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Banat is a geographical and historical region in Central Europe currently divided between three countries, Romania, Serbia and Hungary:

The eastern part lies in western Romania in the following counties:

Timis County (Romanian) / Temes Megye (Hungarian) is a county of Western Romania, in the historical region Banat with the county seat at Timisoara (German: Temeschburg/Temeswar) (Hungarian: Temesvar). It is the largest county in Romania. More about Timis County.
Caras-Severin County (Romanian) / Krassó-Szörény Megye (Hungarian), a county of southwestern Romania, in historical region Banat, with the county seat at Reşiţa. Situated on the Danube left side, between the Southern Carpathians and the south part of the Western Carpathians.  It is bounded on the south and west by Serbia. With 8,514 km2, it is the third largest county in Romania, after Timis and Suceava counties. It is also the county through which the Danube River enters Romania. More about Caras-Severin County.
Arad County (Romanian), south of the Mures/Maros river and Mehedinti. More about Arad County.
Transylvania: Hunedoara County - Western Romania - Hunedoara (Romanian) is a county (Județ) of Romania, in Transylvania, with its capital city at Deva. In Hungarian: Hunyad megye; German: Kreis Hunedoara, and in Slovak: Hunedoara. More about Hunedora County.

The western part in lies in northeastern Serbia (Serbian Banat).

Mostly included in the Vojvodina region:
South Banat District
North Banat District
Central Banat District

A small northern part in southeastern Hungary:

Csongrád County (Hungarian) - a small part of the Csongrád county (comitatus), namely the area located in the southern angle formed by the Tisa and the Mureş, as far as the state border with Romania and Serbia. More about Csongrád County.

3 Counties of Banat in 1778

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