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The Batschka (German), Backa: (Serbo-Croatian), Bácska (Hungarian) is now divided between Hungary and Yugoslavia in the western part of Vojvodina in Serbia, boundaries being: north of Császártöltés, Hungary, East of the Theiß rivers, south and west of the Danube River and centers to Novi-Sad, Zombor.  Between the rivers Danube and Theiß with the cities Abthausen / Apatin, Neusatz / Novi Sad, and Ulmenau / Batsch-Brestowatz.

Batschka, The fruitful land between the Danube &
the Theiß

By Josef Schramm
Translated by Brad Schwebler

The region in the middle of the Danube came under Hapsburg ownership at the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth centuries.  At the time wide stretches of the land were swampy and almost devoid of people.  The emperor in Vienna wanted to see this stretch of land in the neighborhood of the Turkish border settled and called on people of different nations under the dominion of the crown.  Families and clans came from the present day lands of France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and besides that accepted refugees from Turkey: Croatia and Serbia.  The people must first create their new homeland through hard work.  The consciousness of these achievements connected the south Pannonian people,


completely the same as the language or religion they belonged to.  The Hungarian speaking people called their new homeland “Délvidék” and considered themselves as a new branch of Hungarians.  The Slovakian speaking people called the land “Vojvodina” and themselves “Vojvodjani”.  The German speaking people formed the new branch of Germans called the Donauschwaben.  These three groups determined the economical, cultural, and political life of the south Pannonians.  The political leadership lay at times with one, at times with the others.  Like in the other Donauschwaben settlement regions, people also lived in the Batschka until World War II peacefully next to each other.  Then began the days in which all people between the Danube and the Theiß have suffered and the Donauschwaben were the actual victims of the national hate. Read More . . .

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Karavukovo, Miletitsch, & Hodschag Photos by Izolda Kovács, Batschka, Serbia, 2012

Ace Simon recognized his grandfather, Dr. K. (Károly/Karl) Schick in the picture of WW1 Kula's soldiers portrait, top row "K. Schick". Dr. Schick was a lawyer in Kula. [Reported by Erik Glässer, 16 Feb 2014]

Danube Swabian in Bulgaria [19 Jun 2013]

Mike Rakszawski of Warminster is the new Village Coordinator for Kula/Wolfsburg & Obrowatz. Mike's grandmother came from Kula, and his grandfather, from Obrovac. Mike is a member of the Danube Schwabian Association of Philadelphia and dances in their folk dance group. He's met a few members of DVHH at recent Landestreffen events and says he is happy to get more involved.
[8 Feb 2013]

DVHH Village Site:

Revised Section: Atrocities Against the Danube Swabian Starting in 1944 [15 Jan 2013]

Jakob Hunsinger, 78, of Mansfield, Ohio, died Saturday, July 21, 2012 at his home. He was a 54 year member of the Mansfield Liederkranz spending over 40 years as their President.

Tribute to a Dedicated DVHH Volunteer, Maxine Schwellinger Jones [21 Jul 2012]

As of 17 Jul 2012, DVHH has discontinued its Membership 'Partner' level. The existing Partners will be grandfathered into their prospective regions of research for all time. In the Batschka we have:

   PODOLSKI & SEILER Families of APATIN - Family of Beth Tolfree

   Memories from Gakowa - by Katherine Flotz, nee Hoeger

   HARJUNG & GILLMANN Families of Apatin, Batschsentivan, Karawukawo - Family of Angelika Steckley

   LIEBLANG, ROSCHIRT, ROHRBACHER & KUHN Families - of James Lieblang


Erik Glässer, our newest Batschka Contributor has brought to us some exciting new additions to the Batschka section. More to come, so please check back!

[Contributed to DVHH by Erik Glässer, published by Jody McKim Pharr, 21 Apr - 22 Jun 2012.]


Paula Schleis, our latest Batschka Contributor has provided us some exciting new additions to the Batschka section. More to come, so please check back!

A Small History To Remember By Andrea Ballreich [20 Apr 2012]

WÜSCHT, Johann *1897 Militisch (Batschka)
Author, Political Historian & Sociologist [19 Apr 2012]

Monument in Altker, photo taken by Andrea Ballreich [15 Apr 2012]

Reiner P. Pister, CT - USA (4 Mar 2012)
Lookups Guide for Batschka Villages:
Familienbuch der Deutschen von Feketitsch in der Batschka by Brigitte & Gunther Wolf.
Familienbuch Sekitsch in der Batschka 1786-1944, Vol 1 & 2 by Brigitte & Gunther Wolf.
Ortssippenbuch Sekitsch by Franz Glockner.
Sekitsch Erlebte Heimat by Philipp Sandles.

Mr Tomislav Ketig of Novi Sad, a writer of German origin, received the first prize for his novel "The Long Shadow of Dawning" from the District of Baden-Wuerttenberg and a special prize of the Frankfurt Book Fair. His novel is about the destiny of the first settlers to Batschka. Published in German language in May 2011. You can find some excerpts of his novel on, section Literature. -Vesna Ibrahimovic, DVHH Sombor Coordinator [29 Oct 2011]

"Bei den Deutschen in der Batschka" (The Germans in the Batschka) 1933, Gustav Buchheim (Author/Editor).  Article from Magazine: "Durch alle Welt" - Publisher:  Peter J. Oestergaard Verlag, Berlin, 1933. [17 Sep 2008]

Homepage Tscheb -
Hallo nach Trenton, habe soeben Ihre Homepage von Palanka mit deutscher Übersetzung gefunden. Ich möchte Ihnen gerne die Homepage von Tscheb nennen:
_Tscheb war der Nachbarort von Palanka. In 2005 fand eine Busreise in die alte Heimat mit ca. 50 Tschebern statt. Wir haben in Palanka im Hotel FONTANA gewohnt. Ich dachte, vielleicht interessiert Sie das? Greetings from Germany, Elfriede Korol geb. Ernst (1941)
ENGLISH: Hello to Trenton, I just found your website from Palanka, with German translation. I would like to give you the website of Tscheb:
_Tscheb was the neighboring town of Palanka. In 2005, a bus trip took place in the old home place with about 50 Czech Bern. We stayed at the Hotel Fontana in Palanka. I thought maybe you want to know? Greetings from Germany, Elfriede nee Korol Ernst (1941).
[Dennis Bauer, 20 Feb 2008]

  Vesna Ibrahimovic-Brbaklic of Sombor (Vojvodina) Serbia, Zombor Village Coordinator, joined us last February and recently volunteered to be the Coordinator for Batsch Monoschtor, the villages are very close together. Vesna invites you to visit her village site: Items for Batsch Monoschtor will be added soon. [12 Dec 2010]

DVHH Lookups Guide: Hans Kopp - Batschsentiwan Settlers List 1764 to 1768 By Dr. Anton Tafferner “Heimatbuch Batschsentiwan” [18 Oct 2010]

DVHH Lookups Guide: Hans Kopp - Batschsentiwan Settlers Street Directory - by year, name and house number listed by street name. By Dr. Anton Tafferner “Heimatbuch Batschsentiwan” [18 Oct 2010]

Batschka Biographies additions: Dennis J. Bauer [13 Jul 2010]

DVHH Lookups Guide: Gabriele Steger - Legin (Rigitza, Ridjica, etc): Familienbuch Ridjica, Batschka, 1804-1943 by Michael Hutfluss [08 Apr 2010]

DVHH Lookups Guide: Gabriele Steger - Kruschiwl (Krusevlje, etc): Familienbuch Kruschiwl, Batschka, 1826 (1763)-1943 by Gertrud and Johann Schnaterbeck. [08 Apr 2010]

Batsch-Sentiwan Fasching Photo

Vesna Ibrahimovic-Brbaklic of Sombor (Vojvodina) Serbia, Village Coordinator: Zombor / Sombor [23 Feb 2010] ~ web site coming soon!

Jarek Village site (German) Contact: Inge Morgenthaler

Ludwig Keck goes online with the new DVHH Schowe Village Site
[10 May 2009]

Ludwig Keck, of GA - USA, Village Coordinator: Schowe [06 April 2009]

Boris Masic, of Apatin, Serbia joins Beth Tolfree as Apatin Village Coordinator. (German correspondence only, please) [17 Mar 2009]

A Collection of Genealogical Information of Palankaer-Americans & Related Families 1895-2008, by Dennis Bauer 

Portions of the Bulkes Heimatbuch, 1984 [11 Oct 2008]

DVHH Lookups Guide: Conny Eberhardt - Familien und Ortssippenbuch (Family & Village book) of Zabalj / Josefsforf [28 Jul 2008]

Franz Eisenhut - Artist of Palanka, Batschka

Haigermoos - Camp, Remembrances of my Time in Austria by Adam Martini, translation by Trentoner Donauschwaben Nachrichten Newsletter staff

Palankaers in attendance at our 51st Trenton Donauschwaben Anniversary Dinner on 14 October 2007


Batschka Coat of Arms

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