Nick Tullius &
Jody McKim Pharr

The Banat Villages
Home of the Danube Swabian for over 200 years.





Genealogical Travel:
Discovering your ancestral villages!

"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful,
we must carry it with us or we find it not."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


1904 - Excerpts from a Banaters life & village as a child & young women, Laurie Ackermann Boyett

1912 - Destitute to America - Experiences, Kurt Aram

1950, Remember Where You Came From, Alex Leeb

1989, A Visit to Nitzkydorf, Duncan B. Gardiner

1999, Trip to Banat: Temeswar, St. Andreas, Mercydorf, Kalatscha, Hodon, Billed & Knees, Alex Leeb

2002, Trip to Semlak, Rose Mary Hughes

2004, Banat Images, Jody McKim

2004, Re-visiting the Banat, Diana Lambing

2005, Trip to Banat - Kleinbetschkerek, Kyle S. Goodmann

2005, Visit to Lenauheim, Kyle S. Goodmann

2005, Mehala, Kyle S. Goodmann

2005, Back to Banat, Jody McKim

2005, Trip to Banat - Visit to Mehala, Kyle S. Goodmann

2005, Orzydorf, Jody McKim

2005, Visiting the Banat Oct. 2005 A Travelogue, JoAnn Vanderheite

2008, Trip to the Banat, So familiar, and yet so different by Nick Tullius

2008, Trip to Temeswar/Timişoara by Nick Tullius

2011, Trip to Lenauheim, Banat with Frances "Fran" Bennett Lehmann


Transportation, Translators & Guides

Calin Boruga | Banat - Timisoara | Transportation & Translator | Telephone: 0722534647
Recommended by Jody McKim Pharr: Calin is fair & negotiable on his fees. I wouldn't visit RO without his assistance.


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