A Remembrance of the Past; Building for the Future." ~ Eve Eckert Koehler

Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors

Eve Eckert Koehler
Historian, Author & Daughter of the Danube
Keeping the Danube Swabian legacy alive!

Eve E. Koehler was born in Tolna County, Hungary, emigrating to Canada with her parents in 1927, presently residing with her husband and family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is a member of the civil service staff of the School of Social Welfare, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. When her children asked "What are we? German, Hungarian, Yugoslavian, or what?" she attempted an answer which

resulted in this monograph.  "And, of course," she explains "it became a Labor of Love." The Danube Swabian Alliance of the U.S.A. and Canada chose it as a Bicentennial Project and it was published under their auspices. It is a valuable contribution to the field of literature on ethnicity, the first narrative-history of the Danube Swabians in the English language. The unorthodox structure of Susannah

 V's manuscript is deliberate, to convey the lyrical, melodic speech of the Swabians.  Mrs. Koehler hopes the book will inspire others to do more research on the history of this little known ethnic group, especially as related to the tragic aftermath of WWII with mass expulsions, deportations and liquidation of thousands of Ausland Germans. 

Many thanks for your kind remarks about my book.  You are among the very few of 100s of readers who understand the pulse of the narrative.  Your appreciative comments mean a lot.  I purposely wrote it to evoke interest and emotion so that the survivors and eyewitnesses would write their own stories.  Many did and I am gratified.

We are calling you the Margaret Mitchell of the Donauschwaben since you are an Atlanta girl, and as I said in one of my letters by post:  I pass the torch to you and other youngsters very busy with their valuable internet sites.  Hallelujah, perhaps I lit the candle after all.

Kindest regards to you and yours, EvaEK

Literary Works






By Eve Eckert Koehler, Published in 1976 by the Danube Swabian Societies of the U.S.A. and Canada to commemorate America's Bicentennial.

Bicentennial (1st printing February 1976, 2nd printing June 1977, Cedarburg, WI). Printed by Schmidt Bros. Printing Co., Inc., Milwaukee, WI.  85 Pages, soft cover. B&W photos, other illustrations, music scores, bibliography, map printed inside covers.  Library of Congress Catalog Number: 76-358978.

Cover was created by Adam Koehler, Sr.




Our Lost Children: Janissaries?
Mass kidnapping by Communists of 20,000 children of ethnic Germans from Banat.

Translated from German by John Adam Koehler and Eve Eckert Koehler
Originally published title: Janitscharen? Die Kinder Tragödie im Banat by Karl Springenschmid, published by Schutzverein Osterr. Landsmannschaft (Wien), 1978

Translation published by Eckartschriften, Vienna, Austria, from German by John Adam Koehler and Eve Eckert Koehler under the title 'Our Lost Children: Janissaries?' (87 p.). The English edition was published in 1980 by the Danube Swabian Association of the U.S.A., Inc. Copies may be available from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (where Ms. Koehler worked), through antiquarian sources, or via Inter Library Loan; or with luck, doing an internet search.

The Fate of the Children, is Illustrated by Three Case Histories:
This story is one of three actual accounts written in the book Janitscharen?: Die Kinder Tragödie im Banat by Karl Springenschmid (1979). Translated to English: "Our lost children: Janissaries" by Eve E. Koehler and John A Koehler, 1980); who has generously given permission to Jody McKim Pharr to transcribed and published her translation.  See: Katharina Lettang Searches for Susanne

Adam & Eve

On the front page of the local section THE WINDSOR DAILY STAR in 1944 . . .

The caption said: ADAM AND EVE IN THE NAVY and gave our name and address underneath stating we were on leave with our parents Adam and Susannah Eckert.

Needless to say, my mother took it with her everywhere to show people how assimilated the young Germanic people were, and how patriotic. - Eve


Three Generations: Eve, Susannah & Susan

At the September 1980 International Convention Danube Swabian Societies . . . Susannah VII, Eve's daughter, sang the U.S. and Canadian National Anthems to the 3,000 assembled on the parade ground. It was her happiest day to hear the applause and be greeted with hugs and kisses.

Pictured here . . . Eve Eckert Koehler,  my mom Susannah Eckert - who is Susannah 5th in my book --- and there is my dear departed daughter, Susannah VII (Susan Eve Koehler-Steiner). She died in October 2008 and her father died one week later. - Eve

Interview with Linda Steiner, Milwaukee Journal, 1981

More from Eve Eckert Koehler & her son John A. Koehler:

Treaty of Peace Between The Allied & Associated Powers & Hungary & Protocol & Declaration, Signed at Trianon June 4, 1920). We now have as part of our collection a wonderful map of the German Settlement Areas in Historical Hungary, and how the territory was split up after the Treaty, with special permission to republished this map by creator John Koehler, Sr., Eve's son.

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