A Remembrance of the Past; Building for the Future." ~ Eve Eckert Koehler

Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors

Ortsmonographie der Gemeinde Beschka in Jugoslawien aus der Sicht der ehemaligen Donauschwaben 1860-1944.

LANG, Peter: (Syrmia) Beschka Heimatbuch. Leuchter-Verlag, Erzhausen, 1971. FHL microfiches #6001545.
translation by Brad Schwebler:
Monograph of Beschka in Jugoslavia through the eyes of its former Danube Swabians 1860-1944.

Table of Contents

Foreword 6
Geography of Our Homeland Community of Beschka 11
The Prehistory of the Region Around Beschka 14
The So-called Settlement Patent 16
The Recruitment of Colonists in Germany 18
Furnishings of the Families Settlement Patent 19
The Encouragements for the Community on the Strength of the Settlement Patent  19
The Kameral Settlement Construction Office 20
Cost of Building a Settlers House 21
Josef's settlements in the Batschka and Syrmia 22
Rev. Weber, a Forerunner for the Protestant Daughter Communities in Croatia 24
The History of Beschka, Before the German Settlers Came & The Immigrant list of the First Germans in Beschka  25
Beschka and Krtschedin Form an Evangelical Parent Community 29
From the Monograph of the Batsch-Syrmian Seniorats of Bierbrunner 31
Josef Pindor About Beschka, Essegg, 1902 - The Evangelical Church Croatians, Slovenians in Past and Present - Excerpts Reviewed by Peter Lang 33
The Evangelical Church & School in Beschka After 1900 36
Teacher and Pastor in Beschka (also under schools) 38
The Course of Life of Reverend Karl Peter 40
The Reformed Church Community of Beschka 41
An Expense Account of the Reformed 43
The History of the Whitsun Community 48
The Nazarenes 51
The Catholics in Beschka 52
The Serbian-Pravoslavic Church in Beschka from 1860-1968 53
The Schools 54
The Course of Life of the Author of This Book 56
Teacher Friedrich Kühbauch & The German Public School 56
The School Rooms 58
The Business and Trade School ~Furnishing the School with Teaching Agents 59
The Local School Council ~The Continuing Education Schools ~The Grammar School ~ The Trade Academy 62
The Teachers' Education 64
The Administration 65
The Military Boundary 65
The Community Administration 68
The Associations / Clubs 69
The Firemen's Association 70
The Undertakers' Association 71
The Reading Club 72
The Serbian-German Cultural Association 72
The Cooperatives: The Social Insurance & The Living Conditions 74
Care of accommodations 76
Health Matters 76
Care of Accommodations 79
Care of Bodies 79
Traffic Matters 80
All Kinds of Things 83

The Economy 

Agriculture From 1784 of Mother Communities in the Batschka 88
The Farming Economy in Beschka in 1860 88
The Wine Growing (vineyards) 92
Fruit and Arable Crops 92
Livestock Keeping 94
The Day Worker 96
The Crafts 97
Industry 98
Currencies from 1784 to 1945 99
Measurements ~ Weight standards 102
The Prices up to 1820 103
The Social Product in the Year 1798 104
Tax Burden in the Year 1798 105
Possibilities & Difficulties for the Free Choice of Career - From the time of Emperor Josef II until the people fled 106
Living Together with Other Nationalities in Beschka 108
Living Together with the Different Denominations 109

Traditions and Customs - Yearly Conditional Customs

Traditions and Customs Independent of the Time of Year 111
At Funerals 112
At Weddings 112
The Cultural Life 114
Poems by Andreas Thuro, Sr. 119
The Dialect 120
Foreign Words 124
A Sample in our Dialect 128
War and Uncertain Times 131
World War II 133
The Flight  by Andreas Thuro, Sr 136
Escape (poem)  by Andreas Thuro, Sr 139
How Has Beschka Developed Itself After the War 140
The Integration in the New Homeland 140
The Extermination Camp 143
List of the War Victims of the Beschka People in World War II 145
The Frequently Named Village Names in Yugoslavia 150
The Register of Births, Deaths, and Marriages   151
Differences 153
Instructions For Using the Register 154
Register of Births, Deaths, and Marriages    
List for the Completion of the Register  
Illustrated Table    
Map of Village of Beschka  

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