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DVHH.org appreciates contributions to our website. Our comprehensive content is a very unique and eclectic collection of Danube Swabian resources focused on their ancestral roots, history, environs, culture and lifestyles - it's all here, its all free.  Come and enjoy!

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DVHH.org prides itself on providing excellent, entertaining, informative and unique articles about the Donauschwaben experiences.  We are fully staffed with editors who will help you to present your story in an accurate, well-written and detailed publication, that will speak to our curious audience. 

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Material that has already been published elsewhere or is protected by existing copyright shall be submitted for publication on any DVHH website only if the submitter indicates the source of the material: the title of the book it came from, the name of the author, the name of the publisher, the year and place of publication, to the extent that these are known.  It is DVHH policy that any written or graphic material that was copyrighted by another individual or organization will be published on the DVHH website only if it is supported by a proper authorization to republish obtained from the owner of the copyright. For any material taken from old or out-of-print books, the submitter is requested to attempt to contact the author or publisher and obtain an authorization to republish. If the attempt is unsuccessful, the submitter must provide evidence of the attempt to contact. This is necessary to comply with international copyright laws and maintain DVHH in good standing within the internet communication community.

Submit all contributions [stories, articles or images] for publication, following the above outlined procedure to Joseph 'Joe' Matye; as well as any questions, comments and concerns regarding the DVHH Policy Statement.

UNIFORM TERMINOLOGY: For the sake of consistency, the terms Donauschwaben or Danube Swabian will be used throughout the DVHH web site, publications and associated media outlets. More info  

DVHH Editorial, 5 Dec 2005, Updated 10 May 2007
- Nick Tullius, Sr. Editor
, Published at DVHH.org by Jody McKim Pharr.



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