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Trip to Lenauheim, Banat
Frances "Fran" Bennett Lehmann
Published at Mar 04, 2004 by Jody McKim Pharr.

From: Fran Bennett  To: Jody McKim; Alex Leeb Sent: March 04, 2011 Subject: I'm Going to Lenauheim

Dear Jody & Alex -

John Korneind suggested I contact you regarding my search for a nice hotel in Timisoara where my  adult daughter and I can stay while visiting our ancestral home of Lenauheim. I've always wanted to visit and my lifelong dream will actually come true this May.

I've done lots of research and have assembled terrific assets but I was hoping you could advise a quality hotel. Also, I come from the Lehmann and Hoeckle family of Lenauheim where my paternal Grandparents were born in the late 1800s. How might you advise my attempting to contact my relations who may still be living there now? That would just be too wonderful for words.

Thank you SO MUCH for your websites, they've been a huge help!
Sincerely -
Frances Lehmann, Austin, TX

From: Jody McKim To: Fran Bennett; Alex Leeb  Sent: March 04, 2011 Subject: I'm Going to Lenauheim

Hi Fran,

I recommend you contact Calin, he will pick you up at the airport and can even help arrange accommodations for ya'll. Tell him I referred you to him. He can take you to where you want to go in Banat and translate for you.  He's been a wonderful guide for me during 3 of my trips. SEE:

Below are my tips for accommodations:
Calin can also assist you with stay arrangements.
Let us know what your final plans will be and if you are able to connect with Calin.
Wish I were going with you!
Tell Calin I said hello. 

Jody McKim, Georgia

From: Fran Bennett  To: Jody McKim Sent: March 05, 2011 Subject: I'm Going to Lenauheim

Oh my Goodness, Jody, what an amazing asset, bless your heart! I can't believe how incredibly this has kicked up my hopes for Lenauheim. I just spent twenty minutes speaking personally with Calin, who sounds like quite a jovial fellow and between picking us up, driving us around, translating, seeking out relations in advance and visiting the cemetery, well, I could just cry about what you have done for my daughter and me.

From: Fran Bennett  To: Jody McKim Sent: March 26, 2011 Subject: Calin Boruga Endorsement

In May of 2011 I visited Lenauheim, Romania, in pursuit of my ancestral roots; it was a trip about which I had only dreamed for thirty years! At Jody McKim's suggestion I engaged the services of Calin Boruga, an English speaking cab driver in the west Romanian city of Timisoara who served as our driver, translator & guide. Not only was Calin EXCELLENT at the services for which he was engaged, but he was also delightful company! My adult daughter and I spent almost 72 hours with him (including dinner at his home with his lovely family...twice!) and there was never an awkward moment. Calin facilitated my EVERY hope for this trip as well as a few amazing, unexpected bonuses. My daughter and I now think of Calin as family...and so will you! (by the way, Calin may recommend the Zefir hotel; my advice is...take his recommendations!:)  Calin's email is:

Frances "Fran" Bennett Lehmann
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