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Acker, Denise Koch


A traditional Donauschwaben Christmas tree taken in Hatzfeld/Jimbolia, in 1960. The child is my second cousin.  This photo was my grandmother's. The handwriting on the back is that of my grandmother's nephew, Hans Stuprich. Image at: Heritage Homepage

Adami-Doyle, Peggy


My Grandmother, Maria Denuel, seated with her older Sister Anna, about 1910 in GroßKomlosch, Romania. Daughters of Peter Denuel, a carpenter and town undertaker (he had the tools to make the coffins). Both Anna and Maria ended up in Chicago, as far as I know, the only ones in the immediate family who came to the US. ~ Peggy Adam-Doyle. See Image at: Tracht

Adams, George


Hungary & Transylvania; with Croatia & Sclavonia & Moldavia & Valakia 1774

Amundsen, Katie


This picture taken around 1935, in Liebling, Banat, Romania shows my mother's best friends in Tracht. They are on their way to the Sunday evening dance. I love their happiness, confidence, and innocence. Just a few years later, their lives were torn apart. Image at Tracht.

Ballreich, Andrea


Memoir: A Small History To Remember

Banzhaf, Gerhard (Gary)


Professor Oskar Sommerfeld 1885-1983 (Syrmia)

Bauer, Dennis


Bermel, Robert

The Basket, Broom & Brush Maker

Bohn, Franz

Schwabenlager Groedig - Austria

Boyles, Jerry


See: Collected Works

Brettrager, George


The Banater Schwaben Memorial - Mannheim, DE 

Bruns, Sandra


Occupations: Barber Shop Photos  | Occupations: Butcher Shop  | Occupations: Cake Shop  |  Observances: February - Fasching  | Tracht  |  Churches in Banat: First communion photo  | Economy Homepage

Bugaisky, Gabi


Translation: Florimund Claudius Graf Mercy  |  Translation: The Colonization of the Banat 

Chrisbacher, Ernest

Danube Swabians of Veszprém County - Synopsis  | Visit to Hungary & Austria By Ernest Chrisbacher, 1998

Connor, Martha Remer

Hungarian Property Tax 1828 Land Census Germans & Hungarians  |  Movers & Shakers Interview

Dama, Hans


See: Collected Works of Hans Dama

Denton, Joan Cameron


Heritage: Embroidered pictures typically hung in kitchens (Ruskodorf) 

Dreer, Anne


Heritage: Busy Donauschwaben Women  |  My Childhood Experiences as a Displaced Person

Drew, Dan


Occupations: The Cooper

Deutch, Ute Ritz


Lecture: Victimhood and Memory: Danube Swabians and the Ethnic Cleansing Campaigns in Yugoslavia, 1944-1948

Engel, Roy

2012 DVHH Treffen Kitchener Report

Esterreicher, Joseph


Slavonia Surname Research

Feimer, Christine Whatley


This photo was un a bag of old postcards. Written in Old German, on the back were the names of the people in the photo. This is my best guess as to the translation. Right front - Baumhoff young Hans Prokle, Aunt Baumhoff behind my second mother(?), Frau Christine, next to her stands my father Johan Prokle. Image at Observances / January

Fischer, Henry

See: Collected Works of Henry Fischer

Fingerhut, Udo


Banat Village Map  | Map: Banat Villages

Flotz, Katherine

Leidensweg, Batshcka

Franks, Bev  

Gardiner, Duncan B.


German Settlements in Eastern Europe  |  A Visit to Nitzkydorf, Banat  | Short History of the Nitschkydorf Church, Banat

Gegenbauer, Dragan


Two Donauschwaben Sisters or “How we understand each other”(Syrmia)

Gehl, Hans

See: Collected Works of Hans Gehl

Gellert, Albert   Village Web Content Ueberland Mercydorf & Zsadany

Goschy, Joe


Village Life Homepage Image: House with family name on it.

Gretz, Ron

Schlafkreuzerrechnungen Information

Gross, Suzanne


Photograph Contributor, 2007 Tag der Donauschwaben USA & Kanada in Mansfield, OH

Habenicht, Herbert


Restoration of Maria Radna Basilica
Collection of Votive Pictures - Maria Radna

Haas, Peter

Torschau, Banat 2003-Present  |  Webmaster: Bulkes 2003-Present

Halas, Diane


Homeland Travel: Orzydorf 2001 Diane Halas & Cousin George

Hansen, Patti


Deaths & Funerals

Helbrecht, Jean & Harry


See Image at Village Life

Hilderson, Barbara


Donauschwäbischer Kalenders

Hoenisch, Paul


A Gakowa Survival Story

Huber, Ingrid (Ritter)


Baetschkele Patterned Slippers

Hughes, Rose Mary Keller

Coordinator: Cooking Donauschwaben Style!  | Footprints On Our Hearts  |  Laying to Rest in Semlak

Hutflus, Joseph


Threshing in Kruschevlje-Kruschiwl Yugoslavia with Bauer (Farmer ) Matthias Hutflus and his workers. Image at Threshing.  |  The Schoolhouse in Krusevlje-Kruschiwl Yugoslavia, circa 1934 with teacher Hans Mengel. Image at Schools & Education.

Ibrahimovic, Vesna


Local Contact for DVHH Travelers to Serbia

Jenkin, Elizabeth Goetz


My great grandfather (Franz Strk) funeral procession, 1953, Outside their house — at Kovin, Banat. My great grandmother is at back all in black to the left. See Image at Funerals.  |  My Great grandfather (seated) Franja (Franz) Strk at work in his office. He was like a clerk of the court, not a judge though. See Image at Occupations Index / Clerk of Court

Jobba, Rudolph 'Rudy'


Memoir: Oh Where, Oh Where, Have Lifes Directions Taken Me -The Story of the Jobba Family (Passed away peacefully Sep 1, 2013 in his 90th year. 

Jungheim Barber, Dolores


Genealogical Aids: Uncle Willy was Hieronymus -Or, Creating a Name Authority File for Family History Research

Kiely, Helga


Article: Maria Ruck, born in Ridjica, Ukraine labor camp survivor

Koehler, Eve Eckert


See Collected Works of Eve Eckert Koehler

Koehler, John


Map: Treaty of Trianon Map

Kopp, Hans

See: Collected Works of Hans Kopp

Kopp-Krumes, Magdalena


Historical Settlement Areas of the Danube Swabians including Villages

Krecu, Todor


Banat Map

Kührt, Alf


Sanktanna Village History & Data

Lambing, Diana

See: Collected Works of Diana Lambing

Leeb, Alex

See: Collected Works of Alex Leeb

Leeson, Roseanne


Romanian Occupation - English Translations

Leto, Tina


2007 Treffen Art Production

Martini, Adam

See: Collected Works of Adam & Hans Martini

Martini, Eva


Beautifully embellished the DVHH Crest Banner displayed at the DVHH Booth

Martini, Hans

See: Collected Works of Adam & Hans Martini

McKenna, Linda

Locale Coordinator

Matkovich, Fran

Creation of the Deutsch Zerne Village Web Site "It All Began With Sharing"

Mettler Ward, Kathy


2007 Event Photos

Michnay, Dan


The Banater Hall Company, Cleveland, OH - Certificate for Capital Stock

Miller, Michael

Occupations: The Braumeister (Master Brewer) Weifert Brewery, Pancevo

Mingesz, Don


Heritage: DS Hair Styles  |  The Breeding of Silk Worms (Moritzfeld)

Moore, Jane E.


DVHH Membership Web Publisher 2007-2013

Moore, Maria


Heritage Occupations Info

Mueller, John F.


Genocide, Horror & Survival "1944-1948" Banat

Moore, Jane E.


DVHH Membership Web Publisher 2007-2013

Nagy, Jenő


Image: Magda Kelemen, my grandmother. Daughter of Mihály Kelemen and Elisabetha Schwarz Picture taken in Kudritz (Gudurica) in 1921. Image at Tracht

Norton, Marlene Metzner‎


Miklos/Nicholas and Victoria Toth, my great grandparents in Palanka (seated left front). Nicholas was a shepherd, and according to one of his daughters who came to America, he also was called on to be the local veterinarian.  Victoria Toth, their daughter, seated behind the table.The other people are unknown. Image at Village Life.

Nunez, Sarah


Research: Batschka families (esp. from Hodschag and Miletitsch) online database

Paun, Daniela


Image: 1933 Oravita (Caras- Severin) Romania Kirchweih. Observances / Kirchweih

Peterson. Dave & Judith


Weißkirchner Gesellschafts Club (Brochure) 22 Feb 1919, St. Louis, MO

Philipp, Günther 


Banat Map 2011

Rau, Jeff

Membership Web Publisher 2013->

Reiser, John


Banat Maps Landesverband der Donauschwaben, USA & Kanada 2007

Rohr, Robert (Deceased)


Renown Danube Swabian Music Historian, Composer &  Author, b. 1922, Werschetz, Banat, d. 2008, München, DE

Sander, Susan

Writing a Successful Posting

Research: Writing a Successful Posting

Schaeffer, Barbara Anne Teves


Deronje card players. The handsome gentleman second from right at the table is Johann Reiter my grandfather. See image at: Village Life  |  Schaeffer Dental Office in Karavukovo. See Image under Dentist at: Occupations  | Theresa Schaeffer Gartenmayer, born in Deronje, Yugoslavia lived in Karavokwo and survived Gakvo.  See Image at Tracht  |  My in-laws wedding, Deronje 1928. Sophie Reiter Schaeffer and Anton Schaeffer. See image at: Weddings  |  Metzer Anton Schaffer with daughter Resi and son Hansi Karavokvo. See image at: Village Life  | Gyor, Hungary pictures the Schaeffer family on their way to Germany after their escape from Gakovo. Thank The Lord they all made it out alive. They settled in Germany before coming to the states in the 50's. Image at The Great Swabian Trek / Post World War II  |  After the Schaeffer family escaped from Gakovo and arrived in Germany, my husband, Franz, rode his bicycle (not the one in this picture) all over southern Germany locating, visiting and collecting pictures of families from daheim. He has them in a large album. At one time he was affiliated with the DS Club in Trenton, NJ. See Image at Children at Play & Chores  |  Franz Schaeffer, Karavokovo, Yugoslavia, was taken from farmer to farmer to work and Tito got his paycheck, just before he was taken to the slave labor camp. His mother and siblings were in Gakovo. Image at The Great Swabian Trek / Post World War II.

Schaeffer, Stephen


Image: My mother, about 16 years old, which would be 1929. She was from Batch, about 14 miles (23 km) from Karawukovo. Talk about a colorful Tracht!

Schiwal, Jim


"Page Headings" translated to English; Hungarian Baptism - Marriage - Death Records

Hungarian-English Research Terms & Phrases

Schleis, Paula


Heritage: Batschka: Roots Remain Along Danube  |  Death & Funerals

Schlesinger, John


Ship Data 2003-Present

Schmidt, Frank


Memoir: Recollections of a Danube Swabian Christmas in the "Old Country"

Schneider, Ewald


The Sound of Swabian & The Wenker Sentences  |  Syrmia Content

Schwebler, Brad

See: Collected Works of Brad Schwebler

Schummer, Erica


My father Josef Georg Schummer and his father Georg Schummer on at street in Batschka Palanka in early 1939. If anyone has any ideas of what street this is I would love to know to complete the picture. Image at Village Life

Serra, Rosa


Kerneier Treffen in Stuttgart 1956. Image at The Great Swabian Trek / Post World War II

Sleep, Helene


Heritage Homepage Photo  &  Tracht Clothing Photos

Smoot, Fred


Alte Deutsche Handschrift ~ Old German Handwriting

Soderquist, Gerti


The Beginning of the Following Sorrowful Story, Sunday, January 21, 1945 by John Knodel, Lehigh Acres, FL, 1979. 39 pgs translated by Gerti Soderquist.

Spande, Alice


Research: Understanding Danube Swabian Research & Discoveries; 

Stemper, Lucia


Translation: The Colonization of the Banat  |  Translation: Florimund Claudius Graf Mercy  | Translation:  Orzydorf Headstone Transcriptions

Thomas, Susan


Mercydorf Births

Tissl Turkalak, Ann


Survivor Story: Anni Tissl Turkalak. Died at age 92 Mar. 31, 1923 - Apr. 16, 2015, Member of St. Sylvester Catholic Church

Tomkins, Rita


2013 Event Report: Tag der Donauschwaben USA & Kanada - Detroit, MI

Topolcsanyi, George (Gyuri)


Topolcsanyi: Hungarian Given Names

Tullius, Nick

See: Collected Works of Nick Tullius

Vetter, Rose

See: Collected Works of Rose Vetter

Wilson, Barbara


150 bestbewährte Backrezepte

Wirth, Prunella Skye


Christmas in the barracks at Haid. This is my Dad Stefan Wirth (L), Onkel Toni & Tante Helene, circa 1947/48. The tree was decorated in boiled lollies wrapped in paper they had made with my Oma. The toys came from caritas. See Image at Observances

Zink, Robert


Research: Donauschwaben Dictionary (Tscherwenka Homeland Book)

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