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Banat is a geographical and historical region in Central Europe currently divided between three countries, Romania, Serbia and Hungary:

The eastern part lies in Western Romania in the following counties:

Timis County (Romanian) / Temes Megye (Hungarian) is a county of, Western Romania, in the historical region Banat, with the county seat at Timisoara (German: Temeschburg / Temeswar, Hungarian: Temesvar. It is the largest county in Romania. Timis County has 2 municipalities, 8 towns and 89 villages.

Caras-Severin County (Romanian) / Krassó-Szörény Megye (Hungarian), a county of southwestern Romania, in historical region Banat, with the county seat at Reşiţa. Situated on the Danube left side, between the Southern Carpathians and the south part of the Western Carpathians.  It is bounded on the south and west by Serbia. With 8,514 km2, it is the third largest county in Romania, after Timis and Suceava counties. It is also the county through which the Danube River enters Romania.

Arad County, south of the Mures/Maros river and Mehedinti.

The western part in northeastern Serbia (the Serbian Banat), mostly included in the Vojvodina region: South Banat District (Vojvodina) & North Banat District except for a small part included in Central Serbia.

A small northern part in southeastern Hungary in Csongrád county.

-Nick Tullius

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Timis | Vojvodina | Caras-Severin | Arad


3 Counties of Banat in 1778

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Agaditsch (German)
(falu) (Hungarian)
Agadics (Hungarian)
Agadici, Romania (Official)
Albrechtsflor (German)
Kleentermin (German)
Kleintermin (German)
Kisteremia (Hungarian)
Teremé (Hungarian)
Albrechtsflur (Other)
Kleentermin (Other)
Teremia Mică, Romania (Official)
Alexanderhausen (German)
Sandorhaza (Hungarian)
Schanderhaas (Schwowisch)
Sandra, Romania (Official)
Iwanowo (German)
Sándoregyháza (Hungarian)
Sandorhegyhaza (Hungarian)
Nagygyörgyfalva (Hungarian)
Ivanovo, Serbia (Official)
Alisbrunn (German)
Alibunár / Alibunar (Hungarian)
Alibunar, Serbia (Official)
Aliosch (German)
Allios (Hungarian)
Temesillésd  (Hungarian)
Alioş, Romania (Official)
Almafa (Hungarian)
Mörul (Hungarian)
Merul (Other)
Măru / Mărul, Romania (Official)
Almas-Egres (Hungarian)
Agris (Hungarian)
Agrisu Mare, Romania (Official)
Almád (Hungarian)
Iablanca (Romanian)
(DS Ortsnamenbuch)
Jablanka, Serbia (Official)
Alsóvarány (Hungarian)
Vrány (Hungarian)
Vraniu (Romanian)
Vrani, Romania (Official)
Altbeba (German)
Óbeba (Hungarian)
Beba Veche, Romania (Official)
Altbeschenowa / Alt Beschenowa (German)
Óbesenyö (Hungarian)
Stár Bišnov (Bulgarian)
Dudestii-Vechi, Romania (Official)
Alt Bortscha (German)
Bortscha (German)
Ó-Bórcsa / Óbórcsa (Hungarian)
Bórcsa (Hungarian)
Borča, Serbia (Official)
Alt Etschka / Alt-Etschka (German)
AlteEtschka (German)
Deutsch-Etschka (German)
Olahécska (Hungarian)
Román-Écska (Hungarian)
Románécska (Hungarian)
Német-Écska / Németécska (Hungarian)
Écska (Hungarian)
Ecica / Ecica Română (Romanian)
Mala Ečka -former name; merged with: Ečka, Serbia (Official)
Altlez / Altletz / Alt Letz (German)
Altletz (Official)
Stari Lec, Serbia (Official)
Altkischoda (German)
Alt Kischoda (German)
Oteslöd (Hungarian)
Chisoda, (Romanian)
Chisoda Veche, Romania (Official)
Altmoldowa (German)
Alt Moldowa (German)
Moldova (Josephinische)
Ómoldova (Hungarian)
Moldova Veche, Romania (Official)
Alt Moschnitz (German)
Mosnicza (Hungarian)
Mosnita Veche, Romania (Official)
AltPalanka / Alt-Palanka (German)
Ó-Palánka (Hungarian)
Banatska Palanka, Serbia (Official)
Alt-Paulisch (German)
Paulisch (German)
Neu-Paulisch (German)
Paulits (Josephinische)
Pálos (Hungarian)
Ópaulis (Hungarian)
Ópálos (Hungarian)
Paulis (Hungarian)
Păuliş (Romanian)
Paulişul Vechiu (Romanian)
Új-paulis (Romanian)
Păulisul Nou
, Romania (Official)
Alt-Petschka (German)
Pecska (Josephinische)
Ópécska (Hungarian)
Oláhpécska (Hungarian)
Románpécska (Hungarian)
Rácpécska (Hungarian)
Magyarpécska (Hungarian)
Rovine (Other)
Pecica Ungureasc
ă (Romanian)
Pecica Veche
, Romania (Official)
Altringen (German)
Kisrecas (Hungarian)
Altringen, Romania (Official)
Altsadowa (German)
Ószagyva (Hungarian)
Sadowa (Other)
Sadova Veche, Romania (Official)
Alt Sankt Ana (German)
Alt-St. -Anna (German)
Alt-Sanktanna (German)
Komlosch (German)
Komlusch (German)
Kumlusch (German)
Komlos (Josephinische)
Komlós (Hungarian)
Ószentanna (Hungarian)
Sântana Veche (Romanian)
Comlăus, Romania (Official)
Anina: see Steierdorf-Anina
Apfeldorf (German)
Appeldorf (German)
Jabuka (Josephinische)
Almas (Hungarian)
Torontálalmás (Hungarian)
Jabuka (Јабука), Serbia (Official)
Arad (German) (Josephinische)
Altarad (German)
Arad, Aradó, Arado (Hungarian)
Orod, Orodo (Hungarian)
Óarad (Hungarian)
Ó-Arad (Hungarian)
Arad-Vetus (Hungarian)
Aradu-Vechiu (Hungarian)
Araduvechiu (Hungarian)
Arad, Romania (Official)
Aradatz (German)
Aradi (Hungarian)
Felső- és Alsóaradi
Arrataz (Josephinische)
Aradac (Serbian & Croatian)
Aradáč (Slovak)
Aradac, Serbia (Official) & Croatian
Aratsch see: Neu-Betsche (German)
Arad-Sankt-Martin (German)
Aradsanktmartin (German)
Arad-St.-Marton (German)
Sanktmartin (German)
Szt. Martin (Josephinische)
Szentmárton (Hungarian)
Arad-Szentmárton (Hungarian)
Sînmartin, Romania (Official)
Armönisch (German)
Armenisch (Josephinische)
Örményes (Hungarian)
Alsóörményes (Hungarian)
Felsőörményes (Hungarian)
Armenisiu (Hungarian)
Armönis (Hungarian)
Ormeniş (Other)
Armeniş, Romania (Official)
Aurelheim (German)
Ollerhas (German)
Áurelháza (Hungarian)
Raut, Răuţ (Romanian)
Răuti, Romania (Official)
County Color Queues
Timis | Caras-Severin | Vojvodina: S. Banat District | N. Banat District | Central Serbia | Arad


(Bad) Busiasch (German)
Busiasch (Josephinische)
Buziasfürdö (Hungarian)
Buziás (Hungarian)
Buziaş, Romania (Official)
Bakowa (German)
Bakovár (Hungarian)
Bacova, Romania (Official)
Balintz (German)
Balinz (German)
Balintin (German)
Bálinc (Hungarian)
Balinţ, Romania (Official)
Rustendorf (German)
Beresztócz (Hungarian)
Bresztovácztorontál / Bresztovacz (Hungarian)
Banatski Brestovac, Serbia (Official)
Banat Topola (German)
Torontáltopolya (Hungarian)
Banatska Topola
, Serbia (Official)
Banater Hof (German)
Rogensdorf (German)
Dvor (German)
Idvarnok (Hungarian)
Itvarnok (Hungarian)
Törzsudvarnok -before 1867 (Hungarian)
Szőllősudvarnok -after 1867 (Hungarian)
Banatski Dvor, Serbia (Official)
Banater Neudorf (German)
Neudorf (German)
Pfefferthal (German)
Nova Sella
Banátujfalu / Banát-Újfalu (Hungarian)
Ujfalu (Hungarian)
Réva-Ujfalu (Hungarian)
Révújfalu (Hungarian)
Satu Nou (Romanian)
Banatsko Novo Selo, Serbia
Banatsko Veliko Selo
Sankt Hubert
(Part of Banatsko Veliko Selo)
(Part of Banatsko Veliko Selo)
(Part of Banatsko Veliko Selo)
Banlok (German)
Bánlak (Hungarian)
Banloc, Romania (Official)
Bánya (Hungarian)
Bănia, Romania (Official)
Baraczka (Hungarian)
Baratca, Romania (Official)
Baranda, (German)
Báránda, Serbia (Official)
Barbotza (German)
Barbos (Hungarian)
Bărbosu, Romania (Official)
*Baschaid (German)
Klein Kikinda (German)
Bassahid (German)
Bašaid (Other)
Bašajid, Serbia (Official)
**Central OR North, note: Bikač, officially part of Bašaid
Baratzhausen (German)
Baraczháza (Hungarian)
Berndjas (Other)
Barnias (Other)
Bărăteaz, Romania (Official)
Basosch (German)
Bassosch (German)
Bazoşu Nou / Neu Basosch (German)
Új Bázos (Hungarian)
Bázos, Bázós (Hungarian)
Bazoşu Vechi (Other)
Bazoş, Romania (Official)
Baumgarten (German)
Fakert (Hungarian)
Baumgartl (Other)
Livada, Romania (Official)
Bawanischte (German)
Bavanischte (German)
Homokbálványos (Hungarian)
Bavanişte (Romanian)
Bavanište, Serbia (Official)
Bázosd (Hungarian)

Basziest, Basziesti

Baszest (Hungarian)
Begheiu Mic, Romania (Official)
Bégakalodva (Hungarian)
Gladova (German)
Kalodva (Hungarian)
Kládova (Hungarian)
Cladova, Romania (Official)
Belintz (German)
Bellinz (German)
Bellentz (Josephinische)
Belence (Hungarian)
Belinţ, Romania (Official)
Benzenz (German)
Bencenc (Hungarian)
Bencencz (Hungarian)
Binţinţi (Other)
Aurel Vlaicu, Romania (Official)
Beudra (German)
Beodra (Josephinische)
Beodra (Serbian)
Beodra (Hungarian)
Novo Miloševo, Serbia (Official)
Berlischte (German)
Perlistie (German)
Berlisztye (Hungarian)
Berlişte, Romania (Official)
Bersaska (German)
Perschaschka (German)
Bersaska (German)
Berg Saska (German)
Berzászka (Hungarian)
Berzasca, Romania (Official)
Berschowia (German)
Schidovin (German)
Zsidovin (Hungarian)
Zsidoviniu (Hungarian)
Berzovia, Romania (Official)
Bersing (German)
Bersa (German)
Börzsény (Hungarian)
Börsza (Hungarian)
Bârza (Other)
, Romania (Official)
Bethausen (German)
Bethlenhaus (German)
Bettenhausen (German)
Bethlenhas (Other)
Betleaz (local dialect)
Bethausen, Romania (Official)
Billed (German)
Bilyéd (Hungarian)
Belled (Other)
Biled, Romania (Official)
Binisch (German)
, Romania (Official)
Birda (German)
Birda (Hungarian)
Birda, Romania (Official)
Bisztracseres (Hungarian)
Cseresbisztra (Hungarian)
Csirésa (Hungarian)
Cserese Pistra (Romania)
Cireşa, Romania (Official)
Blaschova (German)
Balázsd (Hungarian)
Balázsfalva (Hungarian)
Blásova (Hungarian)
Blajova, Romania (Official)
Blumenthal (German)
Máslak (Hungarian)
Maşloc, Romania (Official)
Bogarosch (German)
Bogarisch, (German)
Bogáros (Hungarian)
Bulgăreni (Romania)
Bulgăruş, Romania (Official)
Bojtorjános (Hungarian)
Scăiuş, Romania (Official)
Boka (German)
Bóka (Hungarian)
Boka, Serbia (Official)
Bokszég (Hungarian)
Bakonyszeg (Hungarian)
Bakszeg (Hungarian)
Bocsig, Romania (Official)
Boldur (German)
Boldor (Hungarian)
Boldur, Romania (Official)
Bolvasnica (Hungarian)
Bolvás (Hungarian)
Alsóbolvasnica (Hungarian)
Felsőbolvasnica (Hungarian)
Polvaschniza (Josephinische Landesaufnahme, 1769-72)
Bolvaşniţa, Romania (Official)
Bolwaschnitza Val. (German)
Bolvasvölgy (Hungarian)
Valea Bolvas (Hungarian)
Valea Bolvaşniţei (Romanian)
Valea Bolvaşniţa, Romania (Official)
Borlova (German)
Borló (Hungarian)
Porlova (Other)
Borlowa (Other)
Borlova, Romania (Official)
Borlovény (Hungarian)
Óborlovény (Hungarian)
Óborlovén  (Hungarian)
Borlovény (Hungarian)
Újborlovény /
Uj-Borlovény / Borloven (Uj-) (Other)

Borloven (1769-72)
Borloveniu nou (Other)
Borlovenii-Noui (Other)
Borloveniu Vechiu (Romanian)
Borlovenii Noi (Romanian)
Borlovenii Vechi, Romania (Official)
Borosjenö (Hungarian)
Ineu, Romania (Official)
Bortscha see: Alt Bortscha (German)
Boschur (German)
Bozsar (Hungarian)
Bozsor (Hungarian)
Traian Vuia, Romania (Official)
Bosowitsch (German)
Bozovics (Hungarian)
Bozowitsch (Other)
Bozovici, Romania (Official)
Botosch (German)
Bótos (Hungarian)
Botoš, Serbia (Official)
Botschar (German)
Bočar (German) (Josephinische)
Bocsár (Hungarian)
Bočar, Serbia (Official)
Brassova (German)
Béganyíresd (Hungarian)
Brázová (Hungarian)
Brázova (Hungarian)
Beganyresd (Other)
Breazova, Romania (Official)
Brestowatz (German) (See: The Three Brestowatz Villages)
Prestovaz (Josephinische)
Aga (Hungarian)
Temes-Aga / Temesaga
Temesbresztovác (Hungarian)
Bresztovac (Hungarian)
Brusturi (1924-25) (Other)
Brestovăţ, Romania (Official)
Bresondorf (German)
Bresendorf (German)
Brezendorf (German)
Bressondorf (German)
Barsónyfalva (Hungarian)
Breszonfalva (Hungarian)
Brezon, Romania (Official)
Brostyán (Hungarian)
Broszeny (Hungarian)
Krassóborostyán (Hungarian)
Prostian (Other)
Brosceniu (Other)
Broşteni, Romania
Bruckenau (German)
Hidásliget (Hungarian)
Pişchia, Romania (Official)
Buchberg (German)
Bükkhegy (Hungarian)
Bükhegy (Hungarian)
Bükkhegyi (Hungarian)
Szintár (Other)
Sintar, Romania (Official)
Bukin See: Krumpendorf (German)
Bukowetz (German)
Bucovăţ, Romania (Official)
Bukowitz (German)
vica (Hungarian)
, Serbia (Official)
Bulgarische Kolonie (German)
Bolgártelep (Hungarian)
Telepa (Bulgarian)
Colonia Bulgară, Romania (Official)
Busad (Hungarian)
Buzád, Romania (Official)
Butin (German)
Temesbökény (Hungarian)
Temes-Buttyin (Hungarian)
Bökény (Hungarian)
Buttyin (Hungarian)
Buttin (Josephinische)
Butin, Romania (Official)
Buziás see: (Bad) Busiasch (German)
County Color Queues
Timis | Caras-Severin | Vojvodina: S. Banat District | N. Banat District | Central Serbia | Arad


Charleville (German)
Károlyliget (Hungarian)
Banatsko Veliko Selo, Serbia (Official)
Charlottenburg (German)
Saroltavár (Hungarian)
Schalotteborch (Schwowisch)
Charlotenburg, Romania (Official) 
Csernethas (German/Josephinische)
Csernegyház (Hungarian)
Csernegyháza (Hungarian)
Csernetház (Hungarian)
Cerneteaz, Romania (Official)
Cameral Tschiklowa / Cam. (German)
Wallachisch-Tschiklowa (German)
Wallachische Cziklova (Josephinische)
Csiklófalu (Hungarian)
Oláhcsiklova (Hungarian)
Románcsiklova (Hungarian)
Ciclova Română, Romania (Official)
County Color Queues
Timis | Vojvodina | Caras-Severin | Arad


Darowa (German)
Kranichstätten (German)
Daruvár (Hungarian)
Daruwa (Other)
Darova, Romania (Official)
Debeljatscha (German)
Torontálvásárhely / Torontalvasarhely (Hungarian)
Debeljaca, Serbia (Official) 
Deliblat (German)
Deliblát / Deliblat (Hungarian)
Deliblato, Serbia (Official)
Denta (Hungarian)
Denta (German)
Denta, Romania (Official)
Deschan (German)
Dezsánfalva / Dezsanfalva (Hungarian)
Deschandorf (German)
Dejan, Romania (Official)
Detta (Hungarian)
Detta (German)
Deta, Romania (Official)
  • Detta 1724-1846/52 by Anton Krämer, 1995
Deutschbentschek (German)
Bentschek (German)
Németbencsek (Hungarian)
Felsöbencsek (Hungarian)
Bencsek (Hungarian)
Bencec Sus (Other)
Bencecu de Sus, Romania (Official)
Deutschbokschan (German)
Deutsch-Bokschan (German)
Neuwerk (German)
Németboksan / Nemetboksan (Hungarian)
Boksanbánya / Boksanbanya (Hungarian)
Deutsch Bogschan (Other)
Bocsa Montană, Romania (Official)
Deutsch-Elemer (German)
Serbisch-Elemer (German)
Elemir (Hungarian)
Németelemér / Nemetelemer (Hungarian)
Felsöelemer / Felsoelemer (Hungarian)
Srpski Elemir (Other)
Elemir, Serbia (Official)
Deutsch-Etschka see: Alt Etschka / Alt-Etschka (German)
Deutsch-Gladna (German)
Galadnabánya / Galadnabanya (Hungarian)
Gladna-Montană / Gladna-Montana, Romania (Official)
DeutschSanktmichael (German)
Németszentmihály (Hungarian)
Rumänisch-Sankt-Michael (German)
Zilasch (German)
Sânmihaiul German (Romanian)
Sânmihaiu German, Romania (Official) 
Deutschsanktnikolaus (German)
Großsanktnikolaus/ Grosssanktnikolaus (German)
Nagyszéntmiklós / Nagyszentmiklos (Hungarian)
Niklos (Other)
Sînnicolau Mare (Other)
Semiklosch (Other)
Sânnicolau Mare / Sannicolau Mare, Romania (Official)
Deutschsanktpeter (German)
Németszentpéter / Nemetszentpeter (Hungarian)
Deitschsanpheder (Other)
Sînpetrul (Other)
Zampheder (Other)
Sânpetru German / Sanpetru German, Romania (Official)
Deutsch-Stamora (German)
Alsósztamora / Alsosztamora (Hungarian)
Németsztamora / Nemetsztamora (Hungarian)
Stamora (Other)
Stamora Germană / Stamora Germana, Romania (Official)
Deutsch-Sartscha (German)
NémetszarcsaNemetszarcsa (Hungarian)
Sutjeska, Serbia (Official)
Deutsch-Tschiklowa (German)
Tschiklowa (German)
Cziklova (Josephinische)
Csiklóbánya (Hungarian)
Csiklovabánya (Hungarian)
Németcsiklova (Hungarian)
Ciclova Montană, Romania (Official)
Deutsch Zerne (German)
Deutsch Tserne
Deutsch Tschernja (Other)
Nemet Czernya
Szerb-Czernya (Hungarian)
Németcsernya (Hungarian)
Csernye (Hungarian)
Rácz-Csernya (Hungarian)
Serbisch-Zerne (Other)
Serbisch-Tschernja (Other)
Cernje (Other)
Crnja (Other)
Srpska Crnja, Serbia (Official)
Dézna (Hungarian)
Ó-Dézna / O-Dezna (Other)
Dezna, Romania (Official)
Djulwes (German)
Gilwas (German)
Torontálgyulvesz / Torontalgyulvesz (Hungarian)
Djulves, Romania (Other)
Giulwesz (Other)
Giulvăz / Giulvaz, Romania (Official)
Dobritza (German)
Kevedobra (Hungarian)
Dobricza (Hungarian)
Dobrica, Serbia (Official)
Dognatschka (German)
Dognacska (Hungarian)
Dognecea, Romania (Official) 
Doklen (German)
Dokleny (Hungarian)
Doclin, Romania (Official)
Dolat (Official)
Doc (Hungarian)
Dolacz (Hungarian)
Dolatz (German)
Dolowa (German)
Dolova (Hungarian)
Dolovo, Serbia (Official)
Doman (German)
Doman (Hungarian)
Doman, Romania (Official)
Domasnia (Hungarian)
Domasnea, Romania (Official)
Dorgos (Hungarian)
Dorgos, Romania (Official)
Dragonyfalva (Hungarian)
Drăgoiesti / Dragoiesti, Romania (Official)
Dragomér / Dragomer (Hungarian)
Dragomiresti, Romania (Official) 
Drautz (German)
Doroszlófalva / Doroszlofalva (Hungarian)
Draut, Romania (Official)
Drenkova (Hungarian)
Drencova, Romania (Official)
Dubowatz (German)
Dubovacz (Hungarian)
Dunadombo (Hungarian)
Dubovac, Serbia (Official) 
Dubosz (Hungarian)
Duboz (Official)
Duplay (German)
Temesváralja / Temesvaralja (Hungarian)
Dupljaja, Serbia (Official) 
County Color Queues
Timis | Vojvodina | Caras-Severin | Arad


Ebendorf (German)
Csukas (Hungarian)
Tschukasch (Other)
Stiuca, Romania (Official)
Eichenthal (German)
Eichental (German)
Gyulatelep (Hungarian)
Sălbăgelu Nou / Salbagelu Nou, Romania (Official)
Elisenheim (German)
Nagyerzsébetlak / Nagyerzsebetlak (Hungarian)
Torontál-Erzsébetlak / Torontal-Erzsebetlak (Hungarian)
Elisenhain (Other)
Belo Blato, Serbia (Official)
Elisabethstadt (German)
Mayerhof (German)
Erzsébetkülváros (Hungarian)
Erzsébetváros (Hungarian)
Elisabetin (Timisoara Suburb)
Maierele Vechi, Romania (Official)
Engelsbrunn (German)
Angyalkut (Hungarian)
Kisfalud (Hungarian)
Fîntînele (Other)
Fântânele, Romania (Official) 
Ernsthausen (German)
Ernőháza (Hungarian)
Ernesthaza (Hungarian)
Banatski Despotovac, Serbia (Official)
Ezeres (Hungarian)
Ezeris, Romania (Official) 
Erseg (German)
Jerseg (German)
Ierseg (German)
Yerseg (German)
Jerszek (Hungarian)
Jerszeg (Hungarian)
Ersig, Romania (Official)
County Color Queues
Timis | Vojvodina | Caras-Severin | Arad


Fabrikstadt (German)
Fabrik (German)
Gyárkülváros (Hungarian)
Fabric Timisoara, Romania
Fatschet (German)
Facset (Hungarian)
Facsád (Hungarian)
Făget, Romania (Official)
Felménes / Felmenes (Hungarian)
Minisu de Sus, Romania (Official)
Fényes / Fenyes (Hungarian)
Fenes, Romania (Official)
Ferdinandsberg (German)
Nandorhegy (Hungarian)
Ferdinand (Other)
Otelu Rosu, Romania (Official) Caraş-Severin County (Southwestern Romania)
Féregyház / Feregyhaz (Hungarian)
Firiteaz, Romania (Official)
Fibisch (German)
Temesfüves (Hungarian)
Fiwisch (Other)
Fibis, Romania (Official)
Fîrliug / Firliug (Official)
Furlug (German)
Furlak (Hungarian)
Fisesch (German)
Krassófüzes / Krassofuzes (Hungarian)
Fizes, Romania (Official)
Fodorhausen (German)
Fodorháza / Fodorhaza (Hungarian)
Gad, Romania (Official)
Fönlak (Hungarian)
Felnac, Romania (Official)
Fólya / Folya (Hungarian)
Folia, Romania (Official)
Forotik (Hungarian)
Forotic, Romania (Official)
Franzdorf (German)
Ferencfalva (Hungarian)
Văliug / Valiug, Romania (Official)
Franzfeld (German)
Franzföld (German)
Ferencfalva (Hungarian)
Francföld (Hungarian)
Francfeld (Serbian)
Banatsko Kraljevićevo (Serbian)
Kraljevićevo (Serbian)
Kačarevo, Serbia (Official)
Franzstadt (German)
Ferenczváros (Hungarian)

, Romania (Official)
Fratelia (German)
Neu-Kischoda (German)
Tejtesöld (Hungarian)
Újtesöld (Hungarian)
Fratelia, Romania (Official)
Freidorf (German)
Freydorff (German)
Szabadfalu (Hungarian)
Freidorf (Official)
Furdija (Hungarian)
Ferde (Hungarian)
Fîrdea / Firdea, Romania (Official)
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Gajtas (Hungarian)
Kajtasovo, Serbia (Official)
Galja (German)
Galya (Hungarian)
Gaja (Other)
Gaj, Serbia (Official) 
Galacs (Hungarian)
Golet, Romania (Official)
Galscha, Romania (German)
Galsa Romania (Hungarian)
Galsa, Romania (Official) 
Gataja (German)
Gatalja (Hungarian)
Gătaia / Gataia, Romania (Official)
Gavoschdia (German)
Gavosdia (Hungarian)
Găvojdia / Gavojdia (Official)
Găvojdia Gară / Gavojdia Gara, Romania (Official)
Georgshausen, (German)
Györgyháza (Hungarian)
Djurdjevo (Serbian)
Djurdjevo Selo (Serbian)
Djurdjevac (Serbian)
Velika Greda, Serbia (Official)
Geröcz / Gerocz (Hungarian)
Greoni, Romania (Official)
Gertenisch (German)
Gertenyes (Hungarian)
Ghertenis, Romania (Official)
Gertianosch (German)
Gyertyámos / Gyertyamos (Hungarian)
Gertjanosch (Other)
Cărpiniş / Carpinis, Romania
Ghilad (Hungarian)
Iwerland, Romania (Other)
Gier (German)
Gyer (Hungarian)
Giera, Romania (Official)
Giroda (German)
Gyorod (Hungarian)
Ghiroda (Official)
Girok (German)
Gyorok (Hungarian)
Gyureg (Hungarian)
Giroc (Official)
Ghioroc, Romania (Official)
Giseladorf (German)
Gizellafalva (Hungarian)
Gizela (Hungarian)
Ghizela (Official)
Glogon (German)
Glogau (German)
Galagonyas (Hungarian)
Glogonj, Serbia (Official)

South Western Banat "Wholesale Murder" Glogau

Glogowatz (German)
Glogowaca (German)
Glogovatz (German)
Glogowitz (German)
Glogovác (Hungarian)
Öthalom (Hungarian)
Orod (Romanian)
Glogovăţi (Romanian)
Vladimirescu, Romania
Glogovăt, Romania (Official)
Golbor (Hungarian)
Globurău / Globurau, Romania (Official)
Gottlob (German)
Kisösz (Hungarian)
Gotlob, Romania (Official)
Grabatz (German)
Grawatz (German)
Garabos (Hungarian)
Grabacz (Hungarian)
Grabac (Hungarian)
Grabaţ / Grabati, Romania (Official)
Grebenatz (German)
Grebenac, Serbia (Official)
Gornyareva (Hungarian)
Somosréve / Somosreve (Hungarian)
Cornereva, Romania (Official)
Großberegsau / Grossberegsau (German)
Grossberksoff (German)
Gross-Beregsau (German)
Beregsen (German)
Beregshafen (German)
Beregsau (German)
Bergsau (German)
Berexow (Josephinische)
Beregszó (Hungarian)
Beregsău Mare, Romania (Official)
Großbetschkerek (German)
Groß-Betschkerek (German)
Betschkerek (German)
Nagybecskerek (Hungarian)
Petrovgrad (Other)
Zrenjanin, Serbia (Official)
Großdorf / Grossdorf (German)
Nadfal (Hungarian)
Temesnagyfalu (Hungarian)
Satu Mare, Romania (Official)
Groß Gaj (German)
Gross Gaj (German)
Nagy Gaj (Hungarian)
Nagygáj (Hungarian)
Veliki Gaj
, Serbia (Official)
Großjetscha (German)
Gross Jetscha (German)
Großjetsche (German)
Gros Ietsche (Josephinische)
Nagyjécsa (Hungarian)
Iecea Mare, Romania (Official)
Großkikinda / Gross Kikinda See: Kikinda
Groß Perek / Gross Perek (German)
Deutschpereg (German)
Nemetpereg (Hungarian)
Peregu Mare, Romania (Official)
Großkomlosch / Grosskomlosch (German)
Bánátkomlos / Banatkomlos (Hungarian)
Nagykomlos (Hungarian)
Comlosul Mare, Romania (Official)

Groß-Remete (German)
Großremete (German)
Grossremete (German)
Groß-einsiedel / Großeinsiedel (German)
Remethe (Josephinische)
Temesremete (Hungarian)
Remete (Hungarian)
Oláhremete (Hungarian)
Remetea-timişana (Romania)
Remetea Mare, Romania (Official)
Groß St. Nikolaus / Gross St. Nikolaus (German)
Groß Sankt Nikolaus (German)
/ Nagyszentmiklos (Hungarian)
Sînnicolau Mare
/ Sinnicolau Mare
ânnicolaul Mare / Sannicolaul Mare, Romania (Official) Timis County (Western Romania)
Großsanktpeter / Gross-Sanktpeter / Gross St. Peter (German)
Neusanktpeter (German)
Raczszentpeter (Hungarian)
Nagyszentpeter (Hungarian)
Sînpetru Mare / Sinpetru Mare (Other)
Razsanktpheder (Other)
Sânpetru Mare / Sanpetru Mare, Romania (Official)
Großscham / Gross Scham (German)
Freudenthal (German)
Nagyzsám / Nagyzsam (Hungarian)
Jamu Mare, Romania (Official)

Bonja/Bonea & Related Families

Großschemlak / Gross Schemlak (German)
Nagysemlak (Hungarian)
Mezosomlyo (Hungarian)
Semlacu Mare, Romania (Official)
Groß-Sredischte, / Gross-Sredischte (German)
Nagyszredistye (Hungarian)
Nagyszered  (Hungarian)
Szered  (Hungarian)
Szredistye (Hungarian)
Veliko Srediste, Serbia (Official)
Großsurduk / Gross Surduk (German)
Nagyszurduk (Hungarian)
Surducu Mare, Romania (Official)
Großtoplowetz / Grosstoplowetz (German)
Nagytopoly (Hungarian)
Topolovătu Mare / Topolovatu Mare, Romania (Official)
Großtorak / Grosstorak (German)
Nagytorak (Hungarian)
Becejci,Serbia (Official)
Guttenbrunn (German)
Hidegkut (Hungarian)
Hajdekut (Hungarian)
Zăbrani / Zabrani, Romania (Official)

Adam Müller-Guttenbrunn House Photo Tour

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Halmágycsúcs / Halmagycsucs (Hungarian)
Vîrfurile, Romania (Official)
Hatzfeld (German & Josephinische)
Zsombolya (Hungarian)
Zombolya (Hungarian)
Czombol (Hungarian)
Žombolj (Serbian)
Jimbolia, Romania (Official)
Heideschütz (German)
Istvánfalva / Istvanfalva (Hungarian)
Hajdusicza (Hungarian)
Istvánvolgy / Istvanvolgy (Hungarian)
Hajducica, Serbia (Official)
Herendesch (German)
Herendjest (Hungarian)
Herendjes (Hungarian)
Herés / Heres (Hungarian)
Herengyes (Other)
Herendesti, Romania (Official)
Herkulesbad (German)
Herkulesfürdö (Hungarian)
Băile Herculane, Romania (Official)
Herniakowa (German)
Goldast (German)
Herneakowa (German)
Aranyág / Aranyag (Hungarian)
Herneacova, Romania (Official)
Hettin (German)
Tomsdorf (German)
Hetteny (Hungarian)
Tamasfalva (Hungarian)
Hetin, Serbia (Official)
Heufeld (German)
Kistöszeg (Hungarian)
Novi Kozarci, Serbia (Official)
Heuerdorf (German)
Heyerdorf (German)
Hévér / Hever (Hungarian)
Hauerdorf (Other)
Iertof, Romania (Official)
Hitiasch (German)
Hitias, Romania (Official)
Hiziás / Hizias (Hungarian)
Hosszúág / Hosszuag (Hungarian)
Hisias, Romania (Official)
Hodon (German)
Hodony (Hungarian)
Hodonje (Other)
Hodoni, Romania (Official)
Hodos (Hungarian)
Temeshodos (Hungarian)
Krassóhódos (Hungarian)
Hodosch (Josephinische)
Homolitz (German)
Homoliza (Josephinische)
Homolica (Hungarian)
Omolica (Hungarian)
Omlód / Omlod (Hungarian)
Omoliţa (Romanian)
Omoljica, Serbia
Honctö / Honcto (Hungarian)
, Romania (Official)
Honoros (Hungarian)
Honorici, Romania (Official)
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Idwor (German)
Torontáludvár / Torontaludvar (Hungarian)
Idvor, Serbia (Official)
Iersig (German)
Szinérszeg / Szinerszeg (Hungarian)
Sinersig, Romania (Official)
Igrisch (German)
Igris, Romania (Official)
Illadia (Hungarian)
Ilidia, Romania (Official)
Ilandza (German)
Ilandscha (German)
Ilancsa (Hungarian)
Iloncz, Serbia (Official)
Iltö / Ilto (Hungarian)
Ilteu, Romania (Official)
Isbischte (German)
Izbiste (Hungarian)
Izbiste, Serbia (Official)
Iwanda (German)
Ivand (Hungarian)
Ivanda, Romania (Official)
Izgar (Hungarian)
Izgar, Romania (Official)
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Jahrmarkt (German)
Alt Iarmatha (Josephinische)
Neu Iarmatha (Josephinische)
Ghiarmata (Hungarian)
Giarmata (Hungarian)
Temesgyarmat (Hungarian)
Gyarmat (Hungarian)
Gyarmatha (Hungarian)
Johrmark (Other)
Gormot (Other)
Giarmata, Romania (Official)
Jam (Hungarian)
Iam, Romania (Official)
Janowa (German)
Temesjenő (Hungarian)
Margitfalva (Hungarian)
Janova (Hungarian)
Jeno (Other)
Ianovici (Other)
Ianova, Romania (Official)
Jarkowatz (German)
Árkod / Arkod (Hungarian)
Jarkovácz / Jarkovacz
Jarkovac, Serbia (Official)
  • Serbia Banat, south of Groß-Betschkerek
  • Filial parish: Horvatneuzina / Horwathneuzina, see village of Neusin, because filial parish of Neusin is Modosch.
Jasenau (German)
Karajeszeno (Hungarian)
Jasszenova (Hungarian)
Jasenovo, Serbia (Official)
Jász / Jasz (Hungarian)
Iaz, Romania (Official)
Zsidóvár / Zsidovar (Hungarian)
Jdioara (Romanian)
Jidoara, Romania (Official)
  • Caras-Severin
Jebel (German)
Schebel (German)
Szebely (Hungarian)
Szephely (Hungarian)
Jebel, Romania (Official)
Jezvin (German)
Öszény / Oszény  (Hungarian)
Izvin, Romania (Official)
Johannesdorf (German)
Jovanovac, Croatia (Official)
Johannisfeld (German)
Jánosföld / Janosfold  (Hungarian)
Ionel, Romania (Official)
Josefsdorf (German)
Ujjózseffalva / Ujjozseffalva (Hungarian)
Jozseffalva (Hungarian)
Iosifalău / Iosifalau, Romania (Official)
  • Iosifalău (Hung. Jozseffalva) is a very new village. It appeared in 1882 with
    German colonists settled on state property nearby Ictar. Germans came from Eliesenheim, and the Hungarian administrators preferred to name the village Joszeffalva, remembering Jozsef Bethlen, administrator of state affairs in Timişoara. Now it is a Romanian-Hungarian village.*
  • Josefalva (Ujjozseffalva in Romania), Edited by John W. Michels; in German and English. A collection of interviews in German and the Schowisch dialect that describe the history of the village, founded in 1882, and it describes different experiences of the villagers during the Hungarian period and the emigration of villagers to the U.S. and North Dakota at the turn of the 20th century.
Josefstadt (German)
Józsefkülváros (Hungarian)
Jozsefvaros (Hungarian)
Maierele Noi
, Romania (Official, Suburb of Timisoara)
Juppa (German)
Zsuppa (Hungarian)
Jupa, Romania (Official)
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Kádár / Kadar (Hungarian)
Cadar, Kádár, Romania (Official)
Kakova (German)
Kakowa (German)
Kakofalva (Hungarian)
Grădinari / Gradinari, Romania (Official)
Kakowa (German)
Kakofalva (Hungarian)
Kakova (German)
Grădinari / Gradinari, Romania (Official)
Kalatscha (German)
Callazzo (Josephinische)
Temeskalacsa (Hungarian)
Kalacsa (Hungarian)
Călacea, Romania (Official)
Kallina (German)
Galonya (Hungarian)
Calina, Romania (Official)
Kaludjerovo, Serbia (Official)
Kallugera, Serbia (Official)
Karlowo (German)
(Serbian, pre 1918)
(Serbian, post 1918)
Novo Miloševo, Serbia (Official)
Kaptalan (German)
Kaptalanfalva (Hungarian)
Kaptolsko Selo, Serbia (Official)
Karansebesch (German)
Karansebes (Hungarian)
Caransebes, Romania (Official) Caraş-Severin County (Southwestern Romania)
Karlsdorf (German)
Nagykarolyfalva (Hungarian)
Karolyfalva (Hungarian)
Banatski Karlovac, Serbia (Official)
Karlovo Selo, Serbia (Official)
Kastély / Kastely (Hungarian)
Costeiu, Romania (Official)
Katharinenfeld (German)
Katarina (German)
Kathreinfeld (German)
Katalinfalva (Hungarian)
Ravni Topolovac, Serbia (Official)
Banatski Topolovac, Serbia (Official)
Kavarán / Kavaran (Hungarian)
Căvăran / Cavaran, Romania (Official)
Keglewichhausen (German)
Keglewitschhausen (German)
Keglevichháza (Hungarian)
Keglewitsch (Other)
Cheglevici, Romania (Official)
Timis County (Western Romania)
Kelmak (German)
Maroseperjes (Hungarian)
Chelmac, Romania (Official)

Kerek (Hungarian)
Caporal Alexa, Romania (Official)
Kerestúr / Kerestur (Hungarian)
Cherestur, Romania (Official)
Kereszto-Ménes / Kereszto-Menes (Hungarian)
Minisel, Romania (Official)
Kernyécsa / Kernyecsa (Hungarian)
Cîrnecea / Cirnecea, Romania (Official)
Kerölösch / Kerolosch (German)
Kerülös / Kerulo (Hungarian)
Cherelus, Romania (Official)
Keszend (Hungarian)
Chisindia, Romania (Official)
Keszincz (Hungarian)
Chesint, Romania (Official)
Ketscha (German)
Köcse / Kocse (Hungarian)
Checea, Romania (Official)
Ketfel (German)
Ketfel (Hungarian)
Gelu, Romania (Official) Timis County (Western Romania)
Keveresch (German)
Cheveresu Mare, Romania (Official)
Kikinda (German)
Großkikinda (German)
Grosskikinda (German)
Gross Kikinda (German)
Nagykikinda (Hungarian)
Chichinda Mare (Romanian)
Kikinda, Serbia (Official)
Kisgye (Hungarian)
Kizdia (Hungarian)
Cosarii, Romania (Official)
Kisiratos (Hungarian)
Dorobanti, Romania (Official)
Kisjenö / Kisjeno (Hungarian)
Chisineu-Cris, Romania (Official)
Kismiháld / Kismihald (Hungarian)
Mehadica, Romania (Official)
Kiszetö / Kiszeto (Hungarian)
Chisătău / Chisatau, Romania (Official)
Kiszombor (Hungarian)
Kiszombor (Official)
Klari (German)
Klári (Hungarian)
Klarija (Serbian)
Radojevo, Serbia (Official) Central Banat District (Vojvodina)
  • Located in the municipality of Nova Crnja
  • Historically, the village was called Klarija, and before merging, there were two Klarija's: Srpska Klarija (Serb Klarija) and Hrvatska Klarija (Croat Klarija).
Klein Kikinda (German)
Baschaid (German)
Basaid (Official)
Basajid, Serbia (Official)
Klein-Beregsau (German)
Beregszónémeti / Beregszonemeti (Hungarian)
Beregsău Mic / Beregsau Mic, Romania (Official)
Kleinbetschkerek (German)
Klein-Betschkerek (German)
Kleinbetschkerek (German)
Kisbecskerek (Hungarian)
Bezsierek (Other)
Becicherecu(l) Mic  (Romanian)
Becicherecu-Mic, Romania (Official)
Klein-Gaj (German)
Gaiu Mic, Romania (Official)
Kleinjetscha (German)
Klein-Jetscha (German)
Klein Ietsche (Josephinische)
Klejetsche (Other)
Kleenjetsche (Other)
Iecea Mică, Romania (Official)
Kleinscham (German)
Kissám / Kissam (Hungarian)
Mali Zam, Serbia (Official)
Klein Margit (German)
Kismargita (Hungarian)
Banatska Dubica (Serbian)
Margitica, Serbia (Official)
Kleinomor (German)
Kisomor (Hungarian)
Omorul Mic, Romania (Official)
Rovinita Mică / Rovinita Mica, Romania (Official)
Kleinsanktnikolaus (German)
Kiszentmiklos (Hungarian)
Sînnicolau Mic / Sinnicolau Mic, Romania (Official)
Kleinsanktpeter (German)
Totina (German)
Kisszentpeter (Hungarian)
Sînpetru Mic / Sinpetru Mic, Romania (Official)
Kleinschemlak (German)
Kis Semlak (Hungarian)
Semlacu Mic, Romania (Official)
Kleinsiedel (German)
Kistelep (Hungarian)
Colonia Mică (part of Gelu) / Colonia Mica, Romania (Official)
Klein-Sredischte (German)
Kisszerend (Hungarian)
Malo Srediste, Serbia (Official)
Kleintorak (German)
Kistorak (Hungarian)
Becejci, Serbia (Official)
Klek (German)
Begafó / Begafo (Hungarian)
Kleck, Serbia (Other)
Klekk, Serbia (Official)
Klokotics (Hungarian)
Klokodics (Hungarian)
Klekodics (Hungarian)
Clocotici (Official)
Klopodia (German)
Klopodja (Hungarian)
Clopodia, Romania (Official)
Knees (German)
Knes (German)
Knéz (Hungarian)
Kenéz (Hungarian)
Temeskenéz (Hungarian)
Knies (Other)
Satchinez, Romania (Official)
Kohldorf (German)
Szenesfalu (Hungarian)
Cărbunari / Carbunari, Romania (Official)
Kölnök / Kolnok (Hungarian)
Cîlnic, Romania (Official)
Komorischte (German)
Komornok (Hungarian)
Comorîste, Romania (Official)
Konak (German)
Kannak (Josephinische)
Kanak, Serbia (Official)
Königsdorf (German)
Koenigsdorf (German)
Oppowa (German)
Opáva (Hungarian)
Opovo, Serbia (Official)
Königsgnad (German)
Königsgnade (German)
Tirolerdorf (German)
Király-Kegye (Hungarian)
Chirol / Chiroi
, Romania (Official)
Königshof (German)
Kinichshof (Swabian)
Remetea Nemţească
Remetea Mică, Romania
Konop (Hungarian)
Conop, Romania (Official)
Kornya (Hungarian)
Somfa (Hungarian)
Cornea, Romania (Official)
Körpa / Korpa (Hungarian)
Valea Timisului, Romania (Official)
Körösbökény / Korosbokeny (Hungarian)
Buteni, Romania (Official)
Kossova (Hungarian)
Kosso (Hungarian)
Cosava, Romania (Official)
Kövesd / Kovesd (Hungarian)
Cuvesdia, Romania (Official)
Kowatschi (German)
Kowatsch (German)
Temeskovácsi (Hungarian)
Covacita Temeskovacsi

Temeskovacs (Hungarian)
Covaci, Romania (Official)
Kowatschitza (German)
Kovacica (Official)
Antalfalva (Hungarian)
Kovacsicza  (Hungarian)
/ Kovacica, Serbia (Official)
  • Municipality and the town of Kovačica and the following villages: Debeljača (Hungarian: Torontálvásárhely), Idvor, Padina, Putnikovo, Samoš, Uzdin, Crepaja. The municipality is divided into 8 local communities.
  • Article: South Western Banat "Wholesale Murder" Kowatschitza
Kovaszincz (Hungarian)
Kovászi / Kovaszi (Hungarian)
Covăsint / Cavasint, Romania (Official)
Karlowo (German)
Novo Milosevo, Serbia (Official)
Kralowetz (German)
Cralovăt / Cralovat, Romania (Official)
Krassószekas / Krassoszekas (Hungarian)
Szekas (Hungarian)
Secăseni / Secaseni, Romania (Official)
Krassóvár / Krassovar (Hungarian)
Carasova, Romania (Official)
Kreuzstätten / Kreuzstätten (German)
Keresztes (Hungarian)
Kreischtädl / Kreischtadl (Other)
Cruceni, Romania (Official)
  • DVHH Village Coordinator: Robert Zink
  • Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde Kreuzstätten / Banat
    Nicolaus Kopf and Peter Neelen, 700 pages, Hardcover. CSB-00125
Kricsova (Hungarian)
Kricso (Hungarian)
Criciova, Romania (Official)
Krivina (Hungarian)
Krivnea (Hungarian)
Crivina, Romania (Official)
Krumpendorf (German)
Bökény (Hungarian)
Buttyin (Hungarian)
Bukin (Hungarian)
Buchinu (Hungarian)
Buchini, Romania (Official)
Kubin (German)
Temeschkubin (German)
Temeskubin (Hungarian)
Kevevara (Hungarian)
Kovin, Serbia (Official)
Kudritz (German)
Kudricz (German) 
Temes Kutas (Hungarian)
Temeskutas (Hungarian)
Gudurica, Serbia (Official)
Kurtitsch (German)
Curtici, Romania (Official)
Kurtya (Hungarian)
Curtea, Romania (Official)
County Color Queues
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Lagerdorf (German)
Strazsa (Hungarian)
Strascha (Other)
Temesor (Other)
Straza, Serbia (Official)
Langenfeld (German)
Nerámezö / Neramezo (Hungarian)
Cîmpia / Cimpia (Official)
Lazarfeld (German)
Lázárföld (Hungarian)
Lazarevo, Serbia (Official)
Lenauheim (German)
Schadat, Schaddat (German)
Tschatad (German)
Csátád, Csatad, Csadat (Hungarian)
Schadat, Schatad (Romanian)
Cetad, Cetat (Romanian)
Lenauheim, Romania (Official)
Leskovica (Hungarian)
Lescovita, Romania (Official)
Liget (Hungarian)
Temesliget (Hungarian)
Pădureni / Padureni, Romania (Official)
Lindenfeld (German)
Karanberek, Romania (Official)
Lichtenwald (German)
Komjáth / Komjath (Hungarian)
Comiatu (Other)
Comeat, Romania (Official)
Liebling (German)
Kedvencz (Hungarian)
Bászt / Baszt (Other)
Libling (Other)
Liebling, Romania (Official) Timis County (Western Romania)
Lippa (German)
Lippa (Hungarian)
Lipova, Romania (Official)
  • Familienbuch Lippa 1719-1808 von Anton Neff, 1992
  • Familienbuch der Kath. Pfarrgemeinde Lippa/Banat 1719-1808. Anton Neff. AkdFF, Goldmuhle Str.30, Sindelfingen, Germany. 1993. 410pp. 
  • Anton Zollner’s Series, born in Lippa
  • Uwe Morres – born Lippa, Romania
Lökösfalva / Lokosfalva (Hungarian)
Leucusesti, Romania (Official)
Lowrin (German)
Lovrin (Hungarian)
Lovrin, Romania (Official) Timis County (Western Romania)
Lugosch (German)
Lugos (Hungarian)
Lugoj, Romania (Official)
Lugoshely (Hungarian)
Lugojel, Romania (Official)
Lugoskisfalu (Hungarian)
Satu Mic (Other)
Victor Vlad Delamarina, Romania (Official)
Ludwigsdorf (German)
Nagylajosfalva (Hungarian)
Padina, Serbia (Official) 
Lukasdorf (German)
Lukacsfálva / Lukacsfalva (Hungarian)
Lukino Selo, Serbia (Official)
Lunga (German)
Lunge (Hungarian)
Lunga, Romania (Official)
County Color Queues
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Macsova (Hungarian)
Maciova, Romania (Official)
Maczedonia (Hungarian)
Macedonia, Romania (Official)
Madrizesty (Hungarian)
Madrizest (Hungarian)
Mădrigesti / Madrigesti, Romania (Official)
Magur (German)
Szendelak (Hungarian)
Măguri / Maguri, Romania (Official)
Magyarád / Magyarad (Hungarian)
Măderat / Maderat, Romania (Official)
Magyarpade (Hungarian)
Padej, Serbia (Official)
Mailát (Hungarian)
Mailat, Romania (Official)
Majdan (Hungarian)
Brădisorul de Jos / Bradisorul de Jos, Romania (Official)
Manester (German)
Monostor (Hungarian)
Mănăstur / Manastur, Romania (Official)
Marga (Hungarian)
Marga, Romania (Official)
Nagymargita (Hungarian)
Margita, Serbia (Official)
Marienfeld (German)
Grossteremin (German)
Nagyteremia (Hungarian)
Mariafölde (Hungarian)
Marjafeld (Other)
Teremia Mare, Romania (Official) Timis County (Western Romania)
Markowatz (German)
Markovecz (Hungarian)
Markovac, Serbia (Official)
Markowitschewo (German)
Újfalu/ Ujfalu (Hungarian)
Markovicevo, Serbia (Official)
Marosaszó / Marosaszo (Hungarian)
Hoszuszen (Hungarian)
Ususău / Ususau, Romania (Official)
Maroscsicsér / Maroscsicser (Hungarian)
Cicir, Romania (Official)
Marosszlatina, Romania (Hungarian)
Slatina de Mures, Romania (Official)
Mastort (German)
Kistöszég / Kistoszeg (Hungarian)
Novi Kozarci, Serbia (Official)
  • Lookups Guide: John Busch - Familienbuch der Gemeinden Heufeld-Mastort im Banat 1770-1752/1851/1852 by Josef Kuhn, Pub. 2004. Charles Amann was the investigator & included the derivation of the book. (Herkunftsforschung).
  • Lookups Guide: Gwen Olsen - Heimatbuch der Heidegemeinden Heufeld, Mastort and Ruskodorf.  Note: this 1000 page book is not indexed, so it may take a little bit of time!
  • Genocide, Horror & Survival by John Mueller
Matscha (German)
Mácsa / Macsa (Hungarian)
Macea, Romania (Official)
Medwesch (German)
Magyarmedves (Hungarian)
Urseni, Romania (Official)
Mehadia (German)
Mehadia (Hungarian)
Mehadia, Romania (Official)
Melenze (German)
Melencze (Hungarian)
Melenci, Serbia (Official)
Mesitsch (German)
Mesic, Serbia (Official)
Ménes / Menes, Romania (Hungarian)
Minis, Romania (Official)
Mercydorf (German)
Mersidorff (German)
Merczyfálva (Hungarian)
Mercifálva (Hungarian)
Kárán, Kárány
Merţişoara (Romanian)

Karán (Romanian)
Carani, Romania (Official)
Mercsény / Mercseny (Hungarian)
Merczina (Hungarian)
Mercina, Romania (Official)
Mezöfény (Hungarian)
Fény / Feny (Hungarian)
Foeni / Föen / Föenyi / Foieni, Romania (Other)
, Romania (Official)
Mezözsadány / Mezozsadany (Hungarian)
Cornesti, Romania (Official)
Michajlowo (German)
Magzarszentmihaly (Hungarian)
St. Mihal (Other)
Mihajlovo, Serbia (Official)
Milova (German)
Millova (German)
Millowa (German)
Milova (Hungarian)
Milova, Romania (Official)
MonyoróMonyoro (Hungarian)
Kontrató / Kontrato (Other)
Mînereu / Minereu (Official)
Modosch (German)
Németmódós (Other)
Módós  (Hungarian)
Deutsch Modosch (Other)
Serbisch Modosch (Other)
Modoš (Banat Bulgarian)

Jasa Tomic, Serbia (Official)
Mokrin (German)
Mokrin (Hungarian)
Homokrév (Hungarian)
Mokrin, Serbia (Official)
Molidorf (German)
Mollydorf (German)
Molydorf (German)
Mollyfálva (Hungarian)
Molifálva  (Hungarian)
, Serbia (Official)
Morawitza (German)
Moravicz (Hungarian)
Temesmora (Hungarian)
Morwitz (Other)
Morawitz (Other)
Moravita, Romania (Official)
Moritzfeld (German)
Móriczföld / Moriczfold (Hungarian)
Măureni/ Maureni, Romania (Official)
Moschnitza (German)
Mosnita, Romania (Official)
Mramorak (German)
Homokos (Hungarian)
Mramorak, Serbia (Official)
Munar  (Hungarian)
Munar, Romania (Official)
Temesmurány / Temesmurany (Hungarian)
Murani, Romania (Official) Timis County (Western Romania)
Murăsel / Murasel (Official)
Sigmundshausen (German)
Zsigmondhaza, Romania  (Hungarian)
Muschla (German)
Felsömuzslya (Hungarian)
Muzlja, Serbia (Official)
Muszka (Hungarian)
Mîsca, Romania (Official)
County Color Queues
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Nagyhalmágy / Nagyhalmagy (Hungarian)
Hălmagiu / Halmagiu, Romania (Official)
Nagylangás / Nagylangas (Hungarian)
Nagylankás / Nagylankas (Hungarian)
Luncavita, Romania (Official)
Nagypel (Hungarian)
Pilu, Romania (Official)
Großsakosch / Grosssakosch (German)
Groß-Sakosch (German)
Ungarisch Sakosch (German)
Magior Sagosch (Josephinische)
Nagyszákos (Hungarian)
Sacoşu Românesc
Sacoşu Unguresc
Sacoşu Mare, Romania (Official)
Nagytikvány / Nagytikvany (Hungarian)
Ticvanul Mare, Romania (Official)
Najdas (Hungarian)
Naidäs / Naidas, Romania (Official)
Nakadorf (German)
Nakodorf (German)
Nakofálva / Nakofalva (Hungarian)
Nakohálma / Nakohalma (Hungarian)
Nakovo, Serbia (Official)
Nérapatas / Nerapatas (Hungarian)
Pătas, Romania (Official)
Néraszlatina / Neraszlatina (Hungarian)
Szoka (Hungarian)
Slatina-Nera (Official)
Soca, Romania (Official)
Nérasolymos / Nerasolymos (Hungarian)
Bazias, Romania (Official)
Nero (German)
Nyero (Hungarian)
Nerău / Nerau, Romania (Official)
Neuarad (German)
Ujarad (Hungarian)
Neiarad (Other)
Aradu Nou, Romania (Official)
Neu-Betsche (German)
Aratsch (German)
Franiova / Franyova (German)
Becsey (Josephinische)
Becse (Hungarian)
Arac, Aracs, Arać (Hungarian)
Óbecse (Hungarian)
/ Uj-Becse (Hungarian)
/ Török-Becse (Hungarian)
Törökbecse és Aracs
Novi Beče (Romanian)
Turski Becej (Other)
Vološinovo (Other)
Vranjevo / Vranjev (Serbian)
Novi Bečej, Serbia (Official)
Neubeschenowa (German)
Bschinwa (German)
Bschenwa (German)
Ujbesenyö (Hungarian)
Dudeştii Noi, Romania (Official)
Neuburg an der Bega see: Uiwar (German)
Neudorf see: Banater Neudorf (German)
Neudorf (German)
Temesujfalu (Hungarian)
Neidarf (Other)
Neudorf, Romania (Official)
  • Familienbuch der Kath. Pfarrgemeide Neudorf bei Lippa/Banat 1766-1857. Agnes & Anton Neff. AkdFF, Goldmuhle Str.30, Sindelfingen, Germany. 1992. 407pp.
Neuhof (German)
Neihof (German)
Bogdal (Josephinische)
Papd (Hungarian)
Bogdarigós (Hungarian)
Rigósfürdö (Hungarian)
Bogda, Romania (Official)
Neu Itebe (German)
Itebe (German)
Ungarisch Itebe (German)
Alsoittebe (Hungarian)
Magyar Ittebe (Hungarian)
Novi Itebej (Official)
Madjarski Itebej, Serbia (Official)
Neu Kanischa (German)
Törökkanizsa / Torokkanizsa (Hungarian)
Novi Knesevac, Serbia (Official)
Neumoldowa / Neu-Moldowa (German)
Bergwerk-Neumoldowa (German)
Neu Moldova vel Bosniak (Josephinische)
Ujmoldova (Hungarian)
Moldovabánya (Hungarian)
Bosnyákmoldova (Hungarian)
Bosnyák (Hungarian)
Moldowa (Other)
Moldova Nouă / Moldova Noua, Romania (Official)

Neu Moldova vel Bosniak  (Source: Banat Josephinische Landaufnahme 1769-72 - Map Section 193)

Neumoschnitz (German)
Mosnicapuszta (Hungarian)
Neumoschnitza (Other)
Mosnita Nouă / Mosnita Noua (Official)
Neu-Palanka (German)
Új-Palánka / Uj-Palanka (Hungarian)
Banatska Palanka, Serbia (Official)
Neupanat (German)
Ujpanad / Ujpanat (Hungarian)
Neipanat, (Other)
Panatu Nou, (Other)
Neu-Paulisch (German) See: Alt Paulisch
Neupetsch (German)
Neu-Petsch (German
Ulmbach (German)
Ulbetsch (German)
Neu-Wien (German)
Uypecs (Josephinische)
Újpécs (Hungarian)
Ujpetsch (Other)
Peciul Nou, Romania (Official)
Neusanktanna See: Sanktanna (German)
Neusiedel auf der Heide (German)
Neusiedel (German)
Uihei (German)
Ujhely (Hungarian)
Uiheiul (Romania)
Uihei, Romania (Official)
Neusin (German)
Serbisch Neusin (German)
Naosin (German)
Nezsény (Hungarian)
Neuzina, Serbia (Official)
Neuzerne (German)
Ungarisch-Zerne (German)
Magyar Csernye (Hungarian)
Ungarisch Cernja (Other)
Neutschernja (Other)
Nova Crnja, Serbia (Official)
Nikolinzi (German)
Temesmiklos (Hungarian)
Nikolinci, Serbia (Official)
Nitzkydorf (German)
Nitzkydor (German)
Nitschkidorf (German)
Niczkyfálva (Hungarian)
Nickifálva (Hungarian)
Nitchidorf, Romania (Official)
Novoszella (Hungarian)
Újfalu (Hungarian)
Pusztanovoszello (Hungarian)
Novo Selo, Serbia (Official)
Novo Miloševo, Serbia (Official)
Beodra (Josephinische)
Beodra (Serbian)
Beodra (Hungarian)
Karlowo (German)
Karlova (Hungarian)
Karlovo (Serbian, pre 1918)
Dragutinovo (Serbian, post 1918)
County Color Queues
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Obad (German)
Obad (Hungarian)
Obad, Romania (Official)
Obrescha (German)
Bisztere (Hungarian)
Obreja, Romania (Official)
Ochabbistra (German)
Bisztere (Hungarian)
Ohaba Bistra
/ Ohaba-Bistra
Ohábabisztra (Hungarian)
Ohaba Bistra, Romania (Official)
Odwosch (German)
Odvas (Hungarian)
Odvos, Romania (Official)
Offsenitza (German)
Hopsenitz (German)
Karatsonyifálva / Karatsonyifalva (Hungarian)
Ofszenica (Hungarian)
Ofsenitza (Other)
Ofsenitz (Other)
Ofsenita, Romania (Official)
Oláh-Sztamora / Olah-Sztamora (Hungarian)
Stamora Româna / Stamora Romana, Romania (Official)
Ollóság / Ollosag (Hungarian)
Olosag, Romania (Official)
Omor (German)
Rovinita Mare, Romania (Official)
  • E from Deta
Orawitz (German)
Oravicabánya / Oravicabanya (Hungarian)
Orawitza (Other)
Oraviţa / Oravita, Romania (Official) - Cara-Severin County
Orlowat (German)
Orlöd / Orlod (Hungarian)
Orlovat, Serbia (Official)
Orschowa (German)
Orsava (Hungarian)
Orsova, Romania (Official)
Orzydorf (German)
Orzidorf (German)
Orczydorf (German)
Cambiatur (Josephinische)
Orczyfalva (Hungarian)
Orczifálva (Hungarian)
Orcifálva (Hungarian)
Kokota (Hungarian)
Orţişoara, Romania (Official)
Ópaulis / Opaulis ~ See: Alt Paulisch
Ostern (German)
Kiskomlos (Hungarian)
Kleinkomlosch (Other)
Oschtre (Other)
Comlosul Mic, Romania (Official)
Ótelek / Otelek (Hungarian)
Otelec, Romania (Official)
Ötvenes / Otvenes (Hungarian)
Andrei Saguna, Romania (Official)
Owtscha (German)
Ovcsa (Hungarian)
Ovca, Serbia (Official)
County Color Queues
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Pálos / Palos, Romania See: Alt Paulisch
Panjowa (German)
Panyo (Hungarian)
Paniova, Romania (Official) 
Pankota (German)
Pancota (Hungarian)
Pîncota / Pincota (Other)
Pâncota / Pancota, Romania
Pantschowa (German)
Pancsova (Hungarian)
Panczova (Other)
Pančevo / Pancevo, Serbia (Official)
Papd (Hungarian)
Bobda, Romania (Official)
Pardan (German)
Deutsch Pardan (German)
Párdány (Hungarian)
Németpardány (Hungarian)
Német-Párdány (Hungarian)
Ninčićevo (Other)
Pardanj (Serbian)
Međa / Meda, Serbia (Official)
Paratz (German)
Parácz / Paracz (Hungarian)
Parta, Romania (Official)
Pártos (Hungarian)
Partos, Romania (Official)
Păulisul Nou, Romania (Banat) See: Alt Paulisch
Pecsenye (Hungarian)
Csernabesenyö / Csernabesenyo (Hungarian)
Pecinisca, Romania (Official)
Perjamosch (German)
Perjamos (Hungarian)
Periam, Romania (Official)
Perlas / Perlass (German)
Perlasz (Hungarian)
Perlez, Serbia (Official)
Perkos (German)
Berkeszfalu (Hungarian)
Perkassowa (Other)
Perkosowa (Other)
Percosova, Romania (Official)
Pesak (German)
/ Pesznack (Other)
Pészak / Peszak (Hungarian)
Pesac, Romania (Official)
Peskari (German)
Lászlóvára (Hungarian)
Koronini (Hungarian)
Alibeg / Ali-beg (Other)
, Romania (Official)
Petnik (German)
Petnek (Hungarian)
Petnic, Romania (Official)
Petresfalva (Hungarian)
Petrosnita, Romania (Official) 
Petromány / Petromany (Hungarian)
Petroman, Romania (Official)
Petrovoszelo (Hungarian)
Temespeteri (Hungarian)
Petrovaselo, Romania (Official)
Petersdorf (German)
Romanpetre (Hungarian)
Roman-Petrovoszello (Other)
Petrovo Selo (Official)
Vladimirovac, Serbia (Official)
Ploschitz (German)
Blauschütz (German)
Plosicz (Hungarian)
Kevepallos (Hungarian)
Plocica, Serbia (Official)
Pogodintz (German)
Bogorfalva (Hungarian)
Bogodint, Romania (Official)
Pojen (German)
Ruszkatö / Ruszkato (Hungarian)
Poieni, Romania (Official)
Pozsgás / Pozsgas (Hungarian)
Pozsezsena, Romania (Hungarian)
Pojejena, Romania (Official)
Prigor, Romania (Official)
Prilipetz (German)
Prilipet, Romania (Official)
Pustinisch (German)
Öregfalu / Oregfalu (Hungarian)
Pustinis, Romania (Official)
County Color Queues
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Rakasd (Hungarian)
Răcăsdia / Racasdia, Romania (Official)
Rakito (Hungarian)
Răchitova / Rachitova, Romania (Official)
Radna (German)
Maria Radna (German)
Mariarádna (Hungarian)
Radna, Romania (Official)
Rafna (Hungarian)
Ramna, Romania (Official)
Rebenberg (German)
Szölöhegy / Szolohegy (Hungarian)
Rekasch (German)
Rekas (Hungarian)
Temesrekas (Hungarian)
Recas, Romania (Official)
Remete (Hungarian)
Pogányosremete / Poganyosremete (Hungarian)
Remetea-Pogănici / Remetea-Poganici, Romania (Official)
Reschitza (German)
Resicabánya / Resicabanya (Hungarian)
Reschitz (Other)
Resita, Romania (Official)
Ritischevo (German)
Rethely (Hungarian)
Ritisevo, Serbia (Official)
Rittberg (German)
Tormac (Hungarian)
Tormak, Romania (Official)
Roggendorf (German)
Szollosudvarnok (Hungarian)
Rogendorf (Other)
Banatski Dusanovac, Serbia (Official)
Roschowa (German)
Újruszolc / Ujruszolc (Hungarian)
Rusova Nouă / Rusova Noua, Romania (Official)
Roschowa (German)
Óruszolc / Oruszolc (Hungarian)
Rusova Veche, Romania (Official)
Rotkirchen (German)
Rothkirchen (German)
Vöröstemplom / Vorostemplom (Hungarian)
Crvena Crkva, Serbia (Official)
Rudna (German)
Rudna (Hungarian)
Rudna, Romania (Official)
Rudolfsgnad (German)
Rezsöhaza (Hungarian)
Knicaninovo (Other)
Knicanin, Serbia (Official)
Rumänisch-Bentschek (German)
Alsóbencsek (Hungarian)
Bencecu de Jos, Romania (Official)
Rumänisch-Bokschan / Rumanisch Bokschan (German)
Várboksán / Varboksan (Hungarian)
Bocsa Română / Bocsa Romana, Romania (Official)
Rumänisch-Gladna / Rumanisch-Gladna (German)
Galadna (Hungarian)
Gladna-Română / Gladna-Romana, Romania (Official)
Rumänisch-Saska / Rumanisch-Saska (German)
Sasca Română / Sasca Romana, Romania (Official)
Ruskitza (German)
Wolfswiese (German)
Ruszkica (Hungarian)
Ruskitz (Other)
Colonia Ruschita (Other)
Ruszkitzatelep (Other)
Ruschita, Romania (Official) 
Ruskodorf (German)
Klein Orrosin (German)
Kis-Orosz (Hungarian)
Kisorosz (Hungarian)
Kisorosz (Hungarian)
Torontáloroszi (Hungarian)
Rusko Selo, Serbia (Official)
Russberg / Ruskberg / Ruskaberg (German)
Ruska (German)
Ruszkabánya / Ruszkabanya (Hungarian)
Rusca Montană / Rusca Montana, Romania (Official)
Ruszandafürdö (Hungarian)
Banja Rusanda, Serbia (Official)
County Color Queues
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Sackelhausen (German)
Szákálháza / Szakalhaza (Hungarian)
Szakelház / Szakelhaz (Other)
Sacklas (Other)
Săcălaz / Sacalaz, Romania (Official)
  • Familienbuch Sackelhausen 1766-1844 von Josef Kühn, 1998
  • Lookups Guide: Alex Leeb - Sackelhausen Familienbuch 1766-2007
  • Banat Author: HAUPT, Nikolaus
Saden (German)
/ Zsandany (Hungarian)
Cornesti, Romania (Official)
Saderlach (German)
Zádorlák / Zadareni
Zaderlach (Other)
Saderlack (Other)
Zădăreni, Romania (Official)
St. Helena (German)
Sfînta Elena, Romania (Official)
St. Paul (German)
Szentpál / Szentpal (Hungarian)
Sînpaul, Romania (Official)
Sajan, Serbia (Official)  See: Wilhelmfeld (German)
Sakalowitz (German)
Sagallowitz (German)
Szakolovec (Hungarian)
Szokolvácz / Szokolvacz (Hungarian)
Socolovac (Other)
Socol, Romania (Official)
Sakul (German)
Szakul (Hungarian)
Sacu, Romania (Official)
Samosch (German)
Számos / Szsmos (Hungarian)
Samos, Serbia (Official)
Sanad (German)
Szanad (Hungarian)
Sanad, Serbia (Official)
Sanddorf (German)
Schuschara (German)
Szusara Puszta (Hungarian)
Fejertelep Sefdin (Hungarian)
Susara, Serbia (Official)
Sanktandreas (German)
Sanktandrees (German)
St. Andrasch (Josephinische)
Szentandrás (Hungarian)
Andres (Other)
Sânandrei, Romania
Neusanktanna (German)
Sanktanna (German)
Szentanna (Hungarian)
Santanna (Other)
Sîntana (Other)
Sântana / Santana, Romania (Official)
  • Located in  Arad County (Western Romania)
  • Founded in 1742
  • Deutsch site: 
Sankt Georgen an der Bega (German)
Begaszentgyörgy / Begaszentgyorgy (Hungarian)
Begejski Sveti Djuradj, Serbia (Official)
Sankt Hubert (German)
Szenthubert (Hungarian)
Sveti Hubert (Other)
Banatsko Veliko Selo, Serbia (Official) (3 villages) North Banat District (Vojvodina)
Sankt-Johann (German)
Szentjános / Szentjanos (Hungarian)
Sveti Jovan (Other)
Barice, Serbia (Official)
Sankt Nikolaus an der Theiss (German)
Tiszaszentmiklós / Tiszaszentmiklos (Hungarian)
Potiski Sveti Nikola (Other)
Szentmiklus (Other)
Ostojicevo, Serbia (Official)
Sanktiwan (German)
Ujszentiván / Ujszentivan (Hungarian)
Neu-St.-Iwan (Other)
Sentiwan (Official)
Sarafol (German)
Sárafalva / Saafalva, (Hungarian)
Saravale, Romania (Official)
Sarasan (German)
Saracsán / Saracsan (Hungarian)
Sărăzani / Sarazani, Romania (Official)
Sartscha (German)
Szárcsa / Szarcsa (Hungarian)
Sutjeska, Serbia (Official)
  • Lookups Guide: Richard Merk - Familienbuch der Katholischen Pfarrgemeinde SARTSCHA im Banat und ihrer Filialen 1800-1852 von Josef Kühn
Saska (German)
Deutschsaska (German)
Szászkábánya / Szaszkabanya (Hungarian)
Sasca Montană / Sasca Montana, Romania (Official)
Schag (German)
Temessag (Hungarian)
Sag-Timis, Romania (Official)
Scheiting (German)
Sajteny (Hungarian)
Seitin, Romania (Official)
Schimand (German)
Alsosimand (Hungarian)
Cseroviczsimand (Hungarian)
Simandul de Jos (Other)
Simand, Romania (Official)
Schimonidorf (German)
Schimonydorf (German)
Simonyifalva (Hungarian)
Satu Nou, Romania (Official)
Schipet (German)
Sebed (Hungarian)
Sipet, Romania (Official)
Schiria (German)
Hellburg (German)
Vilagos (Hungarian)
Wilagosch (Other)
Siria, Romania (Official)
Schoimosch (German)
Solymos (Hungarian)
Solymosvár / Solymosvar (Other)
Soimos, Romania (Official)
Schöndorf / Schondorf (German)
Szépfalu / Szepfalu (Hungarian)
Schendarf (Other)
Frumuseni, Romania (Official)
Schumarak (German)
Emanueltelep (Hungarian)
Emanuelovac (Other)
Sumarak, Serbia (Official)
Schupanek (German)
Zsupanek (Hungarian)
Nagysuppany (Other)
Jupalnic, Romania (Official)
Schurjan (German)
Zurjan (Hungarian)
Surjan, Serbia (Official)
Schwabendorf (German)
Neukaransebesch (German)
Caransebesu Nou, Romania (Official)
Sebisch (German)
Borossebes (Hungarian)
Sebis, Romania (Official)
Segenthau (German)
Dreispitz (German)
Németsag (Hungarian)
Segentau (Other)
Sag/Arad (Other)
Şagu, Romania (Official)
Sekeschut (German)
Szekesut (Hungarian)
Secusigiu, Romania (Official)
Sekul (German)
Székul / Szekul (Hungarian)
Cuptoare Secul (Other)
Kemenceszék / Kemenceszek, Romania (Other)
Secu, Romania (Official)
Selleusch (German)
Kévisszöllö / Kevisszollo (Hungarian)
Csigérszöllös / Csigerszollos (Hungarian)
Seleus, Serbia (Official)
Semlak (German, Josephinische)
Szemlak (Hungarian)
Mezősomlyó (Hungarian)
Szemlakháza (Hungarian)
Semlac, Romania (Official)
Sentlein (German)
Senlan (German)
Szentleányfalva / Szentleanyfalva (Hungarian)
Sanlean (Other)
Sînleani / Sinleani, Romania (Official) Arad County (Western Romania)
Serbisch-St. Martin (German)
Szerbzentmárton (Hungarian)
Sanmartin Serbian (Romania)
Sânmartinul Sârbesc (Romania)
Sînmartinu (l) Sîrbesc, Romania
Serbisch-Itebe, (German)
Serbische Itebe, (German)
Serbische Ittebe, (German)
Szerb-Ittebe, (German)
Rácz Ittebe, (Hungarian)
Felsőittebe, (Hungarian)
Szerbittebe, (Hungarian)
Ittebe (Szerb-),
Ungarisch Itebe, (Hungarian)
Srpski Itebej, Serbia, (Official)
Setschan (German)
Petersheim (German)
Szécsány (Hungarian)
Torontálszécsány (Hungarian)
Sečanj, Serbia (Official)
Setschan (German)
Temesszécsény / Temesszecseny (Hungarian)
Seceani, Romania (Official) Timis County (Western Romania)
  • 35 km N from Timisoara
Setschanfeld (German)
Szécsánfalva (Hungarian)
Szécsányfalva (Hungarian)
Szécsénfalva (Hungarian)
Sečenovo  (Serbian)
Szecsenovo (Serbian)
Duzsine (Serbian)
Dužine, Serbia (Official)
Seultour (German)
Szoltur (Hungarian)
Szeultorn (Hungarian)
Banatsko Veliko Selo, Serbia (Official) (3 villages) North Banat District (Vojvodina)
Sigmundsfeld (German)
Zsigmondfalva (Hungarian)
Sigmundsdorf (Other)
Lukicevo (Official)
Martinica, Serbia (Official)
  • Lookups Guide: Frank Dornstauder | ShirleyAnn Erdman | Rudy Kirchner
    Familienbuch der Gemeinden Deutsch-Etschka, Sigmundfeld, Rudolfsgnad im Banat
    by Philipp Lung ; mit einer Geschichte der Besiedlung by Reiner Schlotthauer. Published 1999 by P. Lung in Villingen-Schwenningen. Written in German.
Groß St. Nikolaus / Gross St. Nikolaus (German)
Groß Sankt Nikolaus (German)
/ Nagyszentmiklos (Hungarian)
Sînnicolau Mare
/ Sinnicolau Mare
ânnicolaul Mare / Sannicolaul Mare, Romania (Official) Timis County (Western Romania)
Silasch (German)
Szilas (Hungarian)
Silagy (Hungarian)
Silagiu (Official)
Sistaroc (Hungarian)
Sistarovec (Other)
Sistarovăt / Sistarovat, Romania (Official)
Slatina (German)
Temesszlatina (Hungarian)
Slatina Timis, Romania (Official)
Slatitza (German)
Zlatita, Romania (Official)
Skorenowatz (German)
Szekelykeve (Hungarian)
Skorenovac, Serbia (Official)
Soborsin (Hungarian)
Săvîrsin Savirsin, Romania (Official)
Sofkerin (German)
Szekerény / Szekereny (Hungarian)
Sefkerin, Serbia (Official)
Sofronya (Hungarian)
Sofronea (Official)
Sotschitza (German)
Socica, Serbia (Official)
Stantschowa (German)
Sztancsfalva (Hungarian)
Stanciova, Romania (Official)
Startschowa (German)
Sztarcsova (Hungarian)
Tarcsó / Tarcso, Serbia (Hungarian)
Starcevo, Serbia (Official)
Stefansfeld (German)
Schuple (German)
Istvánföld / Istvanfold (Hungarian)
Krajiste (Other)
Stefanföld / Istvanfold (Other)
Szent István / Szent Istvan (Other)
Krajisnik (Official)
Supljaja, Serbia (Official)
Steierdorf-Anina (German)
Anina (German)
Steierlak (Hungarian)
Steierlak Anina (Hungarian)
Stajerlak (Hungarian)
Stájerlakanina / Stajerlakanina (Hungarian)
Anina, Romania (Official)
Sustra (Hungarian)
Sustra, Romania (Official)
Sylvasel (German)
Szilvashely (Hungarian)
Sălbăgel / Salbagel, Romania (Official)
Szabadhely (Hungarian)
Sîmbăteni / Simbateni, Romania (Official)
Szakalár / Szakalar (Hungarian)
Socolari, Romania (Official)
Szakula (Hungarian)
Sakule, Serbia (Official)
Szentleányfalva / Szentleanyfalva (Hungarian) see: Sentlein (German)
Szineke (Hungarian)
Sintea Mică / Sintea Mica, Romania (Official)
Szócsán / Szocsan (Hungarian)
Soceni, Romania (Official)
Szöreg / Szoreg (Hungarian)
Szöreg / Szoreg (Official)
Szörénybalázsd / Szorenybalazsd (Hungarian)
Voislova, Romania (Official)
Szudrias (Hungarian)
Begaszederjes (Hungarian)
Sudrias, Romania (Official)
County Color Queues
Timis | Vojvodina | Caras-Severin | Arad


Tautz (German)
Feltót / Feltot (Hungarian)
Taucz (Hungarian)
Tauti, Romania (Official)
Temeres (Hungarian)
Temeresti, Romania (Official)
Temeschburg (German)
Temeschwar (German)
Temesvár (Hungarian)
Timisoara, Romania (Official)
Temesfalva (Hungarian)
Dragsina, Romania (Official)
Temespaulis / Temes-Paulis (German)
Temesch Paulisch (German)
Paulisch /
(Temes-) Paulis (German)
/ Pavlis (Serbian)
Vrsac-Pavlis (Other)
Păulis / Pavlis, Romania (Official)
Teplitz (German)
Csernahéviz / Csernaheviz (Hungarian)
Toplet, Romania (Official)
Teregowa (German)
Teregova (Hungarian)
Teregova, Romania (Official)
Ternova (German)
Tornova (Hungarian)
Tîrnova / Tirnova, Romania (Official)
Tikvány / Tikvany (Hungarian)
Ticvanul Mic, Romania (Official)
Tinkova (Hungarian)
Tincova, Romania (Official)
Tiszahegyes (Hungarian)
Idjos, Serbia (Official)
Tiszatarros (Hungarian)
Taras, Serbia (Official)
Toba (German)
Toba (Hungarian)
Toba, Serbia (Official)
Togyer (Hungarian)
Toager, Romania (Official)
Tolwadia (German)
Tolwad (German)
Tolwedin (German)
Dolvadia (Josephinische)
Tolvád (Hungarian)
Tolvajd (Hungarian)
ădia (Hungarian)
Livezile, Romania (Official)
Tomaschevatz (German)
Tamaslaka (Hungarian)
Tomasovac (Other)
Tomasevici (Other)
Tomaševac / Tomasevac, Serbia (Official) Central Banat District (Vojvodina)
  • located in the Zrenjanin municipality, at the Bîrzava (Bersau) river flows into the Timis, (Temesch) river
Tomescht (German)
Tomesti, Romania (Official)
Torontáltorda / Torontaltorda (Hungarian)
Torda, Serbia (Official)
Tótvárad / Totvarad (Hungarian)
Vărădia de Mures / Varadia de Mures, Romania (Official)
Traunau (German)
Tronau (Other)
Alunis, Romania (Official)
Triebswetter (German)
Nagyösz / Nagyosz (Hungarian)
Tomnatic, Romania (Official) Timis County (Western Romania)
Tschakowa (German)
Csák / Csak (Hungarian)
Csákova / Csakova (Hungarian)
Ciacova, Romania (Official)
Tschanad (German)
Deutschtschanad (German)
Csanad (Hungarian)
Urbs Morisena (Other)
Cenad, Romania (Official)
Tschawosch (German)
Csávos / Csavos (Hungarian)
Ciavos (Other)
Grăniceri / Graniceri, Romania (Official)
Tschernabara (German)
Feketetö / Feketeto (Hungarian)
Cernabara (Hungarian)
Crna Bara, Serbia (Official)
Tschiklowa (German)
Csiklobánya (Hungarian)
Ciclova Montană / Ciclova Montana, Romania (Official)
Tschene (German)
Csene (Hungarian)
Schini (Other)
Cenei, Romania (Official)
Tschenta (German)
Csenta (Hungarian)
Leopoldova (Other)
Centa, Serbia (Official)
Tschermei (German)
Cermei (German)
Cremei, Romania (Official) 
Tschesterek (German)
Neuhatzfeld (German)
Csösztelek / Csosztelek (Hungarian)
Tschestereg (Other)
Tschestelek (Other)
Tschesterlek (Other)
Cestereg, Serbia (Official)
Tschukitsch (German)
Zukisch (German)
Czukisch  (Josephinische)
Ciuchiciu (Hungarian)
Csinkics (Hungarian)
Csukies (Hungarian)
Tyukó / Tyuko (Hungarian)
Ciuchici (Official)
Tschoka (German)
Čoka, Serbia (Official)
Türkisch Sakosch / Turkisch Sakosch (German)
Törökszakos / Törökszakos (Hungarian)
Sacosul Turcesc, Romania (Official)
County Color Queues
Timis | Vojvodina | Caras-Severin | Arad


Überland / Uberland (German)
Szölötelep / Szolotelep (Hungarian)
Iwerland (Other)
Giarmata Vii, Romania (Official)
Uiwar (German)
Neuburg an der Bega (German)
Újvár (Hungarian)
Uivar, Romania (Official)
Ujbécs / Ujbecs (Hungarian)
Ujpécs / Ujpecs, Romania (Other)
Újborlovény / Ujborloveny (Hungarian)
Borlovenii Noi, Romania (Official)
Új-paulis / Uj-pauli See: Alt Paulisch
Újszentes (Hungarian)
Dumbrăvita / Dumbravita, Romania (Official)
Ulma (German)
Homokszil (Hungarian)
Uljma, Serbia (Official)
Ürmenhausen / Urmenhausen (German)
Urmenyháza / Urmenyhaza (Hungarian)
Jermenovac (Other)
Jermenovci, Serbia (Official)
Usdin (German)
Újozora / Ujozora (Hungarian)
Uzdin, Serbia (Official)
Utwin (German)
Ötvény / Otveny (Hungarian)
Utvin, Romania (Official)
County Color Queues
Timis | Vojvodina | Caras-Severin | Arad


Vadpatak (Hungarian)
Bătesti, Romania (Official)
Vár (Hungarian)
Var, Romania (Official)
Várad / Varad (Hungarian)
Vărădia / Varadia, Romania (Official)
Varcsaró / Varcsaro (Hungarian)
Vîrciorova, Romania (Official)
Varsánd / Varsand (Hungarian)
Gyulavarsánd / Gyulavarsand (Hungarian)
Vărsand / Varsand, Romania (Official)
Verend (Hungarian)
Verendin (Other)
Verendia, Romania (Official)
Vermes (Hungarian)
Vermes, Romania (Official)
Visag (German)
Krassóvisság / Krassovissag (Hungarian)
Visság / Vissag, Romania (Official)
Vojlowitz (German)
Hertelendyfalva (Hungarian)
Vojlovica, Serbia (Official)
Vukovár / Vukovar (Hungarian)
Vucova, Romania (Official)
County Color Queues
Timis | Vojvodina | Caras-Severin | Arad


Waldau (German)
Sósd / Sosd (Hungarian)
Schoschdia (Other)
Sosdea, Romania (Official)
Walkan (German)
Vîlcani / Vilcani
ány / Valkany
Valcani, Romania (Official) Timis County (Western Romania)
  • SW Groß St. Nikolaus
Warjasch (German)
Várjás / Varjas (Hungarian)
Varias, Romania (Official)
Wattin (German)
Vattina (German)
Verseczvát / Verseczvat (Hungarian)
Vatin, Serbia (Official)
Weidenthal (German)
Weidental (German)
Temesfö (Hungarian)
Weidntol (Other)
Brebu Nou, Romania (Official)
Weißkirchen (German)
Fehértemplom (Hungarian)
Bela Crkva, Serbia (Official)
Weizenried (German)
Szörénybuzás / Szorenybuzas (Hungarian)
Gîrnic / Girnic, Romania (Official)
Werschetz (German)
Hennemannstadt (German)
Versecz (Hungarian)
Versec (Other)
Vrsac / Vršac, Serbia (Official)
Wetschehausen (German)
Vecseháa / Vecsehaa (Hungarian)
Westhausen (Other)
Wetschehas (Other)
Petroasa Mare (Official)
Pietroasa Mare, Romania (Official)
Wiesenhaid (German)
Ipet (German)
Réhat / Rehat (Hungarian)
Wiesenheid (Other)
Tisa Nouă / Tisa Noua, Romania (Official)
Wilhelmfeld (German)
Mihler (Hungarian)
Sajan, Serbia (Official)
Winga (German)
Winga an der Marosch (German)
Neuwinga (German)
Vinga (Hungarian)
Theresiopolis (Other)
Vinga Nouă / Vinga Noua (Official)
Vinga, Romania (Official)
Wiseschdia (German)
Kisvizésdia / Kisvizesdia (Hungarian)
Vizésd / Vizesd (Romanian)
Vizejdia, Romania (Official)
Wlajkowatz (German)
Vlajkovac, Serbia (Official)
Wojteg (German)
Vojtek (Hungarian)
Wojtek (Other)
Vejte (Other)
Voiteg, Romania (Official)
Wojwodintz (German)
Vajdalak (Hungarian)
Vojvodinci, Serbia (Official)
Wolfsberg (German)
Szörenyordas / Szorenyordas (Hungarian)
Gărîna / Garina, Romania (Official)
County Color Queues
Timis | Vojvodina | Caras-Severin | Arad


Zăgujeni / Zagujeni (German)
Zaguzsen (Hungarian)
Szaguzsen, Romania (Official)
Zaránd / Zarand (Hungarian)
Zărand / Zarand, Romania (Official)
Zichydorf (German)
Veliko Plandiste (German)
za (Hungarian)
Zichifalva (Hungarian)
Zichyfalva (Hungarian)
Zičifalva (Hungarian)
Ziča Selo (Serbian)
Zici Selo (Serbian)
Veliko Plandiste (Serbian)
Plandiste, Serbia (Official)
Zipar (German)
Tipar, Romania (Official)
Zrepaja (German)
Cserépalja / Cserepalja (Hungarian)
Crepaja, Serbia (Official)
Zséna / Zsena (Hungarian)
Jena, Romania (Official)
Zsittin (Hungarian)
Dicsény (Hungarian)
Jitin, Romania (Official)
Zsupánfalva / Zsupanfalva (Hungarian)
Jupînesti / Jupinesti, Romania (Official)
Zsurest (Hungarian)   
Györösd / Gyorosd (Hungarian)
Juresti, Romania (Official)

Sources Used For This Work

Village list & profiles researched & compiled by Jody McKim Pharr, 2008-2011. [Last Updated: 17 May 2013

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Magyar Katolikus Lexikon

dicţionar de localităţi din Transilvania

Church information provided by Alex Leeb

Church photos, unless otherwise noted, are courtesy of Heinz Vogel   

Additional village(s) data submitted by various researchers and volunteers.


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Torontál county was located in the Banat region. It shared borders with the Kingdom of Serbia and the Hungarian counties Szerém, Bács-Bodrog, Csongrád, Csanád, Arad and Temes (the first county was part of Croatia-Slavonia). The river Danube formed its southern border, the river Tisza its western border, and the river Maros its northern border.

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Village prefix & suffix translations

Ger. Rom.
or Ser.
Hun. Eng.
Alt vechi/veche O Old
burg cetate var burg
Deutsch German nemet(s) German
dorf sat falva village
gross mare nagy large
haus casa haza house
klein mic(a) kis small
neu nou/noua uj new
sankt sin/san szent saint

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Finding Vital 1796-1945 Data Regarding German and Hungarian Ancestors of Banat(ska) Topola and Novo Selo, Plus an Exposé About the Local 1945-1946 Internment Camp
for Germans of Serbia
By Jacob Steigerwald - The publication should also be of particular interest to descendants of Danube Swabians who have been wondering about actual procedures that Tito?s partisans employed in wiping out the ethnic group. In a variety of ways, my account also has relevance regarding criminal actions against indigenous Germans elsewhere in the country, from 1944 until 1948. [16 Nov 2009]

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