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Apatiner Gemeinschaft  

German organization of the "Community of Apatin" - registered society

Batschka,  Jugoslawien-
Heimatbücher and  Ortsfamilienbücher:
  An Ortssippenbuch, Familienbuch or Ortsfamilienbuch should list all of the families of a certain village with their genealogical data in alphabetical order. All genealogical connections known to the author should be given. (Ort means place; Sippe means kinship or tribe.)

A Heimatbuch is quite different. It tells the history of a village and only a few of them provide all of the names of inhabitants in former times. See list: Abthausen/Apatin Publications

Paul Abraham
- An Operetta Composer:
  He was born in Apatin (Abthausen) 02 Nov 1892.  (His birth-house is situated in the main street in Abthausen and it stands just around the corner of the Post st. and Ulica Srpskih Vladara St. Vojvodjanska Bank is just opposite of the house). Paul Abraham died in Hamburg 07 May 1960.   

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Joseph Heibl:   Leaves the MKI a Major Bequest - Heibl was born in Bajmok/Apatin (Abthausen), a Danube-Swabian community located 100 miles north of Belgrade, Serbia, that was then part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. When he was six years old, his widowed mother immigrated with him and a younger brother to the United States, settling in South Milwaukee, where she joined people from her home region and remarried. Joseph grew up speaking the Danube-Swabian dialect with his family and immediate neighborhood.  Read More: (NLG)
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Apatin at You Tube   Apatin is famous for its fish paprikash



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