A Remembrance of the Past; Building for the Future." ~ Eve Eckert Koehler

Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors

Church Fathers and Presbyters

by Dr. Viktor Pratscher
Translated by Brad Schwebler

   We saw that already in 1850 the Reformed Germans elected their own church fathers and chairmen.  How that happened we do not know.  The records since 1850-51 were always signed by three chairmen besides the church father.  As hinted by the minutes until 1860 the elders were chosen by the pastor with an understanding with the most respected community members.  But since 1861 the church fathers and elders were always chosen by the community assembly.

The church fathers of the community were:

1850 Karl Benz
1883 Jakob Schmidt
1852 Philipp Dinges
1884 Heinrich Dinges
1853 Nikolaus Orth
1889 Karl Gutwein
1855 Jakob Schwebler
1892 Johann Brauchler
1858 Johann Weißmann
1894 Leopold Hauser
1859 Adam Schwebler
1896 Philipp Schwebler
1860 Jakob Schmoll
1897 Philipp Brauchler
1861 Philipp Orth
1898 Friedrich Hartmann
1862 Jakob Zuschlag
1900 Heinrich Brauchler
1863 Theobald Hauser
1901 Adam Schwebler
1864 Martin Bolz
1902 Jakob Zuschlag
1866 Peter Krebs
1907 Heinrich Brauchler
1867 Theobald Hauser
1913 Johann Weißmann
1868 Wilhelm Bellmann
1916 Jakob Gutwein
1870 Karl Gutwein
1919 Karl Eng
1871 Jakob Hunstein
1922 Johann Huber
1873 Franz Hartmann
1928 Jakob Hoffmann
1876 Jakob Pfaff
1931 Jakob Johann Huber
1877 Jakob Klepp
1934 Friedrich Röhrich
1879 Jakob Hoffmann

   The following were chosen to be elders: In 1855: Jakob Schwebler Sr., Philipp Blath, Nikolaus Orth, Gottfried Gutwein, Johann Weißmann, and Philipp Dinges.  In 1861: Johann Brauchler, Heinrich Scholl, Adam Schwebler, Philipp Orth, Jakob Zuschlag, Theobald Hauser.  The present day elders were elected partly in 1934, those still in office since 1934 included  the following members: Heinrich Scheuermann, Heinrich Hunstein, Andreas Rieß, Friedrich Hartmann, Philipp Weißmann, Peter Bohr, David Kern Sr., Philipp Blum-K., Nikolaus Schmidt, Jakob Göttel-Sch., Philipp Bohr-R., Johann Schwebler; since then Heinrich Weißmann-G. has replaced H. Scheuermann, Philipp Hauser has replaced H. Hunstein, and Johann Schade Jr.  replaced P. Bohrs.  In 1936 Ph. Blum-K. died and Ph. Hauser-E. went to Germany.

   Because of the shortage of room unfortunately the list of names of all the elders cannot be given nor can all their works be written about.

[Published at 2004 by Jody McKim Pharr]


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