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Rootsweb Mail lists ended March 2, 2020, an end of a wonderful era!
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Our eMail List is the lifeline of
Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands!

This mail list was set up by and for Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands [DVHH.org], a volunteer nonprofit assisting Danube Swabian researchers.

Topic: A bilingual English-German mailing list for anyone with an interest in the former Danube Swabian (ethnic German) villages situated in the six regions which were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918: Banat, Batschka, Hungarian Highlands, Sathmar, Swabian Turkey, Syrmia & Slavonia.  We help researchers discover their Danube Swabian ancestral roots, history, environs, culture and lifestyle.  We encourage our list members to ask questions and share discoveries. For additional questions about this list, contact one of the Mail List Administrators.

[First please read the Guideline and Rules]

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Last updated: 01 Nov 2020

Archives at Rootsweb will remain available for future reference
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Guideline and Rules

Welcome to the DVHH Mail List! - We ask that you please read the below guidelines and rules set in place for you to achieve the best family research experience and be a vital part of our growing community of over 900+ mail list subscribers. We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to getting to know you! 

About The DVHH Mail List at group.io: 

This list is associated with Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands, Inc. [DVHH.org], a non-profit volunteer project assisting researchers of Danube Swabian heritage.  It is a bilingual English-German mailing list for anyone with an interest in the former Danube Swabian (ethnic German) villages situated in the six regions which were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918: Banat, Batschka, Hungarian Highlands, Sathmar, Swabian Turkey, Syrmia and Slavonia.  We help researchers discover their Danube Swabian ancestral roots, history, environs, culture and lifestyle.  We encourage our list members to ask questions, provide information and share discoveries. 

Our original Rootsweb list was created in 2003 as a medium between the DVHH administration, volunteers-to-researchers and members worldwide.  Our primary focus is, but is not limited to, DVHH-related announcements: introducing new members, volunteers, publications, book releases and social events, thus functioning as a home base for Danube Swabian researchers to post inquiries and share reliable resources for researchers worldwide. Our secondary focus is to promote and support the DVHH.org website. If you wish to submit items for publication, please contact the publisher. Volunteers can be found and privately contacted here: www.dvhh.org/community/registry.htm

Standard Mail List Rules: 

DO NOT post virus warnings, test messages, chain letters, political announcements, current events or personal messages. Do not use the List as a platform for your religious and political leanings. Since our membership consists of people from different countries, political leanings and religious faiths, members are asked to refrain from sending messages that reflect current day politics and religious opinions. Discussions about the politics and religious activities in the Danube Swabian historical past is part of our heritage and is acceptable and appropriate.

DO NOT send file attachments (messages with files appended) to the Mail List. In fact, never send anything but plain text. Turn off HTML and MIME.  Write the List Administrator if you need help with this. If you have a file you would like to share with the members, announce what you have to offer; then send the file via private e-mail only to those who request it. 

PLEASE DO NOT post the same message to two different mail lists at the same time. This may be easier for you, but for the 900+ subscribers receiving such postings, it can be confusing and annoying. Also, when fellow posters “Reply to All,” they have to delete the list they are not part of.  Take the time to send your message to each mail list separately. 

DVHH.org is the DVHH List Owner. Our Mail List Administrator is a DVHH Volunteer who manages the day-to-day technical issues, moderates as needed and enforces the following guidelines and rules. 

DVHH Mail List Guidelines and Tips: 

Posting a Message:  First we recommend that you put the Mail List address: - in your email address book, name it: DVHH Mail List.  To start a new posting, type in DVHH into the TO: line and your address should be completed automatically.  Please don’t reply to someone else’s posting with your own new inquiry, it interferes with the structure of the threads in the Rootsweb Archive.  Simply start your own new message. 

Subject Lines:  We want you to receive the help you need, therefore make your subject line clear and accurate. Some people get a lot of mail daily and only scan the subject lines.  If you are researching a particular surname and/or village, indicate that in the subject line. If you need help with a lookup; enter Lookup, along with the surname and, if known, the particular reference book.  If it’s a brick wall query, enter: Brick Wall Help Needed.  There is no set of rules for the text in subject lines–just make it reflect the contents of your message.   

Identify Yourself:  Provide your name in comments and requests for help, as not everyone can be identified by their e-mail address. 

Private Information:  Do not post street addresses or telephone numbers (yours or anyone else’s) on the List.  This includes all non-DVHH business or work identification tags. 

Asking for help: When posting your query (for help) try to give as much information as you can, such as dates and places of all vital events, along with a listing of enough other family members, so that readers can positively identify if they are researching the same family. "Anyone out there researching our surname?" is not helpful.  To receive successful responses to your inquiries, we invite you to review our suggested pointers: 

Helpful tips regarding . . .
--Mail List Inquiries, Writing a Successful Inquiry & Roll Call.
--What is a Lookup? & Manners for Requesting Lookups
--General Volunteer Look-up Request.

Say Thank you: After receiving assistance, no matter how great or small, say thank you. Some people regard this response to the List as Spam, but we see it as a public acknowledgement of appreciation.

Spell-check and proofread all written communication, because errors diminish the credibility of the message. 

Responding to a Posting:  Genealogy related replies and comments should be posted to the entire List and not only to the original poster, whereby other Listers can benefit from the data that you provide.  This also informs others, so that duplicate work is not performed.  (In order to post to the entire list, use Reply-All.)  However, please keep private information on living people off the list—always send it privately.  

Keep quoting to a minimum. "Quoting" is repeating the text of the message you are replying to. Some quoting is necessary to remind other readers what the thread is about, but do try to use good judgment. Quoting the previous writer's signature block, surname list or the tagline is totally unnecessary (and annoying). 

Some quoting useful: When replying to the List (this also can apply to private replies) try to quote some portions of the previous message, so that other readers are reminded what the "thread" is about. Make clear what is quoted material and what you are adding. Most mail readers take care of this for you by inserting greater-than signs ">" at the beginning of each quoted line or possibly double brackets "<<" before and ">>" after the quoted piece. Use standard Windows procedures to cut unnecessary material.

Long Threads – Delete the trail: Some subjects generate great interest and create long e-mail threads. When you click “Reply to All,” take a few minutes to review what you are resending back to the List; delete everything except the last post that you are actually replying to. This not only helps Rootsweb save bandwidth, but also makes messages load faster on personal computers. Let’s not forget that many of us use cell phones and tablets now and must avoid excessive downloading. 

Cite Sources Rule: for Historical Events & Data: Accuracy is important and sources are vital.  We insist that messages regarding historical events or data be supported by solid references.  If your statements (or information) are speculation, then label them as such. Ancestor lists are worthless if the information is wrong. When providing lookup information, please provide the book information: title, author, and date. If your information comes from a website, provide the title of the page, author and the URL address. Web addresses change, so this information is as necessary as it would be for a book. 

The above “Citing Sources Rule” is being implemented to thwart the posting of erroneous historical information which, usually and rightfully so, generates a correction response. Often the original poster is offended and wants to start an open or private debate, see flaming below as to how this is to be handled. 

Netiquette Reminders: 

Flaming: Rude comments or personal attacks won’t be tolerated on this list. If this occurs, a warning will be sent by the List Administrator.  Upon the second occurrence, removal from the List will take place, rather than asking the List Administrators to take their time to monitor his/her future postings.  Upon request the offender may be allowed back on the List, providing he/she acknowledges the breaking of the guidelines and promises to abide by them in the future.   No discussion of flaming is permitted on the List.  More on Flaming: https://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/flaming.  

DO NOT USE ALL CAPS:  It is proper “netiquette” to refrain from using all capital letters in Internet correspondence. The use of upper case letters denotes shouting in Internet communication. Shouting at other subscribers isn’t nice. 

Think before you click “SEND”:  Ask yourself whether or not you would do it, say it, or write it to one of your friends or associates. If you are not sure, perhaps you should not send it.   

Contact the List Administrator:  If you don't like the way someone formats queries or responses, or the content of subject titles, take it up with the Mail List Administrator, NOT on the List and NOT by private e-mail to that poster.

Thank you for your cooperation and we wish you success if your research!

Happy Hunting,
Mail List Administrators

DVHH Editorial Staff and Board of Directors, 22 Apr 2013

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