South Banat District - Vojvodina

Dél-bánsági körzet
Južnobanatski okrug

Južnobanatski okrug

Districtul Banatul de Sud

Northeastern district of Serbia (the Serbian Banat)

          In 1920, the Vojvodina was detached from Hungary and was granted to the Kingdom of Serbia in the Treaty of Trianon, and in 1945 it became part of Yugoslavia.  Vojvodina is situated in the northern part of Serbia. The region is divided by the Danube and Tisza rivers into: Bačka in the northwest, Banat in the east and Syrmia (Srem) in the southwest. A small part of the Mačva region is also located in Vojvodina, in the Srem District. Today, the western part of Syrmia is in Croatia, the northern part of Bačka is in Hungary, the eastern part of Banat is in Romania (with a small piece in Hungary), while Baranja (which is between the Danube and the Drava) is in Hungary and Croatia. Vojvodina is also part of the Danube-Kris-Mures-Tisa euro region.

Seat of the district in Pančevo.

South Banat District has 8 municipalities; - towns & -- villages.

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