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Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors

Clubs, Associations, Recreation & Sports Affiliations

The Germans in Beschka were very happy to join clubs.  On the one hand their established association served to care for the German customs, especially the German songs and literature.  On the other hand the associations served as the fulfillment of the community’s problems, such as the Fireman’s Association.


Mercydorf Football Team 1935
@ Mercydorf Heimatbuch

Donauschwaben Cards in 18th &
  19th century Hungary
  For the details see Rick Heli's Page

The Wilhelm Tell deck
  Pictures of each card





Neue Donauschwäbische Blasmusik - Veilchenblaue Augen
(New Donauschwäbische brass band - Violet Blue Eyes)

Sackelhauser Musikanten: Banater Ländler 

Das Banat im Jahre 1971 (Driving Video)
Eine Reise durch das Banat mit dem Bayrischen Rundfunk. Ein sehr schöner Beitrag der zum Erinnern aber auch zum Kennenlernen des Banats geeignet ist.
(A journey through the Banat with the Bavarian Radio. A very nice contribution is to remember but also suitable for getting to know the Banat.)


The Associations & Clubs by Peter Lang

The Serbian-German Cultural Association by Peter Lang

The Village Group of the Swabian-German Cultural Association by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

Co-operatives & Associations & "Farmers Aid" by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

The Reading Club by Peter Lang

The Firemen's Association by Peter Lang

Volunteer Firemen by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

The Undertakers' Association by Peter Lang

Undertakers’ Association by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

Feketitsch Hunting Club by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

Sports Club by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

Church Associations by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

The Marksman (Rifle) Association

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