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Banat Maps

Published at by Jody McKim Pharr

Banat Map

Günther Philipp and Hoefer Verlag
Contributed this great Banat Map to the DVHH. 

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(Günther Philipp b. Neu-Arad)



Banater Schwaben Movement Map route of Origin
areas to Temeschburg, Banat
© Alex Leeb & Tom Leihn, contributed by Alex Leeb

Banat Map
Contributed by Alex Leeb


Banat Map © Institut für donauschwäbische Geschichte und Landeskunde, Tübingen 1996 © N.G. Elwert Verlag Marburg
Map reproduced with the permission of the author from the book "Donauschwäbische Lebensformen an der Mittleren Donau" by Hans Gehl, Marburg 2003.


Village Coordinates

Central Part of Banat 1800
ontributed by Todor Krecu (


Banat Village Map
by Udo Fingerhut
You may have to click on the map once it opens up.

Last Updated 1 Nov 2006

Plan of Temiswar 1700


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