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"A pinch of this, a dash of that, a few cupfuls" was how our mothers and grandmothers told us to prepare a family recipe." ~RMKH

Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors


Rose Mary Keller Hughes
"Cooking Donauschwaben Style" Coordinator, 2005 to April 2013.
Her time and talents brought us many years of enjoyment & information!

"A pinch of this . . . a dash of that . . . a few cupfuls . . .
was how our mothers and grandmothers told us to prepare a family recipe." ~Rose Mary

Rose Mary, 2013


When told that perhaps our hands didn’t hold the same amount of flour, we were told to stand and watch.  I, for one, stood beside my mother as she made Kossuth Kipfel.  As she took a handful of something, I had her put it first in a measuring cup so I could come up with a recipe that we first generation North Americans could understand.

There are many foods that we remember with such fondness and longing. Often they were made because the family could not afford meat at that time or because we had an abundance of a certain produce.  They were foods with simple ingredients, but oh how they tasted!  The younger generation talks about “comfort food.”  For me “comfort food” signifies Grumbieresupp with Palascinta, Chicken Paprikasch, Juvetsch, and all the wonderful foods with sauerkraut—from stuffed cabbage to strudel!  Someone once asked me if I felt poor during the Depression and I responded, “Never!  We had such wonderful food on our table!”  So, dear guest, welcome to the food section of our Donauschwaben heritage.  The recipes have been submitted by DVHH members who want to share this very important part of our culture.  We pay tribute to our mothers and Omas who prepared these wonderful foods with a generous dash of love.  -Rose Mary Keller Hughes, 2005.

[Published by Jody McKim Pharr, October 5, 2013]


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