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Joseph Platter's Petition

To Your Roman Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty!

July 18th 786 AD in Sekitsch

    Your Imperial and Royal Majesty I most humbly have to inform you what happened with mother and my siblings, who were transferred from the Empire to here, and until this day we have been living for each other; but as I can not be compared to one of my step brothers I am presenting myself at the Impopulation’s office representative, who at the moment can not give me any answers; but since it is no longer possible for me to live with my step brother, and at the same time it can not be expected of myself to live with constant arguing and quarreling, by which actions our Almighty will be insulted. At the same time I most humbly beg your Imperial and Royal Majesty through the Royal Bacs Administration office to grant me not only a homestead but also a residential dwelling with stables, farm animals and whatever is necessary, as I am about to be married. With my deepest humility to your Roman Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty,

Szekits, July 5th 786 AD

Your humble, obedient underling

Joseph Platter, the new settler and underling of the village of Szekics in the

K.K. Bacs Cameral District

Translators note: (K.K. = Kaiserlich and Koeniglich = Imperial and Royal; the initials for the Royal Imperial Austrian Army)


[Contributed by Brigitte Wolf, translated by Rosina Schmidt. Published at DVHH.org by Jody McKim, 10 Jan 2004]

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