A Remembrance of the Past; Building for the Future." ~ Eve Eckert Koehler

Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors

Sports Club

by Dr. Viktor Pratscher
Translated by Brad Schwebler

     After the World War ended a group of enthusiastic young men also came together in Feketitsch for sports, mainly to practice the football game (soccer).  Competitions were organized with players of neighboring villages.  The market place served as the playing field.  In the year 1928 the place for the playing field for the already established Sports Club was placed at the disposal of the Community Committee.  The land was found below the old Evangelical cemetery and had to be prepared first.  As the hill was dug out and the swampy land was drained, regular exercise could be begun on the appropriate and beautiful laying playing field.

image - The players of the Feketitsch Sports Club

     The club took the name "Feketitsch Sports Club" (F.S.C.) and entered as a member in the association of the Subotica Football Club.  In a few years it could win first place in the second class and climbed up to first class in 1932.  The material and technical demands of this class still had not grown with this club so after two years of competition in the first class they had to be left out.  Our local relationship consisted of the team and the leadership which was not German alone, but they were predominant.

     German foremen of the club were: Christian Welker Jr., mill owner; Jakob Dietrich Jr., salesman; Jakob Schwebler, lumber dealer; Peter Frieß, salesman.  The enthusiastic sportsmen worked as tutors (trainers): Jakob Zuschlag and Jakob Göttel, building contractor, which through some sacrifice the club was brought up (in die Höhe).

     Besides football (soccer), the other branches of sports were used only in small amounts. - At this time the establishment of a new club is being tackled.

     At times there were also bowling and table tennis (ping pong) clubs but they did not last.

[Published at 2004 by Jody McKim Pharr]