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A Drinking Water Well (Brunnen) with a Counterweighted Swing Beam (Schwengel)

The Schwengelbrunnen is a sweep well with a long horizontal beam balanced on a vertical beam, a rope and bucket attached on one end and a heavy counterweight at the other.  By pulling on the rope, the bucket is lowered into a ground well (30-50 feet deep, often lined with bricks).  The full bucket of water is then raised by pushing down on the counterweight.  The beam can be swung around to empty the bucket.  This procedure facilitates irrigation when a river is low, which means that higher ground can be used for farming.  This method has existed for hundreds of years.





[Die Donauschwaben, Gauss/Weidenheim]



[Die Donauschwaben, Gauss/Weidenheim]


The Schwengelbrunnen in the early years of the settlement in Apatin. [Hans Kopp]

Schwengelbrunnen, Ernsthausen, Banat. [Hans Kopp]

Schwengelbrunnen near the town of Apatin. [Hans Kopp]

Schwengelbrunnen in a back courtyard. [Hans Kopp]

Abandoned Schwengelbrunnen in the Hutweide, Ulmbach – Neupetsch. [Hans Kopp]

Schwengelbrunnen painting by the Donauschwaben artist Dr. Oskar Sommerfeld,
1885-1973 from Indija, Syrmia (today’s Vojvodina, Serbia)
[Hans Kopp]

Schwengelbrunnen [Hans Kopp]

Radbrunnen (wheel wells) known as the wheel fountain. [Hans Kopp]

Former Ingrisch residence, Mercydorf
[Jody McKim Pharr]


Durr residence,  Mercydorf,
Banat 2004
[Jody McKim Pharr]

The fountain with the pump in later years. [Hans Kopp]

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