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Kruschevlje Concentration Camp Survivor

Maria Goodsell nee Stark

Excerpt from back cover:

I was born in Werschetz, Yugoslavia, before the outbreak of World War II, to my German parents Josef and Anna Stark. At the age of six my mother, sister and I fled our homeland because of Russian invasion and sought refuge in Czechoslovakia. We returned home after the war only to be captured by partisans and placed in a concentration camp. The aim of the camp was death by starvation. Mamma would sneak out of the camp in the middle of the night in search of food. If caught, the partisans would kill her. After one year we risked a daring escape to freedom.

[The book is out of print.]

Forever Free

by Maria Goodsell

Forever Free
© 1987 by Maria Goodsell
Published by Double M Publications
8268 Delaware Dr., Spring Hill, FL 33526
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 87-91182
146 pages


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