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Banat Specific Resources
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Banater Kalender 2020

Banat Maps

For Specific Village Information (See: Villages)

Banat Reference Books (Published resources relating to Villages & Family Research located in Main Genealogical section)

Banat Villages with German Inhabitants Church name - map keys

“Our Danube Swabian Banat Villages Have Their Own Character” 1924 Donauschwäbischer Volkskalender By Prof. Nischbach

The End of the German Banat Villages - The Anton Bedoe Zollner Series

Genealogical Digs: discovering our ancestral roots!

Romania Banat (Banater Associations & Local Archives information)

Media & Newspaper Sources (Publications, video)

Neue Banater Bücherei by Anton-Peter Petri, 1982-1992
(New Banat Library Series Index)

Donauschwäbischer Volkskalender (Donauschwaben kalender)

Banater Kalender (Yearly publication)

Banat Book List (Specific to Banat)

Dennis J. Bauer's Genealogical Banat Book Collection (Personal Collection)

Postcards from the past (villages)

Banat Slide Show, submitted by Nick Tullius, 2014-Mar-16

Das Banat im Jahre 1971 (Driving Video - A journey through the Banat with the Bavarian Radio. A very nice contribution is to remember but also suitable for getting to know the Banat.)

Sackelhauser Musikanten: Banater Ländler (Banat musicians)

Heimattag 2012 - National Show date - Baden-Wuerttemberg - 27th May 2012 - SWR television - Heimattag 2012 - Country team in the Banat Swabians eV under the motto "Banat Swabians - Future with Tradition"


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