A Remembrance of the Past; Building for the Future." ~ Eve Eckert Koehler

Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors

LANG, Peter: (Syrmia) - Ortsmonographie der Gemeinde Beschka in Jugoslawien aus der Sicht der ehemaligen Donauschwaben 1860-1944 (Heimatbuch), Leuchter-Verlag, Erzhausen, 1971. English translation by Brad Schwebler: Monograph of the local community Beschka in Yugoslavia from the perspective of the former Danube Swabians from 1860 to 1944.

The Reading Club

Translated by Brad Schwebler

   The German’s need to read in Beschka was so strong that a reading club had to be established in 1926.  Stefan Hoffmann (vgl. Reg. No. 837) especially served to establish it.  He was therefore elected to be an honorary member in 1931, although at the time he was already an Argentinean.  The first foreman was Jakob Bubenheimer (vgl. Reg. No. 258).  The second foreman was Rev. Karl Peter.  Karl Kniesel (vgl. Reg. No. 1029) followed him.  After that there was Dr. Reich (vgl. Reg. No. 1532) and finally Dr. Renner Obmähner.  Because of the bylaws of the Reading Club they had difficulties with the authorities who tried to make it possible for the Serbs to be members in the Reading Club also.  Rev. Zivanovic especially wanted to have membership for himself and other Serbs.  But we resisted against it because we feared a strong Serbian influence.  At the extraordinary main assembly of the Reading Club Rev. Christian Jung especially sat passionately and successfully argued not to let the Serbs in.  Rev. Zivanovic was very “sour” with me over the rejection of his proposal.  The meeting of the Reading Club was never approved by the authorities.  The difficulties made by the authorities was so strong in 1932 that I had to resign as secretary.  But the difficulties were resolved in 1939 when the Reading Club was included in the Swabian-German Cultural Association.  

   The Reading Club had about 60 members.  They had to pay a 60 Dinar yearly contribution.  There was a stock of over 1000 books available.  Also valuable richly illustrated German pages were kept.  The reading material at their disposal was eagerly read.

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