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People of Hatzfeld

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I have recently been able to scan some old photographs that my Aunt had.  There is writing on the back of some of them which I can not read; anyone able to help me with this problem?  The pictures seem to be of good quality; Zombolya is printed on the back. J but this is preprinted by the photography. I also have several postcard type prints and other older photos but cant date them either. Thanks for any and all help. You may email me directly bearbruns@gmail.com or reply to the DVHH Mail list. Thanks so much. ~Sandra

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This is a photo of my Grandmother Katherine Kori's sister. IT has been said that she went to Brazil.  Hermineas Kory b. prior to March 1900 / d.

First Communion Photo of my Grandmother (who was raised in some school run by Catholic  Sisters of the Sacred Heart in 1906 or 1907; she was not an enrolled student there but an orphan) and another of someone who I was told was her sister she is older and she is wearing white also in the years between 1900 and 1920 was it customary for families to make their first communion at the same time and older girls wear white without a veil.

© Sandra Bruns Family

The  Photograph is of Anna Weber Franz and her family in Coberg Germany 1967 she is the daughter of Johann and Katherine.
Sister to my Grandfather. 

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Hungarian to English translation: Emlékül! Szeretett testvéremtól. Fani és Béluska.

Remembrance/keepsake!  From my beloved sister.

Fani and Béluska - probably a child named Béla (Adalbert).

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Maria Kory niece to Katherine Kory Weber.

Ein .... von Mari Kory Jimbolia. A .... of/from Mari Kory

© Sandra Bruns Family

Hungarian to English translation: Remembrance/keepsake for  Kathy and Mike, Hermina and Tony. Zombolya 1925 September 10.

© Sandra Bruns Family
Oder Brother to Katherine Kory
Toni Kory
d. born prior to March 1900


© Sandra Bruns Family

Hungarian to English Translation: for Mike, Kathy and Cathy.  From older sister, sister-in-law, aunt and Christopher. 1922 February 23.



© Sandra Bruns Family
My Great Grandmother of Hatzfeld
Katherine Neidenbach
b. 26 Sept 1859
d. 25 Dec 1925


© Sandra Bruns Family
My Great Grandfather of Hatzfeld
Johann Weber
b. 13 Aug 1853
d. 24 Jul 1922
He had a butcher shop and bakery


© Sandra Bruns Family
Katherine Kori daughter of .......Kory and Susan Valerie grew up in a school run by Sisters of the Sacred Heart but as an orphan not as a Student.
b. 1900 Zombolya
d. 1957 OH
Immigrated to US from Cuba March 1925


Martin Weber his wife Katherine Schmidt and their daughter Franciska Weber
© Sandra Bruns Family

English Translation: Familie Wéber Martin. Ujvár 1933 Jan. 15. From John Weber. Family Martin Weber. Ujvár 1933 January 15. From John Weber.
The postcard is addressed to a family Weber Martion living in Ujvar, also known as "Neuburg an der Bega" The greeting is : from John Weber


© Sandra Bruns
Two women perhaps a mother and daughter names and dates unknown

© Sandra Bruns Family
I have been told that this 'couple' is my Grandfather Mike Weber and his Sister Franciska.....not sure why brother and sister would be posed in this manner. Date Unknown


© Sandra Bruns
Fasching, or Masquerade Ball.

© Sandra Bruns Family
Mother and daughter? Resembles my Grandmother but no information.

© Sandra Bruns Family
Unknown Person

(Looks like a baker)

© Sandra Bruns Family
A very young Soldier of ? Army, date unknown

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Writing difficult to read and in dialect.

Postcard - Jimbolia - Hatzfeld.  Ein Ansicht von Jimboli.  Zeit mihr alle fielmals keküsst.  von Kusine und Nichte Maria Kóry.  View of Jimbolia.  Many kisses to all from me.  From cousin and niece Maria Kóry.
Wen du die Zeihlen lesest wirt? Denket an mich die Euch im ganzen Leben niemals fergisst.  Kory Mari.  (Dialect)  When you read these lines think of me who will all her life never forget you.  Kory Mari.  Writing difficult to read and in dialect.

© Sandra Bruns Family
Grandfather Youngest son of Johann and Katherine
Mihaly/Mike Weber
b. Aug 1900 Zombolya
d. Jun  1992  OH
emigrated 1921


© Sandra Bruns Family


1.  Unser lieber Vater.  Our loved father.
2.  Schwester Annusch.  Sister Annusch (Anna)
3.  Ihr Mann.  Her husband.
4.  Ein Landsman.  A fellow countryman.
In Marienburg, Rumämien (Romania) 1944

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Peter was able to see and translate this from Hungarian to English

"Kedves batyamtol
Antal or Anton?
Zsombolya 1922"

"From my darling brother"
Antal or maybe Anton
Jimbolia, 1922

© Sandra Bruns Family
A small keepsake from Mother and Bernhard.  Nürnberg (Nuremburg) 14 July(?) 1947


© Sandra Bruns Family

German to English Translation

Andenken von John, Mischi und Johns Schwiegervater
Rememberance from John, Mischi and John's father in law
Mischi is another name for Michael

© Sandra Bruns Family

Anna Weber Franz 

Old German handwriting.
Mein Vother, dass ist Sohn(?)  My father, this is son(?)
Das bin ich.  This is me.
Dies (?) ist sein Schwieger Vohter(?)  This (?) is his father-in-law (?)
This is puzzling since there are 3 women in the picture.


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