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Main Dish Soup Dumplings~Noodles~Pancakes Sides Sauce Strudel Yeast Baking Dessert
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"A pinch of this, a dash of that, a few cupfuls" was how our mothers and grandmothers told us to prepare a family recipe." ~RMKH

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Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors


Anne Dreer, Recipe Coordinator
     As a young second World War refugee child from Croatia I lived in Austria and Germany. When I was about thirteen in Germany I became very interested in the the weekly recipes on our ‘tear off’ wall calendar.
     Living in extreme poverty I of course had no chance to try out those recipes. I never the less collected and saved them. I still have some of them. When I was fifteen my mother was hospitalized and  I had to ‘keep house’ for my three brothers. My father had already emigrated to Canada. It was during advent and on a
very tight budget I tried out some cookie recipes. I also had to cook our meals. Often there was only Süsskraut (without  meat) and bread (without butter) for lunch or boiled rice for supper. ~Anne Dreer


Rose Vetter, Editorial Coordinator
     When it comes to cooking, my mother was my greatest source of inspiration.  Having lost her mother at the tender age of two years, she grew up being abused at the hands of her stepmother.  When Rosa was barely twelve years old, she was taken to the city of Neusatz to work as a maid.  There, under the strict tutelage of her “Herreleit” employers, she became an excellent cook - and never looked back. 
     Mother cooked with a passion and took great pride in her cooking.  She was a perfectionist, always
maintaining that food should not only taste good, but look appetizing as well; also, one should never stray far from the stove while cooking.  Her strudels were masterpieces and have become legendary among our family and friends.  I have fond memories of helping mom pull out the paper-thin strudel dough, each one of us on opposite sides of the table, being careful not to make any holes.  During the post-war years, when, as refugees, we lived on various farms in Germany, mom would naturally help out in the kitchen.  She would introduce Danube Swabian dishes; and when there was little else left to eat, there were always ingredients at hand to make a simple Einbrennsupp, which became a great favourite of our host families. ~Rose Vetter


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Main Dish Soup Dumplings~Noodles~Pancakes Sides Sauce Strudel Yeast Baking Dessert

The Main Dish

  Submitter Date

 Bacon & Bread (Speck und Brot)

Keller Hughes, Rose Mary 2005-Dec-8

 Bacon, Rice, Potato Casserole

Buza, Margaret 2005-Nov-23

Summer Cottage Cheese Lunch

Dreer, Anne 2015-Jun-1

 Djuwetsch (Djoo-vetch) with Pork – Serbian: Djuveč

Vetter, Rose 2007-Jan-13


Dreer, Anne 2006-Mar-16 

  Goulash "over an open fire"

McKim Pharr, Jody 2005-Aug-14

  Goulash & Dumplings

Bajorek, Judy 2006-Mar-16

 Goulash & Dumplings

Hussli, Andrea 2006-Mar-16
McKenna, Linda Bautz 2014-Oct-22

 Grenadiermarsch (Potatoes & Noodles)

Dreer, Anne 2011-Feb-10

 Gypsy Bacon Cookout

Spande, Alice 2006-Nov-3

  Ham in Crust – Schunke in Kruscht (Shoon-keh in Kroosht)/Schinken in Krust

Young, Mary Ann 2009-Oct-30

  Joe Keller's Homemade Sausage (Semlak)

Keller Hughes, Rose Mary 2006-Nov-2

  Juwetsch with Beef

Leto, Tina 2007-Jan-7

 Krumpiere un’ Kned’l (Kroom-pie-reh oon K’nay-d’l) – Potatoes & Dumplings

Buza, Margaret 2005-Nov-23

  Never-Fail Perogies – Typical Ukrainian Dish

Leeb, Alex 2003-Oct-19 

  Oma’s Hendlpaprikasch (Haynd’l-pup-ri-kawsh) – Chicken Stew

Linz, Hermi  

  Pigs' Knuckles with Sauerkraut

Leeb, Alex 2006-Nov-24

 Pork Hocks with Sauerkraut

Leeb, Alex 2006-Nov-24

 Potatoes and Noodles – Grumbiere un’ Nudle (Groom-bee-reh oon Nood-le)

Schaeffer, Barbara 2012-Nov-25

 Saltrasch (Sawl-trawsh)

Kopp, Hans 2012-Nov-27

  Sarma - Stuffed Cabbage with Pork and Beef

Buza, Margaret 2009-Sep-27
Dreer, Anne 2014-Oct-22

 Sauerbraten (Sow-er-braw-ten) – Marinated Beef Roast - From Germany

Giesse, Noelle 2010-Dec-31

  Sauerkraut with Einbrenn – A Different Version

Leeb, Alex 2006-Nov-22 

 Bratwurst, Leberwurst & Schwartelmagen (Shvawr-tel-maw-g’n)

Tullius, Nick  

  Wiener Schnitzel

Brown, Eve 2013-Feb-3

Main Dish Soup Dumplings~Noodles~Pancakes Sides Sauce Strudel Yeast Baking Dessert


  Submitter Date

  Bean Soup – Bohnensuppe

Grega, Greog 2006-Oct-26

 Beans and Noodles – Bohnen und Nudeln

Tolfree, Beth 2005-Nov-29
McKenna, Linda Bautz 2014-Oct-22

  Einbrennsuppe – Einbrennsupp (Eyn-brenn-soopp)

Engel, Roy 2008-Aug-21


Charaus, Brigitte  2006-Sep-28

 Hungarian Beef Soup (Batcshka)

Meyer, June 2011-Aug-16

 Ing’macht’s (In-g’machts) ‘ch’ as in the Scottisch ”loch”) - Eingemachte Suppe

Buza, Margaret 2004-Dec-10

  Kohlrabi (German Turnip) Soup

Ilona Sümegi Hegyi  2012-Nov-27

  Liver Dumpling Soup (Leberknödelsuppe)

Schaeffer, Barbara 2012-Nov-28

 Sunday Chicken Soup (Batschka)

Meyer, June 2011-Aug-16

  Saure Grumbiere (Sow-reh Groomm-bee-reh (a type of soup)

Dreer, Anne 2007-Sep-10


Main Dish Soup Dumplings~Noodles~Pancakes Sides Sauce Strudel Yeast Baking Dessert

Dumplings, Noodles & Pancakes

  Submitter Date

  Dumplings for Sauerbraten - from Germany

Giesse, Noelle 2010-Dec-31

  Goulash Dumplings – Knedl (K’nayd’l) - Knödel

Wilson, Eileen 2006-Mar-16

  Grumbeerekiechle (Groomm-bay-reh-keech-leh) –Potato Pancakes

Tullius, Nick 2012-Jul-2

  Palatschinken (Paw-la-tshin-ken) – German Pancakes/Crepes

Brown, Eve 2007-Oct-4

  Kaiserschmarren (Ky-zer-shmaw-reh) – Emperor’s Pancake

Offen, Judy Becker 2006-Mar-6

  Peckmespelschterli (Peck-mess-pel-shter-lee) – Jam Pillows

Dreer, Anne 2007-Nov-7

 Plum and Apricot Dumplings

Giesse, Noelle 2005-Nov-21

 My Mom’s Schmarre (Shmaw-reh)

Joe Kurzweil 2011-Feb-19


Keller Hughes, Rose Mary 2009-Oct-29

 Schupfknödel (Shoopf-k’nee-d’l) or Schuppnudel – Potato Dumplings

Brown, Eve 2005-Nov-23

  Short Seminar on Donauschwaben Pasta

Dreer, Anne 2011-Feb-19

 Spätzle (Shpetz-leh), or Löffelknödel (Leff’l-k’nay-d’l) – Dumplings

Tolfree, Beth 2011-Nov-14

 Zwetschenknödel – Kwetscheknedl (Kve-tshe-k’nay-d’l) – Plum Dumplings

Brown, Eve 2005-Nov-21 

  Zwetschkenknödell (Plum Dumplings)

Leeb, Alex 2005-Nov-21


Main Dish Soup Dumplings~Noodles~Pancakes Sides Sauce Strudel Yeast Baking Dessert


  Submitter Date

  Cabbage Salad

McKim, Jody 2006-Jun-28

  Cucumber Salad  – Umarkesalat (Oo-mar-keh-saw-lawt)

McKim, Jody 2009-Jun-21

  Dill Pickles (sun fermented)

Leeb, Alex 2005-Dec-2

  Grandma’s Kohlrabi 

Regan, Mary 2012-Nov-27

  Gurken – Sun-fermented Pickles

Ingrisch, Lizzi 2005-Dec-4

  Hungarian Green Beans

Buza, Margaret 2007-Mar-18

  Kirpse-Zuspeis (Keerp-seh-tsoo-shpice) – Squash vegetable

Vetter, Rose 2008-Aug-12

  Kohlrabi Zuspeis

Vetter, Rose 2012-Nov-27

  Lecsó/Letscho (Le-tcho) – Vegetable Ragout

Meyer, June 2005-Jan-15

  My grandmother’s Kohlrabi

Herrmann, Rainer 2012-Nov-27

  Open Crock Dill Pickles

Hale, Larry 2005-Dec-5

  Scharfe Grumbiere (Shawr-feh Groomm-bee-reh) – Spicy Potatoes

Dreer, Anne 2007-Sep-10



Main Dish Soup Dumplings~Noodles~Pancakes Sides Sauce Strudel Yeast Baking Dessert


  Submitter Date

  Dill Sauce for Chicken or Beef

Meyer, June 2011-Aug-16

  Einbrenn (Eyn-brenn) – Roux

Buza, Margaret 2006-Sep-28

  Einbrenn Sauce

Vetter, Rose 2006-Sep-28

  Einbrenn Comment  

Bugaisky, Gabi 2006-Sep-28

  Grandmother Klara's Einbrenn Sauce

Ritter, Joe 2006-Sep-28

  Sauerkraut Sauce

Leeb, Alex 2006-Nov-22 

  Sour Cream Sauce

Meyer, June 2011-Aug-16


Main Dish Soup Dumplings~Noodles~Pancakes Sides Sauce Strudel Yeast Baking Dessert


  Submitter Date

  Hints on Strudel Making

Vetter, Rose 2011-Feb-2

  Strudel Making Photos & Recipe

Brown, Eve 2005-Nov-22

  Strudel Making Video

McKim-Pharr, Jody 2010-Nov-2

  Cabbage Strudel – Krautstrudel

Juhl, Yvonne 2005-Nov-19

  Cabbage Strudel Filling

Meyer, June 2005-Nov-18

  Kraut Strudel Filling

Keller-Hughes, Rose Mary 2005-Nov-18

  Pumpkin Strudel Filling – Bratkürbis – Brotkerbs (Broat-kerbs)

Tullius, Nick 2005-Nov-5

  Sauerkraut Strudel

Leeb, Alex 2005-Nov-18

  Ziehstrudel (Tsee-shtroo-del) – Pulled Strudel

Keller-Hughes, Rose Mary 2005-May-17

Main Dish Soup Dumplings~Noodles~Pancakes Sides Sauce Strudel Yeast Baking Dessert

Yeast Baking

  Submitter Date

  Bäckerkipfel (salt & caraway seed)

Dreer, Anne 2006-Nov-30

  Baking Bread

Dreer, Anne 2006-Aug-6

  Baking the Bread

Keller Hughes, Rose Mary 2005-May-5

  Derri Kiechle (Derri Keech-leh) – (with photos)

Brown, Eve 2005-Nov-21

  Easter Bread – Osterbrot (Oas-ter-broat)

Dreer, Anne 2008-Mar-1

  Everlasting Yeast

Leeb, Alex 2005-May-14

  Gangene Zuckerkichl (Gawn-ge-neh Tsoo-cker-kee-ch’l) – Sugar Squares

Willand, Thomas 2007-Mar-7


Leeb, Alex 2006-Nov-30

  Kipfel (Photo Demonstration)

Willand, Thomas 2006-Nov-30

  Krammel-Pogatschen (Kraw-mel-po-gaw-tsh’n)

Jobba, Rudy 2009-Sep-30

  Krautburgers or Pierogs – Typical Russian dish

Hale, Larry 2005-Nov-18

  Langos/Langosch - Crispy Fried Dough

McKim Pharr, Jody 2005-Aug-9

  Poppy Seed Bread/Strudel

Ott, Leah 2010-Sep-20

  Poppy Seed or Walnut Strudel

Psotka, Joseph 2012-Jun-20

  Schmerkipfel (Shmare-kip-fel) – Danish Pastry

Dreer, Anne 2008-Mar-1

  Salzkipfel – Salt Crescents

Vetter, Rose 2006-Nov-30

  Traditional Egerländer Weihnachtsstollen – Christmas Stollen from Bohemia

Kraus, Aida 2007-Dec-07

  Wasserkipfel/Brunnenkipfel – Well Crescents

Leeb, Alex 2006-Nov-30

Main Dish Soup Dumplings~Noodles~Pancakes Sides Sauce Strudel Yeast Baking Dessert


  Submitter Date

  Proven Baking Recipes 150 bestbewährte Backrezepte


(150 Proven Baking Recipes) herausgegben vom Banater Tagblatt-Verlag. This section of recipes are a compilation of those which originally appeared in issues of the ExtraPost.  It is the belief of DVHH, Inc. that the 150 bestbewährte Backrezepte cookbook was published prior to 1945.

  Warm Pastries (Breads)
  Yeast Pastries
  Squares & Cakes
  Fancy Layer Cakes
  Cold Desserts

Wilson, Barbara 2007-May-11

  Apfelpite (Up-fel-pit-teh) - Apple Slice

Vetter, Rose 2007-Jan-3

  Bear Claws (Bärenpratzen) (Bay-ren-pra-ts’n)

Dreer, Anne 2010-Sep-21

  Butter Kipfel

Buza, Margaret 2006-Nov-30

  Fallschirme – Parachute Cookies

Showley, Daniela 2012-Oct-30

  Kalter Hund (Cold Dog)

Gunther-Wolf, Brigitte 2011-Feb-2

  Kleikgeviht or Gleichgewicht (Glych-geh-veecht) - Pound Cake

Dreer, Anne 2012-Jun-10

  Kossuth (Ko-shoot) Kipfel

Keller-Hughes, Rose Mary 2007-Jan-13

  Krempitte or Napoleons (Cream Pastry)

Psotka, Joe 2011-Dec-20

  Letzelder or Lebkuchen Cookies

Psotka, Joe 2012-Oct-7

  Macaroons/Batobrani Cookies

Linz, Hermine 2011-Jul-2

  Mürber Teig & Käsekuchen – Short Crust and Cheese Cake

Keller-Hughes, Rose Mary 2011-Feb-2

  Muschkazone Cookies

Meyer, June  

  Muschkazone Cookies

Tolfree, Beth 2006-Jan-10

  Muschkazone Cookie Cutter Pictures

Various 2005-Nov-28

  Muschkazone Cookie

Hussli, Andrea 2006-Mar-21

  Nusse Stangl (Nooss-shtawn-g’l) – Nut meringue bars

Brown, Eve 2005-Dec-10

  Nuss Stangl - Nut Bars

Reiner, Helen 2005-Dec-11

  Nuss Pusserl (Nut Crescents)

Leeb, Alex 2006-Nov-30

  Pfeffernüsse (Pfef-fer-nüs-se) Cookies

Hale, Larry 2005-Nov-20

  Obliganza for Christmas (Cookies)

Keller-Hughes, Rose Mary 2011-Feb-2

  Reisscheijweri – Rice Soufflé

Weimar, Sylvia 2007-Mar-4

  Schaumrollen/Schillerlocken (Showm-rol-len) – Cream Rolls

Dreer, Anne 2007-Dec-31

  Vanilla Sugar

Stemper, Lucia 2006-Aug-31

  Vanille Krenzle (Cookies)

Dreer, Anne 2011-Dec-13

  Vogelmilch (Foa-g’l-milch) or Schneenockerl - Bird’s Milk/Snow Dumplings

Stemper, L; Lambing, D 2006-Aug-31

Main Dish Soup Dumplings~Noodles~Pancakes Sides Sauce Strudel Yeast Baking Dessert


  Submitter Date

  Obsternte (fruit harvest)

Leeb, Alex 2005-Mar-20

  Comparing German & Hungarian Dishes

Boelckey, Minci 2007-Oct-8

  Cooking in the Old Country

Tullius, Nick 2009-Oct-5

  Das Schlachtfest - The Slaughter Festival

Kopp, Hans 2007-Jan-25

  Hussli Peppers

Hussli, Larry 2006-Feb-9

  My First Recollection of Sausage

Ritter, Joe 2006-Nov-4

  Sunday Meals

Tullius, Nick 2007-Oct-8

  Wine Processing -Wine & Vineyards




Main Dish Soup Dumplings~Noodles~Pancakes Sides Sauce Strudel Yeast Baking Dessert

Cookbooks & Links

  150 bestbewährte Backrezepte (150 Proven Baking Recipes), Banater Tagblatt-Verlag

  Authentic Hungarian Recipes, Meyer, June

  Die Lieblinger Küche "The Lieblinger Kitchen", Lieblinger Vergnügungs Verein

  Husarenkrapfen & Damenkaprizen Großmutters Banater Backbuch (Grandmothers Banater Baking Book), Urosevic, Alexander 

  Perjamoscher Kochbuch

  Thomas Willand's Danube Swabian Recipes - Cookbook Section, Grega, Georg

  Danube-Swabian Cooking

  German Deli

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