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The name Simon Podolski first appeared in Apatin church records in 1817 when his son Simon (b. 1787) married Elisabeth Kretzinger (b. 1796 Apatin).  This first Simon is listed as a resident of Kupusina but no further information is known of his or his wife's (Katharina Barbarsky) pre-Kupusina origins.

Their great-grandson, Simon, is my grandfather.

Christian Seiler was born about 1719 in the Reich (village unknown) and married his second wife, Anna Maria Stader, in 1759 in Apatin.

Their great-granddaughter, Rosina, is my grandmother.

With the help of Ron Gretz of the DVHH and Josef P. Schwend, Apatin historian, I have information on many branches of my family as far back as the late 1400's in Baden-Wuttemburg and the mid-1600's in villages in Lothringen.  My goal is to discover where my Podolskis came from before they settled in Apatin and where in the Reich my Seilers originated.

Besides all of my Apatin family surnames other early branches of my family settled in Bacs Brestowatz and Filipowa.

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