents in Palanka (seated left front). Nicholas was a shepherd, and according to one of his daughters who came to America, he also was called on to be the local veterinarian.  Victoria Toth, their daughter, seated behind the table. The other people are unknown. ~ Marlene Metzner Norton‎

Metzer Anton Schaffer with daughter Resi and son Hansi Karavokvo. ~ Barbara Anne Teves Schaeffer

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