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Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors

Dreschmaschine / Thresher

Photo: Grandfather-in-law, Franz Strumberger standing inside his threshing machine c.1932 in Selci, Dakowacki. ~Linda John-Theis

Dreschmaschine means threshing machine. North American farmers use 'combines' which pick up the mowed -- or standing grain as they drive through the fields. The self-propelled combines remove the grain kernels, wheat, barley, oats, canola, beans, clover and flax and leave the straw as they drive through the fields. The straw is later baled and used as bedding for livestock and sometimes fodder (feed).

The threshing machines were heavy iron machines that were stationary during threshing. They had to be pulled either by horses or tractor to move to a different location (the next farmer's Treplatz = Dreschplatz).
Anne Dreer (ex-farmer)

Threshing - On the occasion of the completion of the threshing work the workers went singing through the village pulling their threshing machine decorated with flowers.  There was no special harvest festival.  The cold midday meal in the vineyard tasted excellent.  The effect of the many grapes and cider first comes later.  Instead of the former stomping on the grapes (Treten (Trippeln), today these are ground and pressed. ~ Dr. Viktor Pratscher, Translated by Brad Schwebler

Thresher / Drescher – Owner of a Threshing Machine

The “Dreschmaschine” by Nehlich Walter

Threshing Machines, Steam Engines and Tractors by Nick Tullius

Threshing Machine Photo, Taken in Knees, Banat by Rudy Jobba

Threshing Machine - Obresch, Syrmia

Threshing Party in Bogarosch 

Threshing in Kruschevlje-Kruschiwl Yugoslavia with Bauer (Farmer ) Matthias Hutflus and his workers. ~ Joseph Hutflus

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