Painting of Apatin by painting Janos Hauk 1958, contributed by Yvonne Juhl.


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13 Oct 2020 Danube Swabian Museum

Sep 2019 Yvonne Juhl passing - Cruise 2017

A picture of Yvonne with my husband and me on our Danube cruise in 2017. - I am deeply saddened at the sad news of Yvonne's passing. She often helped people with research questions re their Apatin ancestry. We were cousins through our Strumberger ancestral line and I got to know her via emails.  I am so glad that a couple of years ago my husband and I got to know her better when we 3 took a Danube cruise with the Apatiner Gemeinschaft.


17 Jul 2012 Good pictures of Apatin . . . APATIN DOKUMETARAC (Video)

14 Jul 2010 1900 Apatin The Brewery workers (coopers or barrel-makers) Photo contributed by Brian Moore.

27 Oct 2009 Exhibition in Apatin
On the Occasion of the Dedication of the Church of the Sacred Heart Church
August 16th, 2009;
By Boris Mašić, Translated by Rose Vetter

10 Oct 2009 Apatin's Jewish community

10 Oct 2009  Donaudreieck
My cousin in Sombor sent me the link for the local (and beyond) DS website. I typed the name into Google and clicked on the "translate" button and was able to read the whole site.  It covers a number of communities in Hungary and northern Serbia. I was able to access the minutes and pictures of the Apatin meeting. 

08 Oct 2008 Father Adam Berenz, By Boris Masic, Translated by Rose Vetter

26 Aug 2008 Fernbach von Apatin

30 Apr 2008 Map of the 1795 flood in Apatin - (inundated by flood waters is shown in red) "In old Apatin" a branch of the Danube River separated the town into two parts.
The flood of 1795 destroyed most of the town with only one third of the old town remaining. "The church, the market, everything was destroyed by the flood. The old church is now in the middle of the river." (Boris Masic) 

29 Apr 2008 Deutscher Bürgerverein Adam Berenz / German Citizens Association

03 Apr 2008 Chapel of the noble Fernbach family from Apatin renovated, by Boris Masic


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