A Remembrance of the Past; Building for the Future." ~ Eve Eckert Koehler

Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors

Co-operatives and Associations & "Farmers Aid"

by Dr. Viktor Pratscher
Translated by Brad Schwebler

The Nature of the Cooperative in Feketitsch
by David Tauß , secretary of "Farmers' Aid"

     One of the most important organizations of the Germans in Feketitsch is the "Agricultural Credit and Economic Cooperative" "Farmers' Aid", a cooperative  registered with limited liability.  "The purpose of the cooperative is to raise the economy and the employment of their members through care of a sense of saving, through the acceptance and interest on a savings investment, through guarantees on loans to their members, through the organization of the purchase of goods and the sale of products by members of the cooperative.  The chairman of the committee dealt with the business matters of the cooperative.  The board of directors supervised the business leaders and paid attention that the regulations of the statutes were complied with.  To support the chairman in his obligations a secretary is employed who for the right leadership has to bear the worries of the books and dealings with the written works.  By admission into the cooperative, each member has according to his ability, at least a business share worth 100 Dinar to draw and vouch for the 25th(fachen) amount of the drawn business share.  The cooperative was established on the 18th of February 1928 and Jakob Hoffmann was elected as chairman and held this position for a year.  From 1929-1932 A. Johann Ludmann was chairman and from 1932-1935 Kristian Gerber was appointed as chairman of the cooperative.

     In 1935 Jakob Juhn was elected to be chairman and he still holds this position today. 

Overview of the loan and savings deposits of the cooperative


     As is apparent from this report the economic crisis which is happening has also not spared our cooperative.  In the years 1931-1934 the condition of the issued loans was the greatest and on the other hand the savings deposits were the least.  But we could always maintain the solvency of the cooperative.

     The cooperative had 79 members at the end of the year 1935 with 127 shares.  There were 20,190.- Dinar in reserves.  The total turned over was 3,174,926.11 Dinar.  "Gebarungs" (cash) surplus was 1,333.07 Dinar.  The cooperative worked with very few benefits so they could offer a greater share to the members.

    One of the most important institutions of the cooperative is that of the Agricultural Central Loan Treasury in Novi Sad which introduced stocks.  The stocks are a saving system by which the saver is obligated to pay in 5 Dinar a week for the duration of 5 years into the cooperative.  After the end of this time he is entitled to 1,450 Dinar per stock.  Besides this the savings system is connected to a life insurance which the saver or his heirs receive the amount paid out, also if the owner of the stock dies before it is all collected.  The cooperative has accrued over 150,000.- Dinar with its first recorded stocks since 1933.  Money for the stocks were paid out.  Each German should really want to draw savings for it at his German cooperative at the "Farmers' Aid" stock.

     The cooperative can look back today on 8 years of beneficial work and we have hope that the cooperative will still thrive in the future for the good of its members.

  Balance sheet for the year 1935


     It is still mentioned that in Feketitsch the "Farmers' Association" has existed for a decade which also used to have numerous German members.  Several Germans still belong to it today.  Christian Welker Jr. was even chairman for a year and as such he held numerous lectures with themes taken from agriculture which were extremely instructive.  The colloquial language of the association is Hungarian.

    Today our German farmers are members of Farmers' Aid.

     A financial institution called the "Feketitsch Sparkassa" (Savings Bank) also existed which was liquidated after the war.


The home of the cooperative "Farmers' Aid" in Feketitsch which has had its seat in the home of David Tauß since 1929.


Source: The Germans of the Community of Feketitsch by Dr. Viktor Pratscher. Herausgegeben vom Festausschusz der Gedenkfeier.

[Published at 2004 by Jody McKim Pharr]