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Locations of German & Bulgarian families from Danube Swabian Settlement Areas:

Banat Villages     Batschka Villages

Altbeschenowa / Alt Beschenowa (German)
Óbesenyö (Hungarian)
Beşenova / Besenova / Besenova Veche
Obesenyo / Óbesenyő, Obessenyo / Óbessenyő
Besenje / Bešenje, Besenyo / Besenyő
Bessenyo, Bessenew, Beşeneu

Stara Beshenova  
Stár Bišnov (Bulgarian)
Besenova Veche / Beşenova Veche (Romanian)
Dudestii Vechi / Dudeștii-Vechi, Romania (Official)



Denta (German)
Denta (Hungarian)
Denta, Romania (Official)
Denta is a commune in Timiş County, Romania, composed of four villages: Breștea, Denta, Rovinița Mare and Rovinița Mică. Breștea

  • Brešćа: Bulgarian, Berestye: Hungarian, was founded in 1842 by around 110 families of Roman Catholic Banat Bulgarians from Dudeștii Vechi (Stár Bišnov). Another source stated founded in 1846.

Berestye (Hungarian)
, Romania (Official)
1910 census, total population was 1004, 53 Hungarians, 26 Germans, 20 Romanians, Bulgarians 889. Ebből 962 Roman Catholic, 35 görögkeleti ortodox volt. 962 of whom were Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox 35. The total population in 1941 was 914. In 1930, 93.2% of the population was Bulgarian, and in 1956, 96.2%.

Alsósztamora (Hungarian)
Németsztamora (Hungarian)
Stamora Germană, Romania (Official)

Gertianosch (German)
Gyertyámos (Hungarian)
, Romania (Official)

Homolitz (German)
licz (Hungarian)
Homolica (Hungarian)
Omolica (Hungarian)
Omlód (Hungarian)
Omoliţa (Romanian)
Omoljica, Serbia (Official)

Janowa (German)
Temesjenő (Hungarian)
Margitfalva (Hungarian)
Janova (Hungarian)
Jeno (Other)
Ianovici (Other)
Ivanovo (Bulgarian)
Ianova, Romania (Official)

Omor (German)
Rovinița Mare, Romania (Official)
East from Deta

Schag (German)

Temessag (Hungarian)
 Romania (Official)

Semlak, (German)
, Romania (Official)

Winga (German)
Winga an der Marosch (German)

Vinga (Hungarian)
Theresiopolis (Other)
Vinga Nouă (Official)
Vinga, Romania (Official)

Eugenwall (German)
Mackensenhorst (German)
Magazin (German)
Altfutok (German)
Ófutak (Hungarian)
Alt-Futok /Alt-Futak (Other)
Futak / O-Futak / Futok / Ó-Futak (Other)
Futog / Ratkai(Other)
Stari Futog, Serbia

Konak (German)
Kannak (Josephinische)
Serbia (Official)

Temerin (Hungarian)
Temeri (Other)
Almás (Other)
Temerin, Serbia







Sources Used For This Work

1. Village list & profiles researched & compiled by Jody McKim Pharr, 2008-2013. [Last Updated: 27 Jun 2013

2. Auslander, Jordan "Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary." Published by Avotaynu, 2005.

3. (DSO) Regenyi, Isabella & Scherer, Anton "Donauschwabisches Ortsnamenbuch" (name & location of towns), AkdFF, 1987.

4. Romanian census data, 2002; retrieved on March 1, 2010


5. Mircea, Anton (1997). Brešćа – 150 gudini. Monografija/ Breştea 150 de ani. Timişoara.

[Published at by Jody McKim Pharr]




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Romanian: Judet
German: Grafschaft
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