A Remembrance of the Past; Building for the Future." ~ Eve Eckert Koehler

Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors

Die Deutschen der Gemeinde Feketic-Feketitsch
(The Germans of the Community of Feketitsch)
by Dr. Viktor Pratscher, 1936
Herausgegeben vom Festausschusz der Gedenkfeier.
Translation by Brad Schwebler

His majesty King Peter II
The motto of the Germans of Yugoslavia says:
"Be loyal to the nation and the people"



Table of Contents

Foreword 4-9
The History of the Batschka 10
Emperor Josef II 10-12
The Settlers Patent and the Old Homeland 13-16
On the Way to the New Homeland (the Schwabenzug) 18-23
Arrival in the New Homeland 23
The Life in the New Homeland 1784-1818 24-25
How Urschels Peter came to Schowe 26-29
History of Feketic/Feketitsch 29
The Hungarians of Feketitsch (includes name registry) 30-31
The First Germans in Feketitsch 1818 32-44
The History of the Evangelical Church Community 40-43
The Formation of the Evangelical Congregation A) Evangelical School; B) Choirmaster's Apts. 44-54
The Evangelical Teachers 54-59
School Affairs 60-67
The First Site of the Church Service 67-69
The Church 69-75
The Bell and the Tower Clock by Dr. Viktor Pratscher 75-80
Church Appliances 80-81
The Pastor’s Living Quarters and the First Pastor Salaries 81-83
The Administration of the Congregation & The Church Chancellery 87-89
The History of the Evangelical Seniorates 89-92
From the Archives of the Congregation: The Midwives of the Congregation 92-95
Cemeteries by Dr. Viktor Pratscher 95
Pastor and Choirmaster Field by Dr. Viktor Pratscher 96-98
The Consequences of World War 1914-1918 98-101
Church Associations (incl. The Evangelical Men's Choir of 1936) by Dr. Viktor Pratscher 101-105
Supplements 105
The 100 Year Jubilee of the Congregation Mixed Couples 106-108
The History of the German Reformed Congregation 109-110
The Formation of the Branch Community 1820 – 1850 111-118
The Branch Community 1850 – 1921 119-125
The Church 125-137
The Independent German Reformed Congregation 137-143
The New Buildings (parsonage and church) 143-145
Teachers and Choirmasters of the Community 145-147
The Servants of the Word of God  147-150
Church Fathers and Presbyters 150-151
Communion and Baptismal Implements 151-152
Cemetery 152

The Church Choir


Some Things about the Give and Take

Baptists, Methodists, Nazarenes, Catholics 154
The Political Community 155-156

The Position of the Village -The Settlement ~ The Roads ~ The Krivaja Creek

The Climate 171-172
The Cemetery 172
Health Service by Dr. Viktor Pratscher 173-175
Living Quarters of the German Settlers 175-179
The Nourishment by Dr. Viktor Pratscher 179-183
The Sleep by Dr. Viktor Pratscher 183
Cleanliness by Dr. Viktor Pratscher 184
Population Movement 185
Births, Marriages, Cases of Death, Birth, Overpopulation, Attainable Ages 185-187
Everything to Reflect On by J. Wolf (Poem) 188
Illnesses by Dr. Viktor Pratscher 188-190
The All Day Work by Dr. Viktor Pratscher 191-192

Customs at Family Events: New Years Day | Easter Remembered | Threshing | Kerweih Week |
Baptism Customs | Wedding Customs

Superstitions 198-199
The Traditional Costume/Dress 200-202
The Village Group of the Swabian-German Cultural Association by Dr. Viktor Pratscher 203-211
Universal Education 208-211
Agriculture by Christian Welker, Jr. by Dr. Viktor Pratscher 212
Cultivation, Hutweide, "Segregation” "Kommasierung” Sowing the Harvest Corn Session Farmer 212-226
Consequences of the World War I 226-228
The Agriculture of Today 228-238
Cattle Breeding (& Pig Breeding; Poultry Keeping) 238-240
Traffic – Trade - Industry - Business 241-255
Postal Traffic 241-242
Railroad 242-243
Gravel Streets 243-244
Salespeople 244
Weekly Market 244-245
Annual Market 245
Grain Trade 245-246
Mill Industry 246-247
Factories 248-249
Electrical Lighting 249-250
Money - Weights and Measures - Prices 250-252
Interest 252-253
Business Corporations, Statistics, The Apprentice School 254-255
Co-operatives and Associations & "Farmers Aid" 256-258
Undertakers’ Association 258-260
Volunteer Firemen 260-261

Sports Club

War Years 264-268
List of Names from the 1857 Census 269-274
List of Names from the 1936 Census 275-292
Origin of the Ancestors and Places of Origin in the Empire 293-296
People of Feketitsch in Foreign Lands 296-297
Table of Ancestors 298-299
300-301 Conclusion and References 300-301
Table of Contents 302-303

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