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Familienbuch Apatin in der Batschka

By Jakob Schuy

Book is no longer available.

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Apatiner Heimatbuch
by Josef V. Senz published 1966 (German language) history of the community,
lists of names and some photographs.
out of print


Apatin und seine Menschen
by Josef Mayer published 1983, brief introduction by author in German many photos of the community and residents, and former Apatiners in Germany,
the U.S. and elsewhere.
out of print


Stari Apatin
by Lanji Kalman published in 1988 (captions in Serbian and German).
out of print



Apatin I Okolina
by Lanji Kalman published in
2004 (captions in Serbian,
Hungarian, German).  Includes pictures of Apatin, as well as the communities of: Prigrevica, Kupusina, Sonta, Svilojevo and Gambos. 
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