Chapel of the Noble Fernbach Family
from Apatin Renovated 

Written by Boris Masic

Translated by Annette Schwindt

The article appeared in the "Neue Zeitung" November 2007 newsletter and
I think it will be of great interest to anyone connected to Apatin.

To the contentment of the German and other citizens of Apatin (Vojvodina) the municipal authority has conceded the financing for renovating the Fernbach chapel. In 2001 the German club "Adam Berenz" cared for the renovation of the manse beside the "Heart of Jesus"-church in Apatin and has opened the "Adam Berenz"-centre. That’s how the precious architectural work of the architect Franz Kromer from Apatin was reconstructed.

The renovation of the "Heart of Jesus"-church in Apatin started in 2005 and hasn’t been finished yet. This church is the biggest sacral monument that the Germans of Vojvodina have built between the two World Wars. It is the work of architect Bruno Buchwieser from Vienna. Through this renovation, the neo-romanesque church will become one of the most beautiful sacral monuments of Vojvodina. The renovation is financed by Hans Illik who already had done the same for the church “Mary’s ascension”. The club of Apatin Danube Swabians from Germany and donators from all over the world have also given a considerable support.

In 2005 and 2006, the municipality of Apatin has renewed the fence around the German cemetery, added a parking in front of the cemetery and cleaned the cemetery, the ways were concreted, supply lines for power and water were implemented and dust bins added.

The renovation of the Fernbach chapel is the coronation of all this work. This chapel has been built in 1875 for the important noble family Fernbach and it as dedicated to St. Anton. Church and crypt have been destroyed after WW2. The church has one nave and was built in the eclectic style. It was influenced by all popular elements of style of the time, mainly neo-romanesque and neo-baroque ones.

Beside the tower there had been two statues, allegorical figures of “Love” and “Faith”. These two statues have been destroyed too. Some parts have been found and brought to the "Adam Berenz"-centre, where Austrian restorers will bring them back into their original state. Then they will be put on their original place again.

The floor of the chapel is still covered with Kallheimer tiles that will be preserved too. The painting of the church will be renewed but first there will be a check if there had been frescos. The inside of the church has been divided by a plaster panel so that it can serve for funerals in a better way. The tomb of the Fernbach family will only be walled up. The sculptures on the front side of the façade unfortunately cannot be renovated because there are only a few fragments left of them. Even though the chapel cannot be renewed entirely, the beauty of this monument will be given back completely.


Apatin Village Coordinators: Beth Tolfree & Boris Masic

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