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Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors

The Collected Works of Alex Leeb
Major Contributor, Translator, Editor, & Mentor
Keeping the Danube Swabian legacy alive!

Published Works by Alex Leeb

Remember Where You Came From by Alex Leeb

The Fate of the Donauschwaben 'January 14, 1945'

Memories of September & October 1944

Donauschwaben & the Baragan-Steppe, including Extracts & Captions Translations

Life of a Schwob

A Typical Swabian Kitchen

Obsternte (fruit harvest)

Paprika in Banat

January-6th 'Three King's Day' Kasper, Melcher, Balthazar

New Year's Wishes  (Translated Dialects)

Three beautiful pieces made by Teresa Leeb Contributed

Postcards from the Past

Alex Leeb's pages

Donauschwaben in Banat Before - 1945

Donauschwaben in Banat After - 1945

Churches of the Banat Villages with German Inhabitants (Village Name | Final Branch of | FHC | key on map)

Banat Map (Villages under 500 inhabitants not shown)

Literary Translations

Baragan Deportation Data

Letters from the Homeland Translation Assistance Project

Last of the German Village Knees by Anton Zollner

Landsmannschaft Banater Schwaben e.V. Heimattag, Ulm Itinerary Typical Reunion Itinerary

Temeswar Heimattag 1 & 2, May 2009

Fabrikstadt Postcards Translation

Lenauheim Heimatbuch Photos Captions

Industrial concerns in 1940 in Billed 


Banater Schwaben Map of Origins to Temeschburg

Churches of the Banat

Symbols & Abbreviations [used in church records]

Common Latin in your daily genealogical research

Genealogical Codicil to My Last Will & Testament

Image provided by Alex Leeb. It turned out, this original colored poster of 1899 taken in the USA of "Schilzonyi and his famous Hungarian boys military band from Banat. & Goes with this story.

Persons who died during WW-I & II Data from section XII. Mercydorf 1734-1934 by Peter Schiff Chart translated

Banat Villages

KNEES VILLAGE NEWS - 21 Jan 2010 [see word.doc]

Baratzhausen, Its Beginnings

Alex Leeb interview with Eva-Maria Capdebo, "The Capdebo de Baraczhaza family of Banat" 2008)

Village of Baratzhausen Photos & Captions

All photos on this page are from the HOG-Keglewichhausen were donated by Alex Leeb.

A Small History To Remember by Andrea Ballreich, submission coordinated by Alex Leeb

Immigration & Travel

Remember Where You Came From by Alex Leeb

Too Young for Slave Camps, Boys Escape (news article about Alex and his brother)

Tribute to Teresia Leeb

Trip to Banat, 1999 Temeswar, St. Andreas, Mercydorf, Kalatscha, Hodon, Billed & Knees

Biography & Obituary Translations

Martin Roos, who became a Bishop in Temeschwar

Donauschwaben Banat Biographies: Lippet, Johann [DVHH]

DVHH Administrative Positions & Volunteer Roles

DVHH Board of Directors 2007-2008

DVHH Mail List Administrator 2006-2008

DVHH Mail List Tags 2008-2012

DVHH Public Relations 2003-Present

Regional Coordinator: Banat 2006-Present

Research Assistant & Mentor 2003-Present

Coordinator and Lookups Guide for Banat Villages: Baratzhausen, Billed, Hodon, Ketfel, Knees 2004-Present

Content Contributor: Alexander Leeb Biography

Coordinator: Homeland Letter Transcription 2005-2007

Receipe Contributor: Cooking Donauschwaben Style!

Movers & Shakers Interview

Content Contributor: Alexander Leeb Biography

Interview with Alex Leeb Movers & Shakers

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