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Beverley "Bev" Franks
Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada





Both my maternal grandparents were Germans who lived in the Banat, Batschka and Syrmia.  My grandfather Ben Hornung was born in Setschanfeld in 1886.  His paternal ancestors were originally from Binsfeld, Bernkastel-Wittlich, Rheinland-Pfalz and arrived in Setschanfeld via Hatzfeld, Lazarfeld, and Ernsthausen.  The origins of his maternal ancestors, the Jungs, is a mystery still but they too lived in all those places over time. 

My grandmother Margaret Barbara Hornung was born in Franztal in 1899.  Her father Lorenz’s ancestors came from Hörden and Rotenfels, Rastatt, Baden-Württemberg, and then removed to Parabuty, Bács-Bodrog, before relocating to Franztal.  My grandmother’s mother Teresa Putz’s ancestors came from Plittersdorf, Rastatt, before moving to Franztal. 

My great grandparents on both sides made the fortunate decision to move to Canada before WWI and so didn’t suffer the fate of so many family members and friends in WWII.

I was born and raised in Saskatchewan, where both my maternal grandparents homesteaded.  I earned a degree in Computer Science, in the way back, and have worked in the field in Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Washington State, California and several other locations.  Since retiring, I spend my time on beautiful Salt Spring Island.  Gardening and stained glass fill in the times when I am not doing genealogy.

I have been doing genealogy since the first DOS version of Family Tree Maker.  What got me interested was the mystery of where my paternal grandfather was born (not a Donauschwaben).  My Mom got me interested in the Donauschwaben side.  Fortunately, she spent time interviewing her parents and aunts and uncles and so she started me off with a solid base of information.  Time and the availability of records have added to what we think is a pretty robust history of our families.  Many have helped and DVHH and its members have provided so much information over the years, as has “Verein der Franztaler Ortsgemeinschaft” where I have recently found a cousin who is a font of knowledge.

I was dragooned onto the DVHH Board by Jody and hope to do it justice.

~Bev Franks, 2020 (which thankfully is almost over)
[Published at 30 Jun 2021 by Jody McKim Pharr]


Last updated: 19 Jul 2021