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Hungarian Highlands also known as Südwestliches ungarisches Mittelgebirge (Southwest Hungarian low mountain range) is in present-day Hungary and includes Veszprém County.  Borders north to the Danube river, east at the turn of the Danube river near Budapest, south at Lake Balaton and west at the Raab (Raba) river. Settlement centers were Buchenwald (Bakony Mts.), Schildgebirge, Ofner Bergland with Budapest.

Map showing the Bakony Mountains within the Hungarian Middle Mountains.
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Offener Bergland refers to the major Swabian villages that form a ring around Budapest, hence its name.  Offen is the German name for Buda which is a Bulgarian word for oven and guess what Offen means in German?  The Buchenwald is the German word to describe the Bakony Forest region which is a large sprawling region north of Lake Balaton including several counties.


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23 Jul 2011 Hungarian Highlands Biographies

10 Jan 2009 - Frank Czeiner volunteers to be the Village Coordinator for Tósokberénd / Tosok Berend located in Veszprém County.

Aug 2008 - John Busch volunteers to be the Hungarian Highlands Regional Coordinator

03 Jan 2007 - Sylvia Weimar volunteers to be the Village Coordinator for Wudersch/Budaörs, a town in Pest county, Budapest metropolitan area, Hungary.

Oct 2006 - Memorial to the Expulsion of the Germans in Budaörs (Ofner Bergland with Budapest)



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