A Remembrance of the Past; Building for the Future." ~ Eve Eckert Koehler

Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors

Front Courtyard

The front court of a farmerís home in Filipowa, Batschka. Three generations of a family, with their beautiful horses give an perspective of daily live of a Donauschwaben family. (Contributed by Hans Kopp)  

A Banater family on a Sunday prior to leaving for church. (Contributed by Hans Kopp)


The inner court of a family from Batschsentiwan, Batschka showing their rose garden. Notice a modern fountain for the time and the tiled wall around the corridor, indicating the wealth of the family.  (Contributed by Hans Kopp)  


A farmerís family from Filipowa, Batschka showing their horse and bike as one their transportation and sport. (Contributed by Hans Kopp)

The Burghardt family of Batschsentiwan, Batschka in their front court pose for a family picture with a typical wagon and horses the pride and wealth of a small farmer. (Contributed by Hans Kopp)  

This Batschsentiwan, Batschka family assembled their live stock in the front court for a display of their proud possessions. Notice the Schwenkelbrunnen in the foreground.  (Contributed by Hans Kopp)  


[Published at 17 Feb 2007 by Jody McKim Pharr]

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