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Batschka Village List
Village List researched, compiled and published 2008 at by Jody McKim.


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Last updated: 28 Feb 2019


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Abthausen (German) see: Apatin

Ada (Hungarian)
, Serbia (Official)

A town and municipality in Serbia. It is situated near the river Tisa in Vojvodina province. Although the town is geographically located in Bačka, it is part of the North Banat District.

Altbetsche (German)
Óbecse / Obecse (Hungarian)
Stari Becej (Other)
Becej, Serbia (Official)


Altker (German)
Alt-Keer (German)
Ó-Kér / Ókér / Okér (Hungarian)
Nagy-Kér (Hungarian)
Stari Ker / Ker (Older Serbian variant)
Bačka Dobra
(Older Serbian variant)
Pasicevo, Serbia (Older Serbian variant)
Zmajevo, Serbia (Official)

Situated in the Vrbas municipality, in the South Bačka District, Vojvodina province.

Monument in Altker, photo taken by Andrea Ballreich
Auf Diesem Plac war von 1827. Bis 1944. Jahre Friedhop der Deutschen Evangelischen A.B. Kirchengemeinde in Zmajevo.
I took these photos in September 2005. They show the entrance of the former German cemetery in Altker (today Zmajevo) in the Batschka. The text is: At this place was the German Evangelical cemetery from 1827 until 1944.

I don't know exactly when it was erected but it is the most dignified German cemetery in the Batschka I have ever seen. It is situated in a nature reserved area and a man watches everyone who visits the place. When we were there he asked us where we were from. And when I said that some of my ancestors are in that cemetery he got tears in the eyes and showed us all around.

Alt-Morawitza (German)
Bácskossuthfalva / Bacskossuthfalva (Hungarian)
Stara Moravica, Serbia (Official)

Alt-Palanka (German)
Ópalánka / Opalanka (Hungarian)
Stara Palanka, Serbia (Official)

Alt-Schowe, Altschowe (German)
SEE: Schowe (German)


Alt-Siwatz (German)
Ószivácz / Oszivacz (Hungarian)
Siewatz (Other)
Siwatz (Other)
Sovacz (Other)
Szivácz / Szivacz (Other)
Stari Sivac, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Daniela M. O'Connor - Ortsippenbuch Siwatz 1786-1944 by Hans Kunz

Bär . Dinges . Reuter . Vollweiter - "Siwatz ein donauschwäbisches Dorf in
der Batschka
" -


Apatin, Serbia (Official)
Upathin (Other)
Apathin (Other)
Nagyárki / Nagyark, Hungary (Hungarian)
Apáti / Apati (Other)

DVHH Apatin Coordinators: Beth Tolfree & Boris Masic (Correspond with Boris in German only please).

DVHH Village Site:

Apatin books by Josef P. Schwend - DVHH Lookups Guide: Beth Tolfree
     Apatin Familienbuch 1700-1945
      Apatin Taufregister (all births), includes Heiratsregister (marriages 1751-1825)
     Apatin Sterberegister (deaths from 1750-1988)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Beth Tolfree - Schwend's CD-Rom with chronological listings of marriages (1751-1950) and births from 1750-1842 and 1895-1945. (It helps if the person has a time period within which I can begin to look.)

Familienbuch Apatin 1750-1825 by Jakob Schuy

Familienbuch Apatin in der Batschka 1750-1825. Jakob Schuy, AKdFF, Kaiserlautern, Germany. 2006. 901pp.

DVHH Lookups Guide: Beth Tolfree

DVHH Lookups Guide: Judy Ottinger

DVHH Lookups Guide: Beth Tolfree - Apatiner Heimatbuch by Josef V. Senz (I can read the lists of names of Early Colonists of Apatin and of Apatiners who died in lagers.  The text is in German so I cannot read his history of the community.)

Musician: Paul Abraham - An Operetta Composer: He was born in Apatin (Abthausen) 02 Nov 1892.  (His birth-house is situated in the main street in Abthausen and it stands just around the corner of the Post st. and Ulica Srpskih Vladara St. Vojvodjanska Bank is just opposite of the house). Paul Abraham died in Hamburg 07 May 1960.  More complete info:

Travelogue: My Trip to Apatin 2004 - Beth Tolfree

Family of Beth Tolfree (An original DVHH PARTNER Family Page, Grandfathered in 17 Jul 2012)

HARJUNG & GILLMANN Families of Apatin, Batschsentivan, Karawukawo
- Family of
Angelika Steckley (An original DVHH PARTNER Family Page, Grandfathered in 17 Jul 2012)

Private Homepage: Hans Quintus, born in Apatin - -Broken Link Jun 2012

Private Homepage: Ancestors of Christopher Shaw - Apatin & Filipowa



Bácsföldvár / Bacsfoldvar (Hungarian)
Backo Gradiste, Serbia (Official)

Batsch Monoschtor (German)
Monostorszeg (Hungarian)
Batschki Monoschtor (Other)
Manoschter (Other)
Monostor (Other)
Nagy-Monostor (Other)
Bodrogmonoster (Other)
Backi Monostor, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Batsch Monoschtor Coordinator: Vesna Ibrahimovic; will be providing information for Batsch Monoschtor at her Zombor site:

Batschka Topola (German)
Bereg (German)
Bács-Topolya / Bacs-Topolya (Hungarian)
Topolya (Other)
Béreg / Bereg (Hungarian)
Breg (Other)
Batschki Breg (Other)
Beryeg (Other)
Backa Topola (Official)
Backi Breg, Serbia (Official)


Batsch (German)
Bács / Bacs (Hungarian)
, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Dennis Bauer - Batsch Familienbuch in der Batschka 1830-1943

Batsch. Stefan Blaskowitz. Pannonia-Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany. 1965. 115 Pgs. History of the town of Batsch.

H.O.G. Web Site: - Klaus Kempf, Ottobrunn, Deutschland

From Batsch to Trenton - The Trip to America in 1913 by the Lorenz Helleis Family. Dennis J. Bauer. Levittown, PA (Self published). 2004.

Batsch. Stefan Blaskowitz. Pannonia-Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany. 1965. 115 Pgs. History of the town of Batsch.

Familienbuch Batsch in der Batschka 1830-1943. Heimatortsgemeinschaft Batsch, Klaus Kempf, Falkenstrasse 5, 85521 Ottobrunn, Germany. 2005. 1458 pp.   

Private Homepage: Bauer from Palanka & Helleis from Batsch

Batschalmasch (German)
Almasch (German)
Heimerskirchen (German)
Hagymásegyház / Hagymasegyha (Hungarian)
Almás (Other)
Hajmás (Other)
Halmás (Other)
Aljmaš & Bačaljmaš (Croatian)
Bácsalmás, Hungary (Official)

Bácsalmás is a small town in southern Hungary in the region of Bácska (Bács-Kiskun County) close to the border with the Vojvodina region of Serbia.

Anton Hippich: Ortssippenbuch der Deutschen in Batschalmasch  (Bácsalmás), Volume I-IV, Backnang 1996, 1999, reference: Anton Hippich, Buchenhain 62, 71364 Winnenden.

Bácsalmás Batschalmasch Almasch Heimerskirchen Heimatbuch Donauschwaben Batschka, 1990.

Tafferner, Anton [Red.] und Heimatausschuss [Hrsg]: Bacsalmas (Batschalmasch): eine deutsche Marktgemeinde in Ungarn. München: Heimatausschuss, 1965.

Bacs Bodrog (Hungarian)
Batschka, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide/(Family Connections) : Alice Spande - Searching family connections using Ortssippenbucher and Familienbucher for...Abthausen/Apatin, Bacsalmas, Batschsentivan, Bukin, Csavoly, Filipowa, Gakowa, Gara, Hodschag, Katschmar/Katymar, Kruschiwl, Kernei, Kolut, Nemesnadudvar, Neudorf (Novo Selo), Parabutsch, Stanischitsch, Tschatali (Csatalja), Tscheb, Tschonopel, Weprowatz, and other miscellaneous villages outside the Batschka.

Batsch-Sentiwan (German)
Priglewitz (German)
Sonnhofen (German)
BacsSentiwan (German)
Bácsszentiván / Bacsszentivan (Hungarian)
Szentiván / Szentivan (Hungarian)
Úrszentiván / Urszentivan (Hungarian)
Priglevica Sveti Ivan (Other)

SzentIvan (Other)
Sveti Ivan
Sentiwan (Other)
Priglevica (Other)
Preigevica Sveti (Other)
Sankt Johann an der Schanze (Other)
Batschsentiwan (Other)
Prigrevica Sveti Ivan, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Hans Kopp - Batschsentiwan Settlers List 1764 to 1768 By Dr. Anton Tafferner “Heimatbuch Batschsentiwan”

DVHH Lookups Guide: Hans Kopp - Batschsentiwan Settlers Street Directory - by year, name and house number listed by street name. By Dr. Anton Tafferner “Heimatbuch Batschsentiwan”

DVHH Lookups Guide: Volunteer! BacsSentiwan Familienbuch (1740-1830)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Paul Stagl - Ortssippenbuch (1763 - 1827) Schuy & Scherer

Hemp Industry in Batschsentiwan, The ”White Gold" of the Batschka

Ortssippenbuch Batschsentiwan 1763-1827. Jakob Schuy & Paul Scherer. Passavia Druckerei GmbH, 8390 Passau, Germany. 1992. Pgs. 565.

HARJUNG & GILLMANN Families of Apatin, Batschsentivan, Karawukawo
- Family of
Angelika Steckley (An original DVHH PARTNER Family Page, Grandfathered in 17 Jul 2012)

Resource Contributor: Hans Kopp Files

Daß auch in Batsch-Sentiwan Fasching gefeiert wurde, zeigt diese Bild. Hier wird am Aschermittwoch Bacchus begraben.

(E: Batsch-Sentiwan celebrated carnival, at Ash Wednesday Bacchus.)

1965 Donau-Schwaben Kalender; Publisher: Donauschwäbischer Heimatverlag Aalen/Württemberg. Contributed by Jody McKim

Heimatbuch Batschsentiwan

Damaged St. John the Baptist Church
Photo by Beth Tolfree, Aug 09

With the roof gone, trees are growing inside the church
Photo by Beth Tolfree, Aug 09

The destroyed interior
Photo by Beth Tolfree, Aug 09

Salvaged monument from the destroyed German cemetery
Photo by Beth Tolfree, Aug 09

Memorial plague erected in 2006 for the destroyed German cemetery
Photo by Beth Tolfree, Aug 09

Communal gravesite for the German remains that could be found in destroyed cemetery
Photo by Beth Tolfree, Aug 09

Bezdány / Bezdany (Hungarian)
Besdan (Other)
Bezdan / Bezdan-fok, Serbia (Official)

Bezdans official homepage

Borschod (German)
Batschborschod (Other)
Borsod-Szent-Lőrincz (Other)
Bácsborsód / Bacsborsod, Hungary (Official)

Bogjani (German)
Bogyán / Bogyan (Hungarian)
Boian (Other)
Bodjani, Serbia (Official)

Brestowatz (German)
Batsch-Brestowatz (German)
Ulmenau (German)
Bresztovác (Hungarian)
Szilberek (Hungarian)
Szilvás / Szilvas  (Other)
Brestovac (Official)
Bački / Backi Brestovac, Serbia (Official)

Batschka - Bács Bodrog County - West Bačka District Vojvodina - N District of Serbia; situated in the Odžaci (Hodschag) municipality

DVHH Batsch-Brestowatz Coordinator: Anton Petschner

Szilvás / Szilvas (Other) I've not found a substantiating reference of this variant being associated with Brestowatz in Batschka. Note: there is a Szilvás in Swabian Turkey, Baranya County.

Genealogical Records at the FHL are recorded in the Village name: Bresztovacz.
Roman Catholic Church records for Bácsbresztovác also called Szilberek, Hungary, now Backi Brestovac, Yugoslavia: Birth, Marriage and Death for years 1826-1895; microfilm no.: 605892; 639099; 639100; 639101; 639102.
The 1828 Census: FHL microfilm no. 622963.

Village Books:

Affolder, Anton. Brestowatz in der Batschka. 1971, Freilassing, Pannonia Verlag. 236 pages.

Schmidt, Paul, Matthias Leinweber. Ortssippenbuch Brestowatz in der Batschka (Backi Brestovac, Szilberek, Ulmenau). 1988, Stein bei Pforzheim, Heimatausschuß Batsch-Brestowatz . 433 pages.

Werni, Stefan, Paul Schmidt. Ortssippenbuch Brestowatz in der Batschka. (Backi Brestovac, Szilberek, Ulmenau) 1986, Frankfurt, Heimatausschuß Batsch-Brestowatz. 664 pages (2 volumes).

Schmidt, Paul. Licht und Schatten. (Backi Brestovac, Silberek, Ulmeneau) 2006, 278 pages.

BRESTOWATZ in Memoriam-The Corpus Christi Monument in Sindelfingen, Germany, Das Korpus Christi Denkmal in Sindelfingen

Neighboring Villages/Towns: Doroslo-Stapar, Milititsch, Hodschag, Apatin, Weprowatz, Karawukowa, Batschsentiwan, Filipowa

Artist: Sebastian Leicht - born Batschka Brestowatz

Private Homepage: Mary Ann Fischer's "The People of Backi Brestovac" & Rootsweb SEARCH PAGE for over 30,000 individuals who lived in Brestowatz, Filipowa, Miletitsch, Hodschag, Weprowatz, Parabutsch & Sentiwan. 34771 entries as of Apr 30, 2013.

Private Homepage: Jakob Werner & Barbara-Maria Didio from Filipowa, Brestowacz

Private Homepage: Family of Peter Wacker from Hodschag, Batsch-Brestowatz

Private Homepage: Genealogy of the Petschner & Seiler Families of Weprowatz & Brestowatz

Bukin (German)
Bácssulja / Bacssulja (Hungarian)
Dunabökény / Dunabokény, Yugoslavia (Hungarian)
Buczi  (Hungarian)
Buki (Hungarian)
Mladenovo, Serbia (Official)

Former DVHH Lookups Guide: Maxine Jones - Ortssippenbuch Bukin in der Batschka 1749-1945 by Jacob Schuy, Volumes I & II
Tribute to a Dedicated DVHH Volunteer, Maxine Schwellinger Jones

DVHH Memoir: New Years Day By Adam Martini

DVHH Memoir: On Becoming a Woodworker by Adam Martini

Travel Memoir: My Big Adventure: America - 1956 by Adam Martini

Bildband Bukin, 1749-1945. Ein deutsches Dorf in der Batschka. Andreas Pfuhl. Perlinger Druck GmbH, 93437 Furth im Wald, Germany. 2002. 550 Pgs.

Ortssippenbuch Bukin in der Batschka 1749-1945. Band 1 & 2. Jakob Schuy. WB-Druck GmbH & Co., Buchproduktions KG, Rieden/Allgau, Germany.  1999.  1454 Pgs. 

Resource Contributor: Adam Martin & Hans Martini

Bulkes (German)
Bulkesz (Hungarian)
Bulkeszi (Other)
Bulkess (Other)
Buljkes (Other)
Keszi (Other)
Maglíc, Serbia (Official)

Former DVHH Bulkes Coordinator 2004-2016: Heinrich Stephan - B. October 31, 1928, Bulkes & died on 18 May 2016, Karlsruhe, Germany at 88 years old. His personal Bulkes Flight Memories

DVHH Village Site:

DVHH Memoir: Danube Swabian Easter Customs Lebzelter And the Easter Customs for the People of the Village of Bulkes by Heinrich Hoffmann

Bulkes & World War II [Bulkes Heimatbuch]
Bulkes - The Story of One Young Survivor
 [Bulkes Heimatbuch]
Bulkes Leidensweg
 [Bulkes Heimatbuch]

Travelogue: Passau to Novi Sad 2004 - Heinrich Hoffmann



Csurog (Hungarian)
Curug, Serbia (Official)

A village in the municipality of Žabalj, in the South Bačka District of Serbia. It is situated in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

Csurog: Till the Last Hungarian - "In the fall of 1941, Serbian partisans surprised, ambushed, disarmed and undressed the Hungarian police patrol from Csurog in a corn field. The two bound men were impaled on a nearby farm." (need new link)



Dautova (Croatian)
Dávod / Davod, Hungary (Official)

Located in Bács-Kiskun county, Hungary.

South of Baja, SW of Gara.

Dornau (German)
Dernye (Hungarian)
Déronya / Deronya (Hungarian)
Deronja (Other)
Dernja (Other)
Deronje, Serbia (Official)

Doroslo (German)
Doroszló / Doroszlo (Hungarian)
Doroslau (Other)
Doroszlo (Official)
Doroszlovo, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Volunteer! Die deutschen Familien in Doroslo und Stapar 1753 - 1895, by Peter Distl, Jockgrim 2007. (Heimatbuch)



Eugenwall (German)
Mackensenhorst (German)
Magazin (German)
Altfutok (German)
Ófutak / Ofutak (Hungarian)
Alt-Futok (Other)
Alt-Futak (Other)
Futog (Other)
Ratkai (Other)
Futok (Other)
Ó-Futak / O-Futak (Other)
Futak (Other)
Stari Futog, Serbia (Official)



Feketitsch (German)
Schwarzberg (German)
Feketehegy (Hungarian)
Bácsfeketehegy / Bacsfeketehegy (Hungarian)
Feketehegyház (Hungarian)
Crno Brdo
, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Feketitsch Coordinators: Brad Schwebler

DVHH Village Site:
DVHH Lookups Guide: Reiner P. Pister - Familienbuch der Deutschen von Feketitsch in der Batschka by Brigitte & Gunther Wolf.

DVHH Memoir: Customs on Festival Days Springtime & Easter - from the book "The Germans of the Community of Feketic / Feketitsch" by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

Resource Contributor: Brad Schwebler Files

Travelogue: Bus Trip to Sekitsch and Feketisch 2006

Private Homepage: Schwebler, Pratscher, Schaefer/Schäfer, Thomas, Ort, Weber, Gutwein

Private Homepage: Pfaff, Dinges, Stengel, Bolz/Boltz, Kohler, Scheer, Orth, Butscher & Grau

Filipowa (German)
Filipsdorf (German)
Kindlingen (German)
Szentfülöp (Hungarian)
Filipovo (Other)
Szent-Fülöp / Szent-Fulop (Other)
Sankt Philipp (Other)
Filipovoselo (Other)
Backi Gracac, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Dennis Bauer - OSB Filipowa by Pertschi 1994

Filipowa Bild einer donaschwäbischen Gemeide. Paul Mesli, Franz Schreiber & Georg Wildmann. Verlag der Donauschwäbischen Kulturstiftung, Wien, Austria. 1992. 303 pp.

Ortssippenbuch Filipowa in der Batschka. Band 1. Johann Pertschi, Junkers Str. 78, D-7314, Wernau, Germany. 1989. Pgs.798.

Ortssippenbuch Filipowa in der Batschka. Band 2. Johann Pertschi, Junkers Str. 78, D-3249, Wernau, Germany. 1994. Pgs. 523. Also 2005 CD-Rom version with updates.

H.O.G. Web Site: 

Private Homepage: Jakob Werner & Barbara-Maria Didio from Filipowa, Brestowacz

Private Homepage: Ancestors of Christopher Shaw - Apatin & Filipowa

Frankenstadt  (German)
Baja,Hungary (Hungarian)
Baja-Frankenstadt, Hungary (Other)
Baja, Hungary (Official)



Gajdobra see: Neu Gajdobra

Gakowa (German)
Graumarkt (German)
Gádar / Gádor (Hungarian)
Gakova /
Gákova (Other)
Kakat (Other)
Kakath (Other)
Gakovo, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Raymond Reu - Ortsippenbuch Gakowa Batschka 1763-1895 by Johann Schnaterbeck

Ortssippenbuch Gakowa, Batschka, 1763-1895, Teil I. Johann Schnaterbeck. AKdFF, Goldmuhles Str.30, Sindelfingen, Germany. 1994. Pgs. 1129. 

Ortssippenbuch Gakowa, Batschka, 1896-1943, Teil II. Michael Hutfluss. AKdFF, Goldmuhles Str.30, Sindelfingen, Germany. 2002. Pgs. 639.

DVHH Memoir: Memories from Gakowa by Katherine Hoeger-Flotz  

Private Homepage: The Reu/Graze Weigandt/Gunther Genealogy of Gakowa / Gakova

Gakowa Vineyards

Gedenkfeier in Gakovo Teil 1; 27 Sep 2009 (E: Part 2 Commemorative ceremony in memory of Gakovo)

Gedenkfeier in Gakovo Teil 2 Erinnerung an die 8500 ermodeten Donauschwaben im Lager Gakovo in den Jahren 1945 bis 1948; 27 Sep 2009 (E: Part 2 Commemorative ceremony in memory of Gakovo of 8500 ermodeten Donauschwaben Gakovo in prison in the years 1945 to 1948, 27 Sep 2009)

Tuča u preduzeću u Gakovu (Serbian)

Gara (Hungarian)
Gara, Hungary (Official)

Located in Bács-Kiskun county, near Baja, in Hungary.

Die Deutschen Familien von Gara in der Batschka 1737-1945. Josef Gatti & Wendelin Peller. AkdFf, Sindelfingen, Germany. 1997. Pgs. 800.

Commemorative Ceremony in Gara/Batschka - On July 6, 2007, a large commemorative ceremony and the consecration of the old cemetery in Gara marked the 60 anniversary of the forcible removal of Germans in Hungary. Gedenkfeier (Commemoration) in Gara/Batschka - 6 Juli 2007 Anläßlich des 60. Jahrestages der Verschleppung der Ungarndeutschen kam es zu einer großen Gedenkfeier und zur Weihe des alten Friedhofs in Gara. (translation by Hans Martini)


Gloschein (German)

West of Neusatz



Hajosch (German)
Heuers (German)
Wallersdorf (German)
Hajós, Hungary (Official)


[Contributed to DVHH by Erik Glässer, published by Jody McKim Pharr, 21 Apr 2012. ]

Harta (German)
, Hungary (Official)

Bács-Kiskun County

100 miles south of Budapest, Hungary, on the Danube river

DVHH Memoir: The Beginning of the Following Sorrowful Story
Sunday, January 21ST, 1945
by John Knodel. The story is being transcribed from Hungarian to German from a daybook that John Knodel kept during his 33 month, 1000 day, imprisonment in Russia (Woroschilofka coal mine). Translation by Granddaughter, Gerti

Hodschag (German)
Hanfhausen (German)
Odschak (German)
Hódság / Hodsag (Hungarian)
Hodschach (Other)
Hodschak (Other)
Ucsak (Other)
Odzaci, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Paul Stagl - Ortssippenbuch (1756 - 1945) Tuffner & Schuy

DVHH Lookups Guide: Volunteer! - Ortssippenbuch Hodschag (both volumes, pub. 1995) by Martin Tuffner and Jakob Schuy

Ortssippenbuch Hodschag 1756-1945. Band 1 & 2. Martin Tuffner & Jakob Schuy. Ertl Druck, Wien, Austria. 1995. Pgs. 1636.

Ortssippenbuch Hodschag in der Batschka. Josef Harjung & Anton Reiman.  Frankfurt am Main, Germany. 1976. 514 Pgs.

Hodschag Photos by Izolda Kovács, 2012

Finding Aid to Hodschag (Hódság) - Batschka Village (now Odzaci, Serbia, Yugoslavia) Banat / Batschka by John Movius & Sarah Nunez. []

Private Homepage: Family of Peter Wacker from Hodschag, Batsch-Brestowatz



Jarek (German)
Batschki Jarak (German)
Jarmosch (German)
Jármos / Jarmos (Hungarian)
Tiszaistvánfalva (Hungarian)
Ireg (Other)
Mali Jarak (Other)
Jarak (Other)
Backi Jarak, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Volunteer - Backi Jarak (Jarek) in Jugoslawien, 1787-1937

Jarek Village site (German) Contact: Inge Morgenthaler
Geschichte der letzten josefinischen Siedlung, Druck der "Verbaßer Buchdruckerei" des Heinrich Bleek, Novi Vrbas 1937. and ... "Printed by the "Verbaßer Printing Office"(History of the last Josephinian Settlement, Printed by the "Verbaßer Printing Office" of Heinrich Bleek, Neu-Werbass). Lookups in sections: Familiengeschichte/Family History; Unsiedlerfamilien/Re-settler families; or evacuee families; Nachzuglerfamilien/Late re-settler families; or late evacuee families.

Unser Dorf, Unser Leben, Unser Jarek - "our village, our life, our Jarek" Author: Michael Schmidt [Village book & map] Schulstr 1, 68542 Heddesheim

Josefsdorf (German)
Zsablya (Hungarian)
Józseffalva / Jozseffalva, (Hungarian)
Zeble (Other)
Sablia (Other)  
Josifovo Selo (Other)
Zablja (Other)
Žabalj / Zabalj, Serbia (Official)

A town and municipality in South Bačka District of Vojvodina, Serbia.

Located in southeastern part of Bačka, known as Šajkaška.

DVHH Lookups Guide: Conny Eberhardt - Familien und Ortssippenbuch (Family & Village book) of Zabalj / Josefsforf. Author & Publisher: Josef Fridrich, 1991

Josefowa (German)
Józseffalva / Jozseffalva (Hungarian)
Josefova (Other)

Novi Knezevac, Serbia (Official)

Juritsch (German)
Djördjpusta / Djordjpusta (Other)
Szent-György / Szent-Gyorgy (Other)
Baracska-Szent-György / Baracska-Szent-Gyorgy (Other)
Gyurgyin (Other)
Jurics (Other)
Györgypuszta / Gyorgypuszta, Hungary (Official)




Karawukowo (German)
Karbok (German)
Wolfingen (German)
Bácsordas / Bacsordas (Hungarian)
Karawukowa (Other)
Karavukovo, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Volunteer! - Familenbuch Karawukowo, Batschka, 1767-1944, by Josef Harjung, revised by Michael Hellmann, published 1996 by Michael Hellmann.

Karawukowo Passenger Records

Karawukowo Photos by Izolda Kovács, 2012

Karawukowo Photos by Paula Schleis

HARJUNG & GILLMANN Families of Apatin, Batschsentivan, Karawukawo
- Family of
Angelika Steckley (An original DVHH PARTNER Family Page, Grandfathered in 17 Jul 2012)

Katsch (German)
Káty / Katy (Hungarian)
Kac, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Katsch Coordinator: Andrea Ballreich

DVHH Memoir: Katy (Katch) My Life, the Flight 1944-45 by Kathe Fichtinger

H.O.G. Web Site:

Katschmar (German)
Katymár / Katymar (Hungarian)
Katjmar (Other)
Kacmar, Hungary (Official)

DVHH Katschmar Coordinator: Eileen Wilson

DVHH Lookups Guide: Eileen Wilson - Ortsippenbuch der ehemals deutschen Bewohner von Katschmar-Katymar in der Nord-Batschka (1748-1945) written by Josef Pahl.

Kernei (German)
Kernya (Hungarian)
Kerény / Kereny (Hungarian)
Kljaicevo (Other)
Kernyáya / Kernyaya (Other)
Kornau (Other)
Kernai (Other)
Gorni-Szentkirály (Other)
Kernyája / Kernyaja (Other)
Szentkirálya (Other)
Királya / Kiralya (Other)
Krnjaja, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Judi Rill - Kernei Online Passenger Records

DVHH Lookups Guide: Judi Rill - Familienbuch Kernei in der Batschka (Kernyája, Kerény, Krnjaja, seit 1948 Kljajicevo) 1765-1945 by Schmidt, Johann, Rüthen, 1995

DVHH Memoir: Roots remain along Danube by Paula Schleis

DVHH Lookups Guide: Volunteer! Familienbuch Kernei in der Batschka, Vols. 1 & 2. Johann Schmidt. Poderborn, Germany. 1995. 1629pp.

Kernei Familienbuch (1700-1945)

H.O.G. Web Site:

Kernei Ortsplan (Village Map)



Kischker  (German)
Kleinker (German)
Klein Keer (German)
Kiskér / Kisker (Hungarian)
Mali Ker (Other)
Pribicevicevo (Other)
Backo Dobro Polje, Serbia (Official)

H.O.G. Web Site:

DVHH Lookups Guide: Eve Brown - Kisker-Kischkeer Batschka Menschen un Familien 1786-1944 published in Karlsruhe in 2006 by Georg Philipp Noee




Kölpény / Kolpény (Hungarian)
Kulpin, Serbia (Official)

Kruschiwel  (German)
Kruschiwl  (German)
Birndorf (German)
Bácskörtés / Bacskortes (Hungarian)
Körtés / Kortes (Hungarian)
Kruschewlje  /
Kruschevlje (Other)
Krušovje / Krusovje
Körtvélyes / Kortvelyes
Kruševlje / Krusevlje, Serbia (Official)

Kruschevlje Concentration Camp for German-Yugoslavs After World War II. by Therese Herscha (Schmidt) & Ricardo Quinonez.  2007. 114 pp.

DVHH Lookups Guide: Gabriele Steger - Kruschiwl (Krusevlje, etc): Familienbuch Kruschiwl, Batschka, 1826(1763)-1943 by Gertrud and Johann Schnaterbeck.

Forever Free, story of a Kruschevlje Concentration Camp Survivor by Maria Goodsell nee Stark

Kruschewlje / Kruševlje is a small settlement (hamlet) in Serbia. It is situated in the Sombor municipality, West Bačka District, Vojvodina province. It is mostly populated by Serbs.

In Serbian, the village is known as Kruševlje, in German as Kruschiwel or Kruschiwl, and in Hungarian as Körtés or Bácskörtés. There were also some other, less used names such as Kruschewlje, Birndorf (German translation of its original Hungarian name), Krušovje, Körtvélyes, etc.

Officially, Kruševlje is not classified as a separate settlement, but as part of the village of Gakovo. It is located near the border with Hungary between Riđica, Stanišić, Gakovo and Rastina.

It is about 2 miles northeast of the neighboring village of Gakovo and about 2,5 miles west of Stanišić. About 5 miles to the north is the village Riđica and the nearest town is Sombor, about 12 miles to the South.

The whole area surrounding Kruševlje is a flat ground, with many swampy meadows, fens, bad-fruitful salt-spring fields. The villagers had some fruitful gardens, corn fields, hemp and wheat fields, vineyards a few miles to the North. The village is about 305 feet (93 meters) above the sea level. There are no hills, woods or rivers.

On October 20, 1944 the partisans came from Stanišić and entered into Kruševlje. The next day, October 21 arrests started. Almost all remaining men were taken prisoners. The whole village became soon a camp and under constant watch guards. The houses were plundered and sacked, all food and live stock was taken away. The entire German population was proclaimed collaborator of the Third Reich and deprived from all their civilian rights and property. Some men and woman were taken prisoners to the labour-camp in Sombor. Others were sent to labour in the fields around Kruševlje. Those who refused to work all day, wanted to go or flee, were beaten or starved to death. Near the village church, two civilians were simply shot, namely Anna Depre, aged 44 and Karl Frantzem, aged 66, just because they wanted to return home. Many old people, who couldn't work, were left to die from hunger and fear. Some of them were: Emilia Bauer, aged 96; Dominik Depre, aged 93; Margareta Matz, aged 89; Franz Depre, aged 85; Melchior Pentz, aged 85; Salomea Wolf, aged 84; Mathias Schauer, aged 82; Rosalia Wolf, aged 81; Margareta Schauer, aged 81; Christine Pentz, aged 82; Franz Jung, aged 81; Margareta Schnatterbeck, aged 79; Melchior Brandäcker, aged 78; Barbara Keil, aged 76; Elisabeth Bergmann, aged 76; Georg Zettel, aged 76; Karl Bihn, aged 75; Heinrich Steinfeld, aged 75; Rosalia Weber, aged 75, etc. On Christmas Day 1944, about 60 young men and women were taken to Siberia to work in Russian mines. The hard work during the winter was bearable, but more difficulties came in the spring of 1945.

Kula (Hungarian)
SEE: Wolfsburg (German)

Kulut (German)
Ringdorf (German)
Küllöt / Kullot (Hungarian)
Kolluth (Other)
Küllöd / Kullod (Other)
Kulud (Other)
Kis-Kolut (Other)
Nagy-Koluth (Other)
Kolut, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Judy Ottinger - Kolut Ortsfamilienbuch 1760-1895 by Johann and Irmgard Englaender

Ortsfamilienbuch Kolut in der Batschka 1760-1895. Johannes & Irmgard Engläner. Waiblingen-Neustadt, Germany. 2000. Pgs. 966.

Kumbaj (German)
Kombai (Other)
Kumbai (Other)
Kumbern (Other)
Kunbaja, Hungary (Hungarian) (Official)



Kupuszina  (Hungarian)
Bacskertes / Bácskertes (Hungarian)
, (Serbian) Official

FHL church records 1826-1895:  Kupusina, Serbia

FHL microfilm #:  638065 – 838068

Population:  2,356 (2002 census)

St. Anna’s Church


Kutzura (German)
Kuczora (Hungarian)
Kuczura (Other)
Kucura, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Jeff Rau -  Familienbuch (Kutzura - Ein Dorf in der Batschka by Christine Kaltenecker, published in 2008). 



Legin (German)
Riedau (German)
Rigitza (German)
Regöce, / Regoce (Hungarian)
Rigyicza (Hungarian)
Regöcze / Regocze (Other)
Ridica (Other)
Rigica (Other)
Reg (Other)
Nagy-Patalon (Other)
Legyen (Other)
Rigyica (Other)
Ridjica, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Gabriele Steger - Legin (Rigitza, Ridjica, etc): Familienbuch Ridjica, Batschka, 1804-1943 by Michael Hutfluss

Liebfrauendorf (German)
Boldogasszonyfalva (Hungarian)
Gospodjinci, Serbia (Official)



Miletitsch (German)
Milititsch (German)
Berauersheim (German)
Militics (Hungarian)
Nemesmilitics (Hungarian)
Ráczmilitics / Raczmilitics (Hungarian)
Svetozar Miletic (Other)
Rac-Milititsch (Other)
Srpski-Militic (Other)
Millitics (Other)
Srpski-Miletic, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Dennis Bauer - OSB Miletitsch by Schuy 1987

DVHH Lookups Guide: Volunteer! - Ortssippenbuch (1786 - 1945) - Schuy

DVHH Lookups Guide: Volunteer! - Jakob Schuy, Ortssippenbuch Miletitsch in der Batschka, 1987.

Miletitsch Photos by Izolda Kovács, 2012

Ortssippenbuch Miletitsch. Jakob Schuy. AkdFF, Schriesheim, Germany. 1987. Pgs.1006. Order: Jakob Schuy, Breslauer Str. 12, 67659 Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Madarasch (German)
Madaras (Hungarian)
Gross-Madratz (Other)
Madrasch (Other)
Madaras, Hungary (Official)

Mol (German)
Moholy (Hungarian)
Moholy, Serbia (Official)

Moszór / Moszor (Hungarian)
Mosorin, Serbia (Official)



Nádalja / Nadalja (Hungarian)
Nadalj, Serbia (Official)

Nadwar (German)
Adelsrohrhof (German)
Nádudvar / Nadudvar, (Hungarian)
Nemesnádudvar / Nemesnadudvar, Hungary (Official)

Familienbuch der donauschwäbischen Gemeinde Nemesnádudvar by Georg Richter

Nagelsdorf (German)
Bajmak (Hungarian)
Bajmok, Serbia (Official)

Neu Gajdobra (German)
Gajdobra-Neugajdobra (German)
Wekerledorf (German)
Wekerlefalva (Hungarian)
Wekerle (Other)
Neu-Schöndorf / Neu-Schondorf (Other)
Neu-Gutdorf (Other)
Weckerlidorf (Other)
Nova Gajdobra, Serbia (Official)

Heimatbuch Gajdobra-Neugajdobra. Josef Flock. Donauschwaebischer Heimatverlag Aalen, Wuerttemberg, Germany. 1958. 450pp. 8 Aug. 1997.

Ortssippenbuch Gajdobra - Neugajdobra in der Batschka.  Anton Reiman.  Heim-Druck, 6100 Darmstadt, Germany.  1976. 653 Pgs.  

Ortssippenbuch Gajdobra-Neugajdobra in der Batschka, Band 2. Anton Reimann & Josef Reimann. Heim Druck, 6100 Darmstadt-Eberstadt, Germany. 1993. Pgs. 742.

Neudorf (German)
, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Gerhard Pfaff - Familienbuch Neudorf in der Batschka (Backo Novoselo, Bacsujlak) 2003, written by Paul Scherer in 1995. It contains:
*(1734 - 1895) (1736 - 1970) (+ 1736 - 1895)

Familienbuch Neudorf in der Batschka. Paul Scherer. Bosocolo & Koenigshofer, D-76189 Karlsruhe, Germany. 1995. 1085pp.  

Neufutok (German)
Újfutak / Ujfutak (Hungarian)
Neu-Futak Other)
Novi Futog, Serbia (Official)

Neu-Palanka (German)
Újpalánka / Ujpalanka (Hungarian)
Nova Palanka, Serbia (Official)

Neusatz (German)
Újvidék / Ujvidek (Hungarian)
Neu-Satz (Other)
Pétervárad / Petervarad (Other)
Péterváradja / Petervaradja (Other)
Peterwardein (Other)
Novi Sad, Serbia (Official)

Neu-Schowe (German)
Újsóvé / Ujsove (Hungarian)
Nove Sove (Other)
Ravno Selo (Other)
Nova Sove, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Schowe Coordinator:  Ludwig Keck

DVHH Village Site

DVHH Lookups Guide: Ursula Wacht - Heimatbuch der Gemeinde Schowe, by Christian Ludwig Brücker, Winnenden 1961.

Festschrift zur Johann Petri - Gedächtnisfeier am 2. 12. 1961 in Stuttgart. 32 S. mit Zeichn. +Porträt. (14:21) Kart. *1881 in Neuschowe

Neu-Siwatz (German)
Újszivácz / Ujszivacz (Hungarian)
Alt-Siwatz (Other)
Novi Sivac, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Daniela M. O'Connor - Ortsippenbuch Siwatz 1786-1944 by Hans Kunz

Neu-Werbaß / Neu-Werbass (German)
Alt-Werbaß / Alt Werbass (German)
Vrbas  (German)
Újverbász / Új-verbász Ujverbasz (Hungarian)
Ó-Verbász / O-Verbasz
Novi Vrbas, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Ursula Wacht - Dr. Gerhard Hein, Die Einwohner von Neuwerbaß in der Batschka 1785-1944 und ihre Herkunft - Die Familien nach dem reformierten Kirchenbuch Neuwerbaß 1786 - 1832, Sindelfingen 2004

DVHH Memoir: A Vrbas, Backa, Story by Karl Kreutzer. Translated by Valerie Kreutzer

DVHH Memoir: Thinking often on VRBAS in the Backa by Valerie Kreutzer



Obrowatz (German)
Borócz / Borocz (Hungarian)
Obrovácz / Obrovacz, (Hungarian)
Obrovac, Serbia (Official)

Private Homepage: Almas, Ament, Amend, Baling, Fitzung



Pácsér / Pacser, (Hungarian)
Pacir, Serbia (Official)

Palanka (German)
Deutsch-Palanka (German)
Backa-Pélanka / Backa-Pelanka (Other)
Palánka / Palanka (Hungarian)
Németpalánka / Nemetpalanka (Hungarian)
Bácskapalánka / Bacskapalanka (Hungarian)
Nemacka Palanka (Other)
Pest (Other)
Ilok (Other)
Backa Palanka, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Palanka Coordinators: Dennis Bauer & John Feldenzer

Lookups Guide: Dennis Bauer - OSB Palanka by Reimann 1981 Palankaer in Aller Welt 1755-1961, Trenton, NJ 1961 Feldenzers Lookups

A Collection of Genealogical Information of Palankaer-Americans and Related Families –1899 to 2008 By Dennis Bauer

Palankaers in attendance at our 51st Trenton Donauschwaben Anniversary Dinner on 14 October 2007

DVHH Memoir: Letter from Camp Pasicevo/Altker by Eva Zentner

DVHH Memoir: My Father, the Meat Chopper (“Mein Vater, der Fleischhacker”) By Andreas Franz

Palanka / Backa Palanka (Surnames, Photos, Books) John & Myrtle Feldenzer      

150 Jahre Backa Palanka. Nikolaus Hepp. Druck von Heinrich Kleek, Novi Nrbas. 1930. 171pp.

Erzählungen aus dem vorigen Jahrhundert. Nikolaus Hepp. Backa Palanka. 1935.

Ortssippenbuch Palanka - Bands 1-3. Anton Reimann. Zentralsstelle fur Perfonen, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. 1981. Pgs. 5000.

Palanka an Der Donau - Band I 1764-1944. Heimatortsausschuss Palanka (HOA), Ulm, Germany. 1986. Pgs. 560.

Palanka an Der Donau - Band II 1764-1944. Heimatortsausschuss Palanka (HOA), Ulm, Germany. 1992. Pgs. 650.

Palankaer in Aller Welt 1755-1961. Palankaer Kirchweih in Trenton, NJ. 1961. 26 pp.

Artist: Franz Eisenhut, born in Palanka, Batschka

LIEBLANG, ROSCHIRT, ROHRBACHER & KUHN Families - of James Lieblang
(An original DVHH PARTNER Family Page, Grandfathered in 17 Jul 2012)

Private Homepage: Bauer from Palanka & Helleis from Batsch


Parabutsch (German)
Paripás / Paripas (Hungarian)
Parabuty (Hungarian)
Ratkovo (Other)
Parabuc, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Jean & Harry Helbrecht - Familienbuch Parabutsch 1770's - 1945 You are welcome to contact her for any look-ups in the Parabutsch Families book written in year 2001.  Ratkovo is it's present name and being nestled in the rich soil of the Batschka part of Vojvodina, today the northern part of Serbia. The winds of change blew the Danube Swabian population of this town after 1944 in all corners of the world. (Jean)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Volunteer! - Parabutsch Familienbuch der kath. Pfarrgemeinde St. Nepomuk in Parabutsch in der Batschka, by Josef Fridrich, pub. 2001 - it covers from the 1770s to 1944 (and some info goes to the end of 2000). It comes in two volumes: Band I (A-K) & Band II (L-Z). Other names for Parabutsch are:  Parabuty, Paripás, Parabuc (accent on the c), Dubrava, Gutacker, Ratkovo.

Familienbuch Parabutsch in der Batschka. Vols. 1&2. Josef Fridrich. AkdFF, Bad Schoenborn, Germany. 2001. 1308 pp.  

Parabutsch Ortssippenbuch can be ordered from: 
Martin Kundl
Daimlerstr. 16, 76669
Bad Schönborn, Germany

Petröcz / Petrocz (Hungarian)
Petrovac, Yugoslavia / Serbia (Official)

Pinczéd / Pinczed (Hungarian)
Kellerdorf (Other)
Pivnica (Other)
Piwnitza (Other)
Pinced (Other)
Pivniza (Other)
Pivnicza (Other)
Pivnice, Serbia (Official)

Plawingen (German)
Palona (Hungarian)
Plawing (Other)
Palavna (Other)
Alsó-Palona / Also-Palona (Other)
Felsö-Palona / Felso-Palona (Other)
Plavna (Other)
Polona (Other)
Plavna, Serbia (Official)



Raim (German)
Rém / Rem, Hungary (Hungarian) (Official)




St. Tomas (German)
Bácsszenttamás / Bacsszenttamas (Hungarian)
Szent-Tamás (Hungarian)
Szenttamás / Szenttamas (Other)
Srbobran, Serbia (Official)

Schajkasch-Sentiwan (German)
Kovilszentiván (Hungarian)
Sajkásszentiván / Sajkásszentiván (Hungarian)
Sajkas (Other)
Kowilszentiwan (Other)
Sentivan (Other)
Sajkaski Sveti Ivan, Serbia (Official)

Schönau / Schonau (German)
Szépliget / Szepliget (Hungarian)
Schön-Hain / Schon-Hain (Other)
Gut-Hain (Other)
Gadjel (Other)
Dobra (Other)
Kay-Dobra (Other)
Gorna-Dobra (Other)
Gajdobra, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Dennis Bauer - OSB Schönau / Gajdobra by Reimann 1993

Schowe (German)
Alt-Schowe, Altschowe (German)
Neu-Schowe (German)
Ó-Sóvé / O-Sove (Hungarian)
Újsóvé / Ujsove (Hungarian)
Stare Sove (Other)
Sóvé (Other)
Nove Sove,
Nova Sove (Other)
Ravno Selo (Other)
Sove, Yugoslavia / Serbia (Official)
Nova Sove, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Schowe Coordinator:  Ludwig Keck

DVHH Village Site

DVHH Lookups Guide: Ursula Wacht - Heimatbuch der Gemeinde Schowe, by Christian Ludwig Brücker, Winnenden 1961.

Festschrift zur Johann Petri - Gedächtnisfeier am 2. 12. 1961 in Stuttgart. 32 S. mit Zeichn. +Porträt. (14:21) Kart. *1881 in Neuschowe

Sekitsch (German)
Szegegyház / Szegegyhaz (Other)
Sekics (Other)
Szeghegy (Hungarian)
Winkelsberg (Other)
Lovcenac, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Sekitsch Coordinator: Brad Schwebler

DVHH Village Site:

H.O.G. Web Site:

Lookups Guide: Brad Schwebler - Ortsippenbuch Sekitsch by Franz Gloeckner, Pub: the Verein zur Pflege Donauschwaebischer Heimatkunde, HOG Sekitsch, e.V. 1986, 7126 Sersheim, Berslauer Strasse 36, Germany

Lookups Guide: Reiner P. Pister - Familienbuch Sekitsch in der Batschka 1786-1944, Vol 1&2 by Brigitte & Gunther Wolf.
Ortssippenbuch Sekitsch by Franz Glockner.
Sekitsch Erlebte Heimat by Philipp Sandles.

Szeghegy - Emperor Josef II signing the Settlement Patent

Joseph Platter's Petition

Orphans Foundation - 1873 Doctrine for the Orphans of Sekitsch

Peter Max Wagner, founder of Hilfswerk der Donauschwaben

Travelogue: Bus Trip to Sekitsch and Feketisch 2006

Senta (German)
Zenta (Hungarian)
Szenta, Serbia (Official)

Sombor - see: Zombor

Stanischitsch (German)
Donauwachenheim (German)
Örszállás / Orszallas (Hungarian)
Steinsitz (Other)
Tannenschütz (Other)
Wachenheim (Other)
Stanaschitz (Other)
Stanischitz (Other)
Örs / Ors (Other)
Bathteremhelye (Other)
Sztanisics (Other)
Stanisic, Serbia (Official)

Ortssippenbuch Stanischitz, Batschka 1788-1895, Michael Hutfluss, Vol. I, Karlsruhe 1986/1989, 733 pages. Order from Michael Hutfluss, Stephaniestr. 31, 76133 Karlsruhe, Germany
     - DVHH Lookups Guides: Judy Ottinger & Ursula Wacht

Ortssippenbuch Stanischitsch, Batschka 1788-1895. Michael Hutfluss. AkdFF, Sindelflingen, Germany. 1986. Pgs. 733. 

Ortssippenbuch Stanischitsch, Batschka 1896-1938. Michael Hutfluss. AkdFF, Sindelflingen, Germany. Pgs. 751+.
- DVHH Lookups Guide: Judy Ottinger

Stanischitsch (serb. Stanišić), Vojvodina

Sztapár / Sztapar (Hungarian)
Stapar, Serbia (Official)

Die deutschen Familien in Doroslo und Stapar 1753 - 1895, by Peter Distl, Jockgrim 2007. (Heimatbuch)

Maria Theresiopel (German)
Subotitza (German)
Szabadka (Hungarian)
Theresiopel (Other)
Zabotka (Other)
Szent-Mária / Szent-Maria (Other)
Subotica, Serbia (Official)

Szilágyi / Szilagyi  (Hungarian)
Svilojevo, Yugoslavia / Serbia (Official)

FHL census microfilm:  Szilbas in 1828:  622968      


1880  2,476 (171 Germans)

1910  1,802 (125 Germans)

1921  1,922 (150 Germans)

2002  1,364 (?)

St. Stephen the King Church




Teletschka (German)
Bácsgyulafalva / Bacsgyulafalva, (Hungarian)
Gyulafalva (Hungarian)
Gyula (Hungarian)
Batsch-Juliusdorf (Other)
Bács-Gyulafalva / Bacs-Gyulafalva, (Other)
Telecka, Serbia (Official)

Temerin (Hungarian)
Temeri (Other)
Almás / Almas, (Other)
Temerin, Serbia (Official)

Die deutschen Familien von Temerin in der Batschka by Wilhelmine Wier

Remembering Maxine Jones

Titel (Hungarian)
Titel, Serbia (Official)

Torschau (German)
Torzsa (Hungarian)
Thorzateleke (Other)
Torscha (Other)
Savino Selo (Other)
Tharcsa (Other)
Torza, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Torschau Coordinator: Peter Haas

DVHH Village Site:

Towarisch (German)
Bácstóváros / Bacstovaros (Hungarian)
Tovarischevo (Other)
Tawarisch (Other)
Tovarics (Other)
Tovariszova Other)
Tovarisevo, Serbia (Official)


Tschapring (German)
, Serbia (Official)


Tschasartet (German)
Tschasatett (Other)
Tschasartöltesch (Other)
Császártöltés / Csaszartoltes, Hungary (Official)

Tschatali (German)
Tschatalja (Other)
Csátalja / Csatalja, Hungary (Official)

Lookups Guide: Tschatali (ung. Csátalja), Komitat Bács-Kiskun

Ortssippenbuch Tschatali-Csatalja 1737-1946. Josef Hefner. Zentralstelle fur Personen und Familiengeschichte, 61381 Friedrichsdorf, Germany. 1995. Pgs. 454. Also on CD-Rom.

Tschawal (German)
Tschawerl (Other)
Saulsdorf (Other)
Tschawolj (Other)
Csávoly / Csavoly, Hungary (Official)

Lookups Guide: Johann Scheibl & Jakob Bayer: “Ortssippenbuch Csávoly/Tschawal in der Batschka 1773-1976” Waiblingen  1991, herausgegeben von der HOG Csávoly, 622 Seiten (Druckwerk vergriffen). Zum Lesen der Datenbank muss der Adobe Flashplayer installiert sein. © HOG Csávoly

Tscheb (German)
Bács-Cséb / Bacs-Cseb (Hungarian)
Cséb / Cseb (Hungarian)
Duna-Cséb / Duna-Cseb (Hungarian)
Ceb (Other)
Celarevo (Other)
Cib (Other)
Dunacséb / Dunacseb (Other)
Tschieb (Other)
Kis-Cséb / Kis-Cseb (Other)
Cséb / Cseb (Other)
Cib, Serbia (Official)

H.O.G. Web Site:

Familienbuch Tscheb an der Donau. Josef Seitz & Stefan Ferger. AkdFF, Karlsruhe, Germany. 2002. 748 pp.

Tscherwenka (German)
Rotweil (German)
Cservenka (Hungarian)
Cervenka (Other)
Rot (Other)
Crvenka, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Tscherwenka Coordinator: Brad Schwebler, Noelle Giesse, & Village Consultant: Robert Zink

Lookups: Tscherwenka - Cservenka - Crvenka / Backa 1785-1944 Angela Hefner. Karlsruhe, Germany. 2002. CD-Rom. 1st edition Karlsruhe 1999 (book, out of print); 2. revised edition 2002 (CD-ROM / download); NEW: 3rd edition 2016 (CD-ROM by James Goetz and download as PDF file (80.5 MB) © 2016 Angela Hefner.

Ortssippenbuch Tscherwenka 1785-1944. Angela Hefner. Karlsruhe, Germany. 2002. CD-Rom.

Tscherwenka Homeland Dictionary: Local Donauschwaben, Hochdeutsch & English

Life for an earliest Tscherwenka family by Johannes Albrecht - Coleen Mielke

Tscherwenka - 1785-1944 - Tscherwenkaer Familien by Karen Abel

Tscherwenka family by Thomas Krause  

Tschikeri (German)
Felsöcsikéria / Felsocsikeria (Hungarian)
Felschö-Tschikeria / Felscho-Tschikeria (Other)
Felsöcsikéria, Hungary (Official)

Tschonopel (German)
Tschanopl (German)
Csonoplya (Hungarian)
Chomokla / Csomokla / Csomoklia / Csomoklya (Other)
Csonopla (Other)
Szentfalva (Other)
Tschanopel (Other)
Tschinopel (Other)
Tschonopl (Other)
Tschonoplya (Other)
Conoplja, Serbia (Official)

Ortssippenbuch Tschonopel 1762-1945. Johann Feith, Johann Kainrad, & Johann Kemmer. Rödermark, Germany. 2003. CD-Rom.

DVHH Memoir: Roots Remain Along Danube by Paula Schleis



Vrbas  (German)
See: Neu-Werbaß / Neu-Werbass (German)




Waldneudorf (German)
/ Tiszakalmanfalva (Hungarian)
Tisza-kálmán-falva / Tisza-kalman-falva (Other)
Budisava, Serbia (Official)

1908 in Waldneudorf/Batschka. Wurtz, Johannes: Die Dingelstocks. der Weg einer Sippe. Roman. ca. 1968. 222 S. mit Abb. (11:18) Kart.

1908 in Waldneudorf/Batschka. Wurtz, Johannes: Erwanderte Lieder und Reime. ca. 1980. 142 S. mit Noten und Abb. (14:21) Kart.

Waldau (German)
Szond (Hungarian)
Szonta (Hungarian)
Belsö-Szond / Belso-Szond (Other)
Külsö-Szond / Kulso-Szond (Other)
Kis-Szond (Other)
Nagy-Szonta (Other)
Sonta, Serbia (Official)

In 2006 the Croatian language was declared the official language of Sonta. Sokci Croats constitute a majority of the Sonta population. Sokci or Bunjevci Croats represent 2/3 of the Croatians living in Vojvodina.

            FHL church records 1826 - 1895:  Szonta

            FHL microfilm #:  639103 – 639109

            FHL census microfilm 1828:  622968

            Population: 1880:   5,563 (1,230 Germans)

                              1910:   5,558 (1,226 Germans)

                              1921:   5,563 (1,230 Germans)

Earliest German settlement:  pre-1890

Earliest appearance in history:  1173 

St. Lawrence the Martyr Church

Good pictures of the community and a map; out of Lanji Kalman’s book “Apatin I Okolina”:

Wajska (German)
Vajszka (Hungarian)
Waiska (Other)
Vajska, Serbia (Official)

Waschkut (German)
Vaskút / Vaskut (Hungarian)
Eisenbrunn (Other)
Bathkuta (Other)
Baskut (Other)
Vaskút / Vaskut, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Judy Ottinger - Vaskut (Waschkut) Ortsfamilienbuch 1772-1947, Vol. I & II by Stefan Rettig & Josef Skribanek

Weprowatz (German)
Veprovácz / Veprovacz (Hungarian)
Ebersdorf (Other)
Vepröd / Veprod (Hungarian)
Veprovac, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Weprowatz Coordinator: Anton Petschner

Weprowatz site (German)

DVHH Lookups Guide: Maxine Jones - Familienbuch Weprowatz in der Batschka by Paul Scherer, Volumes I & II

DVHH Lookups Guide: Ursula Wacht - Paul Scherer, Die deuschen Familien von Weprowatz 1786-1825, Karlsruhe 1986 (Family Book)

Familienbuch Weprowatz in der Batschka, Vols. 1 & 2. Paul Scherer. AkdFF, Karlsruhe, Germany. 1998. 2426 pp.

Weprowatz (serb. Kruščić), Vojvodina

Kühbauch, Friedrich (Red.): Festschrift Dr. Adam Krämer zum 80. Geburtstag. 1986. 374 S.+Abb. a. Tfln. (16:24) Kart. *1906 in Weprowatz: mit handschriftl. Namenszug.

Private Homepage: Genealogy of the Petschner & Seiler Families of Weprowatz & Brestowatz

Werbass (German)
Alt-Werbass (German)
Óverbász / Overbasz (Hungarian)
Verbász / Verbasz (Other)
Werwas (Other)
Verbatz (Other)
Weidenheim (Other)
Werbas (Other)
Alt-Werbas (Other)
Stari Vrbas, Serbia (Official)

DVHH Werbass Coordinator: Jakob Goetz

Travelogue: Elfriede Drumm - Back to Werbass/Alt-Werbass(GER), Yugoslavia - Vrbas (SERB)

Earliest German Settlement: 1784

FHL Census Microfilm: Vetus Verbasz in 1828: 622970

Churches: Greek Orthodox/Bács diocese, Evangelical Lutheran/Banya diocese, Christ Evangelical Methodist Church, and The Presbyterian Church.

Location of a prisoner camp for Germans held by Partisans during World War II

Werbass on Batschka Map

Neighboring Villages

Kula (Wolfsburg)







Christ Evangelical Methodist Church
Contributed by Elfriede Drumm

The Presbyterian Church, where many Germans worshipped, is now very neglected. Contributed by Elfriede Drumm.

Swabian Museum - Elfriede Drumm visited the Danube Swabian museum located in the Werbass/Vrbas city hall. The city hall once belonged to the Schuch family and was also the village pharmacy. Elfriede Drumm was born in Werbass.  Her father was Rev. Adolf Drumm, Pastor of the Christ Methodist Church of Novi-Vrbas for 7 years from 1937-1944. It was a German speaking congregation. In 1952 Elfriede and her sister immigrated to the US and lived on Long Island. Elfriede has returned to her homeland village of Werbass 2 times, in 2003 and again in 2005.  Read Elfreide's "Mission Trip to Vrbas, Serbia. Aug, 2003."

Museum Photos:


Wikitsch (German)
Bácsbokod / Bacsbokod (Hungarian)
Bikity (Other)
Bököd / Bokod (Other)
Bigittya (Other)
Bikityi (Other)
Bácsbokod / Bácsbokod, Hungary (Official)

Wolfsburg (German)
Kula (Hungarian)
Alsó-Kula (Other)
Felsö-Kula (Other)
Turm (Other)
Kula, Serbia (Official)

A town and municipality in the West Bačka District of Vojvodina, Serbia.

DVHH Apatin Coordinator: Michael T. Rakszawski

DVHH Village Site:

Kula - The mass executions in Kula were hardly any less terrifying. In the fall of 1944 over two hundred Danube Swabians perished and the methods were even more brutal than in Werbass. Whole families were beaten to death. That was the case with Dr. Saur and his wife and two small children. Here again it was the intellectuals and leaders of the community who were on the liquidation lists.
"Genocide Carried out by the Tito Partisans" Österreichische Historiker-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Für Kärnten & Steiermark (Austrian Historian Working Group for Kärnten and Steiermark)

Silk Factory at Werbass/Vrbas
Towards the end of 1945 this former silk factory was established as a central camp for the Germans of the Middle-Batschka. It also had jurisdiction over the relatively large work camps at Tschervenka, Kula and Weprowatz. The conditions there were worse than in a prison. Since there was no more work to be done in the fields as of December 1946, the camp commander made the inmates stand in formation from 5 to 11 o'clock during the bitter cold winter mornings. Then he let them sit till evening in the court yard. The camp was most likely dissolved the beginning of 1948.

Erik Glässer Kula Photo Archives (Martin Glässer had a brick industry in Kula & the surrounding towns.)

Kula Monument of Heroes of the First World War - Who fought on the side of Austro-Hungarian Empire. © Photos of Erik Glässer, 2010-2012, Catholic cemetery of Kula.: The Monument | Inscription Translation | The Heroes (+Inscription of names)

Kula Catholic Chapel

Memorial Stone in 3 languages  

Portrait of World War Soldiers from Kula (Transcription of names coming soon.)

View of the town of Kula, 1941 (the Serbian Orthodox Church in forefront)

Protestant Meeting House for praying

Franzenskanal  (Canal)

Main Street in Kula

Roman Catholic Church in Kula (Photo taken by Erik Glässer, Apr 2012)

View of the town of Kula, 1941 (the Serbian Orthodox Church in forefront)

Erik Glässer Archives





Zombor (German)
Zombor (Hungarian)
Czoborszentmihály (older Hungarian name for the city)
Czobor-Szent-Mihály (Other)
Szombor (Other)
Sombor (Croatian)
Sombor, Serbia (Official)

City and municipality located in northwest part of Serbian autonomous province of Vojvodina.

Population of 51,471 (as of 2002), while the Sombor municipality has 97,263 inhabitants. It is the administrative center of the West Bačka District of Serbia.

 DVHH Zombor Coordinator: Vesna Ibrahimovic-Brbaklic of Sombor (Vojvodina) Serbia, is also the Coordinator for Batsch Monoschtor, since the villages are very close together. Vesna has just published her village site and invites you to visit it: Items for Monostorszeg will be added soon. [12 Dec 2010]

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Auslander, Jordan "Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary" Publisher: Avotaynu 2005

Regenyi, Isabella & Scherer, Anton "Donauschwabisches Ortsnamenbuch."  (name and location of towns). Published by the AkdFF, Darmstadt, Germany. 1987.

Geographisch-historisches und Produkten Lexikon von Ungarn By Johann Matthias Korabinsky

Dennis J. Bauer's Genealogical Banat Book Collection.

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Batschka Region Map
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